Ancient Antarctica Pyramids?

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There are said to be pyramids on Antarctica. But they could also just be mountains (how disappointing if true?).

The theory is up there with the hollow Earth, flat Earth, and a lot of Ancient Alien theories. Some also say that it’s not a pyramid at all, but a snow covered mountain on Antarctica. But what fun would that be?
Enter the Piri Reis Map, made in 1513 by the Ottoman admiral/cartographer Piri Reis. Some of the map has been destroyed but the portion that remains clearly shows the Western coast of Europe and North America in addition to Brazil with impressive (for the time) accuracy. There are also a variety of detailedly represented islands depicted on the map. Reis claimed that the map was based on ten Arab sources and four Indian maps sourced from the Portuguese. 
Accuracy is not the most interesting feature. The map depicts the Antarctic coast far before it was “discovered” by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev on January 27th 1820. 
Was Antarctica explored and possibly even settled by humans in a time now obscured by time?

Piri Reis Map

Researchers and investigators have determined that Antarctica has been covered by ice for the past 34 million years, and speculate that the only way that mankind could have built pyramids in the intervening time is if they were assisted by space aliens or space aliens did it without help from humans… so there you have it. Aliens…again.

17 thoughts on “Ancient Antarctica Pyramids?

  1. "Antarctica has been covered by ice for the past 34 million years"

    Before that? Humanoids may have been on this blue orb far longer than we know.

  2. I'm not arguing the presence of mankind may have pre-dated an ice bound Antarctica (the poles shifted), I can't say one way or the other, but if they were building giant pyramids there – they almost certainly were aided by aliens.

    Frankly, I think that it's a mountain, but that's just me…skeptical.

  3. This whole thing smacks of a "You Didn't Build That!" mentality.

    Are all those people 0bummer supporters, too?

  4. There are no straight lines in nature, except for all of those naturally occurring straight lines…

    Yeah. Aliens. Sure. Because why not.

    Except for recent speculation amongst scientists involved in astrophysics and such learned stuff that, based on what they've learned in the last 20 years, the Earth in the Sol system looks to be an anomaly. Like, you know, we actually could be the exception, rather than the norm. That real habitable-zone planets that have just the right amount of radiation protection, right amount of gravity, right amount of spin and things that control weather and tides (like our Moon) and a system big brother to clear space of flying space junk (like what Jupiter and Saturn have done for cleaning up loose debris in the solar system) are exceedingly rare, perhaps unique.

    And that gets back to straight lines… We just don't know.

    Look at the huge hexagonal storm at the poles of the gas giants. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, all have huge hexagonal storms at their poles. Why? Dunno. Weird? Heck yeah.

    As to man, or something, building pyramidish structures in Anartica? Maybe. Doubt it. Because the Nazis who escaped down there in their anti-grav flying saucers would have leaked that info by now, somehow linking it all into their greater Teutonic vision of superiority. Duh.

  5. Life imitates art/Art imitates life? I did see Alien vs Predator and that's the first place that I went in my head, except that it isn't under the ice.

  6. If you go small enough (a salt crystal for example) there are lots of little tetrahedrons. I think that the hexagonal "storms" on the Jovian gas giants could be alien bases, just under the cloud layer that are causing that effect. Maybe with the exception of the one on Your Anus. I wouldn't speculate that far and it would be rude to do so.

  7. While I'll admit that show is a guilty pleasure, I also think it's just a mountain None the less, you see that map and do wonder how they were that accurate for the time

  8. Those 'storms' are Markovian Gates. Entered properly, there's no telling where and when you'll end up.

  9. Hmmmm. Piri Reis. Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings is worth the read, imo. Of course the PR map's one of several with anomalous detail and it points to a seafaring culture with pretty advanced nav/math/astronomical skills. An ancient culture to boot.


    I'm with you on the pyramid mountain. And everyone knows the earth isn't flat. It's hollow, obvs.

  10. Ancient peoples traveled the globe. There's a lot of evidence for that. The map doesn't surprise me. A pyramid located on Antarctica would be surprising.

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