Are UFO’s a Threat?

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Technically if it’s moving through the air and you can’t tell what it is, I suspect that it’s some sort of threat. Particularly if it lands on you.

(Arizona UFO Sightings on-line) There are over three times more UFO sightings in California than there are in Arizona, which would make sense when you consider that they continually land reinforcements (who vote) in San Francisco to try and keep Pelosi in office. The San Francisco connection can’t be over-emphasized, anal probing being one of the alien’s big claims to fame and all.

None of the Arizona sightings were in the area where I live, which leads me to hypothesize that their base could be around here and they dart out in different directions. The base would likely be in a cave, wouldn’t it? I mean, it’s not there, advertised on Google Earth is it. The Discovery Channel Telescope is located near me. Coincidence? I think not. They research us and we research them.

Maybe they have genetically altered abominable snowmen (big foot —  you see where I’m headed, don’t you?) and they guard the secret cave that leads to the hollow Earth where they hatch their diabolical plots.

I’m sure that they’re Hillary Clinton supporters. If you look at the picture above, they look just like the people who show up at Clinton rallies. The mind control device that the freak (some say genetically altered mutant) Ocassio-Cortez used had to come from somewhere. Ockham’s Razor suggests that the most likely source would be extra-terrestrial in its implications.

How can you say that THEY are not a problem, not a threat?

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  1. Not to worry. I can only think of the chaos if an alien (wetback or saucer) tried to anal probe an old, tested try and true Navy SEAL. I think the fallout would be transmitted across the universe.

  2. My take on it is a little different: "No sky too high, no sea too deep, no muff too tough". Aliens fear me because I haven't seen any. Just mountain lions. Now, if they are aliens disguised as mountain lions, that's a different problem, isn't it?

  3. The old mountain men's advice comes to mind. "Don't go bothering something that ain't bothering you".

  4. With all the cell phone cameras, why are UFO sightings at an all time low??? One wonders…

  5. Why do aliens always seem to land in remote places and/or trailer parks, but never the main campus of MIT or CalPoly?
    I see these folks got a good shot of a UFO on tape:
    Ever seen the movie "Paul"?
    Wandering Neurons

  6. You know that they are a skittish lot. There still are a lot of sightings, but I think that a lot of them coincide with broadcasts of the "Ancient Aliens" series on TV.

  7. To explain that here on the blog:

    The Fermi paradox, named after physicist Enrico Fermi, is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

    There are billions of stars in the galaxy that are similar to the Sun, and many of these stars are billions of years older than the Solar system.

    With high probability, some of these stars have Earth-like planets, and if the Earth is typical, some may have developed intelligent life. Though it can be argued that life on Earth is not intelligent, you have to roll with the argument.

    Some of these civilizations may have developed interstellar travel, a step the Earth is investigating now.

    Even at the slow pace of currently envisioned interstellar travel, the Milky Way galaxy could be completely traversed in a few million years.

    According to this line of reasoning, the Earth should have already been visited by extraterrestrial aliens.

    But Fermi didn't address the possibility that they are a threat (the movie ALIEN comes to mind – see WSF's comment above that you shouldn't be messing with creatures that are leaving you alone).

  8. The UFO photos are all on par with the photos of Big Foot.

    Sci-Fi aliens always select New York City as a landing site. Monsters always seem to be attracted to Tokyo.

  9. Eh, if they're coming from another solar system / dimension / whatever, seems like we probably couldn't do much worthwhile to fight them anyway. An overwhelming enough threat is pretty similar to no threat, functionally.

    As for Ms. Occasional Cortex, she didn't need a mind control device – she based her campaign upon appealing to stupid, greedy, lazy people. That's a HUGE demographic.

  10. I was going to include that Twilight Zone episode here. It's in my top 3 TZ's of all time.

    If Aliens come with a book like that, the only recourse is to set the Space Force on them and duke it out then and there.

  11. Don't burst my bubble, Mr. Hall. In every sci-fi story, there is a way that we fight back and overcome, even if it's just to sneeze on them (War of the Worlds).

    As to the progressive fool cited above, yeah, somewhere over half of the people in her district are receiving welfare of some sort. Greed reigns supreme.

  12. I am always disappointed with the "everybody dies" movies.

    As you say, LL. Microbes, viruses, old battle ships pulled out of mothballs, even computer generated viruses (if we have anyone smart enough left to write them); there has to be a way that good old human know how can beat them.

  13. I forgot about the battleship. That worked very well, didn't it? Teach them to land here and cause mischief.

  14. I liked the scene where the two officers used a couple of Barret 50 cals to blow through their canopy/windshield.

    And in regards to the "We need to borrow your ship" comment in that movie, I have it on very good authority that to get an Iowa-class ship up and steaming from Cold Iron takes a minimum of 24 hours. Try to do it any faster and you'll start breaking very expensive stuff….

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