For the record, there were many hangings.


And the youth movement included a lot of enthusiastic people who held ideas about race, much like the rioters today.  Their descendants are Black Lives Matter.


Seventeen-year-old Lepa Radić was a Bosnian Serb who fought with the partisans against the Germans during WWII, but she never got to see the Nazis lose the war.

In February 1943, Lepa was captured. The Nazis tied a rope around her neck, but offered her a way out. All she had to do was reveal her comrades’ and her leaders’ identities.

Lepa responded: “You will know them when they come to avenge me.”

This 17-year-old girl chose to die rather than accept Socialism and name her anti-Nazi associates in February of 1943.  Every student in the USA should see this photo and be taught about this girl’s fate and the choices she made.


Because they may be our choices as well if things go sideways.


Will you be loaded onto a boxcar with your family and go peacefully to the knacker?


  1. You know what would have been different had Lepa given up her comrades? Absolutely nothing, except the Nazis would have thanked her for the information before they hung her. She recognized the evil in front of her and spit in its face.

    I hope if the day ever comes, I am just as brave.

    • Thank you. You’re correct. I should have written that she was a nationalist in an age when that was being absorbed by competing bad options. In that place and time you could choose between the German socialists and the Russian socialists/communists. But she stood up to the Nazis.

    • Ed is 100% correct, and I should have framed the situation more closely than I did (note my reply). But, she had guts.

  2. ‘Yes, just enter that boxcar in an orderly fashion, ladies and gentlemen,’ our betters announce. ‘And just leave your baggage on the landing, it will be forwarded to you on a special baggage carrier, since we must pack you in tightly into each boxcar and no room for baggage is possible.’

    • The Nazis invaded her home. The only ones to stand up against them were communists. I don’t know, not a tough choice in my mind. I’m not a communist, but if I’d been there, in Serbia, in that day, I’d have joined up with whoever was fighting the invaders.

  3. boxcar? no need. just step right in line for your new covid vaccine. guaranteed to cure you of any and all ailments. and its free! what’s that, you heard a rumor people were dying after getting the shot? nonsense! would dr. fauci lie? now get back in line.

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