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Liberals, progressives, and ObamaPhone owners don’t like this sort of thing — but I love it.
caveat: If I was going to put cars in the basement, they’d be a LOT cooler than those that this guy owns, and I wouldn’t ‘collect’ motorcycles, I’d ride them. And if I had a man cave at Lake Tahoe, it would include speed boats that I could pull out of the cave and set on the water (when it’s not frozen).

8 thoughts on “Man Cave

  1. Ditto, looked like he had a cool Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle though. Those bikes are going wasted.

    …there was an opening in Reno, maybe I could help him shine that floor on the weekends.

  2. He just lives down the road from me. The houses they're building at the Lake are truly great. It's nothing to see a guy come in and buy two lake front houses and tear them down. They will then build their dream house on the two lots. In essence, they will tear down two $5,000,000.00 houses and build a $20,000,000.00 in it's place.

    A man cave like that is essential where you get 20 feet of snow a year. I WANT ONE !

  3. If you go to Reno, I have business up there from time to time (in Carson City) and we could meet for lunch and swap sea stories.

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