1. Ah, the good old days. Lions 5, Christians 0. We have evolved–the bread is no longer free. Et tu, Mrs. Clinton?

  2. Lol. Tomorrow Gaga will leave a completely different set of clothes for the needy. She's a human chameleon and right now she's into old Hollywood glamour… I wouldn't mind her dropping off some of those expensive gowns at my house 😉

  3. youtube.com/watch?v=bo_efYhYU2A

    Gaga/Cooper in "A Star is Born"


    Gaga – Poker Face (more of what made her what she is in the biz)

  4. I have to admit she's a better singer than I expected. The first two were pretty good. I'll look at the others later.
    She has the voice for that early time music.
    Not many female singers I like, but I could like her.
    Now I need to hear some cajun zydeco from her. 😉

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