I Will Not Forget

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September 11 formalized the beginning of a war with radical Islam. The current president, whatever his allegiance, tried to change the day to a day of recognition for community organizers. That only lasted for one year. Americans didn’t want to celebrate ‘him’ on 9/11. That will never happen.

I will never forget

I will not forgive.

24 thoughts on “I Will Not Forget

  1. Now that same president is selling weapons and giving money to those same people. Treason, anyone?

  2. I think that B. Hussein Obama changed the War on Terror to a "foreign contingency operation" two days after he took office in the first term.

    We have shown a lot of resolve to draw meaningless red lines and to become the laughing stock of the world as our trustworthiness dropped to 0 during the Obama Years.

  3. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy used to be called treason. Every day, Iran reaffirms that they are at war with us. We reaffirm that we don't believe in radical islam.

  4. I realize that forgiveness is a virtue, Padre. But how do you forgive when all they want to do is behead you?

  5. Maybe shooting them with a bullet (tip infused with pork fat) will allow them to meet God and repent? As God's travel agent, can we forgive between the moment of recoil and impact?

  6. With all the blame to spread around, I cannot help focusing on the Fan Belt Inspectors failure to follow up when the flight school operators tipped them off on the bizarre behaviors of their students. These same students that later piloted the hijacked airplanes.

  7. Some FBI people are sharp, some are "Famous But Incompetent". I've worked with the FBI off and on in my professional career. They're like everywhere else with 10% outstanding, 20% good, 50% competent to some degree, bordering on lazy, 20% a waste of space.

    It's sad for us all that the 30% who are good didn't get the case. And if they had, there wouldn't have been a 9/11 and nobody would know. I can tell you FBI horror stories but I also have good stories…just like everywhere else.

  8. I'm not too sure that sending a barbaric savage to meet his demonic virgins via a pork infused bullet requires forgiveness.

  9. Some good, some bad. Many under rated. Lots over rated. Some a joke. Others, you're willing to depend on them for your life. It helps to know which is which

  10. Not forgetting over here either… Larry Getzfred, Jack Punches, Joe Pycoir. Nope NEVER forgetting.

  11. The best ones were police officers first in my experience. They bring a genuine understanding of "what it's like out there" to the job.

  12. sorry, I'm late to the party. I don't forget much, either. I especially don't forgive giving aid to the enemy when our soldiers are in harms way. To be politically incorrect to the max, I will never, ever forgive Hanoi Jane Fonda for what she did to our soldiers in Vietnam, nor, for that matter, what John Kerry did there, either. He was setting himself up for after the war and politics all the time.

  13. I'm no theologian, but I say, hold the idiots in compassion in your heart, and forgive their past, while sending that pork-tipped bullet forward to protect their future victims.

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