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In politics, it’s important to find balance and in order to do that, candidates need to leave the bubble of adoring fans. 
Bernie is a little different, because he’s a hard core communist and huge admirer or the Soviet system – back when there was a Soviet Union. A lot of his followers would end up in the gulag for their troubles, but they don’t understand that because all they want is free stuff, looted from somebody else (who they’d likely meet in the work camp when they arrive).
Biden, continuing his failed “No Malarky Tour”, is trying to pick up the pieces while reminding everyone that he’s the Democrat front-runner. I guess if you pay for the polls, you can be the front runner just like Hillary Clinton was.
Apparently he bought a lot of pie for seniors in New Hampshire in the hopes that he’d earn a vote. From the results, the opposite happened. There is a lesson in this. When you’re a senile, old, creeper, don’t rub elbows with your people. They’ll vote for Amy Who? or the Butt Guy even though you bought the pie and coffee.

Bloomie and Hillary? Yes, Drudge let the cat out of the bag, poor Pierre (Mitt), denied a run at the  vice presidency. Maybe the sodomite, Pete, will pick him up? The only thing fun about that combination will be the dead pool on how long Mini-Mike will last before his fatal heart attack, or his unexplained suicide (no weapon found at the scene where he was shot in the head). You laugh, but it will make blogging a whole lot more interesting.

I’m expecting Elizabeth Warren to offer something unusual to Nevada in exchange for votes – possibly a rain dance or things along that line. She’s offered everything for free already and not that many suckers are biting.

Amy Klobuchar reminds me of one of those nasty, vindictive great aunts, when I was a teenager. They are nice to your face at the family function and insist on kissing you and leaving lipstick on your cheek, but bad-mouth you to your back. “Who is that little strumpet he brought to dinner? You need to test him for a social disease!”

The Donkeys don’t have much balance and none of them even claim to want to make America great. They just promise to raise taxes, do away with 32 oz soft drinks and kill all of the cows (Green New Deal), replacing butter with margarin. I can hear Amy’s scolding voice now to the twelve year olds at a family gathering, “Eat your soy burger, you ungrateful little curs!”

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  1. I'm fairly certain there are no soy burgers served at Whataburger, but I might have to verify that.

    I still think the moonbat crazy left is still pretty dang sore at the Old Crone for blowing her big lead in the bottom of the ninth back in 2016. Much like Chicago Cub fans still don't much care for Steve Bartman. Or Boston Redsox fans don't think much of Bill Buckner, either. Ditto the stark raving mad Democrats and their feelings for Hillary.

  2. "none of them even claim to want to make America great."
    Exactly. I never hear Bernie saying that he'll lower unemployment for blacks or raise the wages of the middle class.

  3. Balanced is not how I'd describe any of the donkey candidates. The state hospital for the very nervous is about a 20 minute drive from me, and there are are more balanced inmates there.

  4. I don't know. She blew it, but she did get a lot of votes. They're not too bright and might want her back for another go-round.

  5. They offer a totalitarian Green New Deal in which the best you can hope for is to be one of their drones.

  6. Or a prison. There are a lot of more balanced inmates at any prison as well. And they consider themselves your betters. Would you mind handing them your firearms – with full magazines? They promise not to do anything with them.

  7. As they are all far left loonies, it's hard to even take them seriously except for the fact that there are far to many like them that do.

    Bloomberg's scheduled suicide if the were to win aside, at least Bernie stays true to his guns. Openly admits his Commie leanings while the others lie about it.

    BTW: Whataburger is here in Vegas and it's pretty good, but I've really become a Five guys fan

  8. Back in the Lightbringer years, there was a Facebook dude whose header was, "We Survived Bush, You Will Survive Obama". He was right. Now it is his, and his posse's, turn. I have (P)regressive relatives, and still have my Blue Dog friends. Lots of angst among them. On the other hand, my bible clinging deplorable relatives are bubbly and cheerful.

    Many of us will gather again in Maybell, CO in early May for the Sombrero Horse Drive, and to inter cremains of those who didn't make it through the winter at the family cemetery. Should be interesting.

  9. There used to be a minimum security facility at the state hospital, non-violent offenders with short sentences. I'd see them out cleaning ditches and picking up trash under the watchful eye of a guard. Useful work for them and I never heard of one abusing the privilege.

  10. I'd let almost anybody buy me pie (from a known source), but there's no quid pro quo implied.

    I like pie.

  11. I’ve got a huge problem with what you wrote about Fauxcahontas. I don’t think Nevada is in a drought at the moment but I’d say a little rain up there would generally be welcome. Warren hasn’t proposed anything that I can think of that this country actually needs.

  12. Good update. The king's restaurant chain, I am pretty sure, sells soy burgers. I see the commercials claiming people who like beef can't tell they are not.

  13. …and compare that to President Trump's flyover at the Daytona 500 today, can't get much cool factor Americana than that. Any one of the Dem's would laughably show up in a Prius or Chevy Leaf, dragging an extension cord.

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