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** In Tranny News – Democrats in Virginia’s Senate voted to kill a bill that would ban schools from hiding a child’s “gender transition” from parents. Sage’s Law, the bill that passed the Old Dominion House 50-48 on February 7, was shot down Thursday in Senate committee 9-6. Democrats control Virginia’s Senate by a margin of 22-18.

** Missing Cash?  The Stacey Abrams charity ‘New Georgia Project’ has a potential tax problem. According to a new investigative report, the group is ‘missing’ $500,000. That’s not a small accounting error, it’s a possible crime.

** On Disney’s latest ultra-woke reboot “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder”, the characters immediately roll into a litany of damnable lies about the history of this country. Intended for an audience of children, the first diatribe declares:

Slaves built this country and we the descendants of slaves have earned reparations for their suffering and continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in a systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for [sic].

Simple historical context and logic easily disprove that initial claim, of course.  Slaves certainly didn’t “build this country” — America was nothing resembling the economic juggernaut that it would later become when slavery was summarily abolished in 1865, and one could hardly suggest with any seriousness that the agrarian part of the country where slaves existed was the most substantial driver of America’s eventual economic and industrial might…more at American Thinker.

** Wind turbines are failing—collapsing—around the world. In recent months and years, turbines in Oklahoma, Colorado, Sweden, and Germany have collapsed. According to a report in Bloomberg, all three of the major manufacturers say that the race to create ever-bigger turbines has resulted in manufacturing issues.

Siemens has experienced quality control issues, Vestas has seen project delays and quality challenges, and GE has seen an increase in warranty costs and repairs. Supply chain issues and fluctuating material pricing hasn’t helped, either.

A number of the turbines that have been collapsing around the world have been more than 750 feet tall. The tallest thus far, 784 feet high, fell in Germany in September 2021. This means the turbines are (were) taller than the Space Needle in Seattle and the Washington Monument. Even the shorter turbines that have tumbled to the ground recently were roughly the height of the Statue of Liberty.

Some of the newer turbines stretch to a height exceeding 850 feet and possess blades 300 feet long.  It is true that the bigger the turbine, the more energy it can capture. However, it is also true that the bigger the turbine, the farther it has to fall. And the more likely it is to do so. Imagine what happens to even a smaller turbine’s surroundings when it collapses, and its 12,000-pound blades hit the ground!

** Woke Bites, Lemon – Don Lemon apologized to his CNN colleagues for his sexist remarks on the air a day prior and was rebuked by his boss, a transcript of a company conference call reportedly shows. Lemon apparently felt the squeeze amid the backlash and attempted to explain why he referred to women 50 and over as past their “prime” on Thursday’s airing of “CNN This Morning.” He was taking on 51-year-old Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley over her assertion some of the country’s leaders are too old to lead.

** Star Trek Picard – Season 3 – Full disclosure, I like science fiction and even space opera, but Hollywood seems to really be flogging the donkey hard with this one.  I haven’t seen and I may not see it as the actors may be a little long in the tooth for the franchise. Star Trek went woke with the more recent iterations.  Can’t anyone come up with anything new? Is that asking too much?

** The Senator from Pennsylvania – It’s unlikely that he’ll return to the Senate, and that’s no surprise. I feel sorry for him. He was used hard and opposed by Oprah’s darling, Oz. Who do you vote for, the stroke victim with the massive tumor on his neck (or spider eggs waiting to hatch) or Oz? Obviously, they went with the big loser and he crashed and burned as predicted.


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          1. I shudder to think of the engineering required to enclose the engine within the wing. Slinging the engines off the spar seems a lot simpler, though maybe not as elegant. The British built a lot of engine in the wing designs.

  1. >>Slaves built this country and we the descendants of slaves have earned reparations for their suffering and continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in a systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for [sic].<<

    It's amazing what you can get away with when you own the airways

    That picture showing the sea level rise over the last 123 years? Showing that makes you a "denier"!
    Well, when I brought up the unchanged 100+ year pictures of Statue Of Liberty photos that's what I was called…

    1. You ARE a denier. I’ll bet you’re transphobic too. How many tranny men of color have you dated recently, Rob? And don’t give me the old “I’m married” excuse. The patriarchy uses that to avoid dating trans people. You’re a hateful person. How do you live with yourself? If you pay reparations to people of color (you could start with me because that’s how I self-identify), you’d be a much happier person. Unburden yourself – I don’t accept IOUs.

      1. Maybe we’re all doomed. Tell Barack to pack and move Big Mike and the stuff to high ground.

        1. I’m cool if the White Wolf Mine at 7500′ above (current) sea level becomes beachfront property. I wonder if that sailboat from Waterworld is for sale? I could tie it up to the dock in front of the house.

          1. They aren’t going anywhere, like most enviro-religious cults it’s nothing but a money maker for them as they realize – like cryptocurrency – a sucker is born every day.

            We too are at 7500′, I have my eye on a boat.

      2. What does “relative sea level” mean?

        The blue and red curves show that Venice pretty much tracks the north Atlantic sea level, but I’ve read for decades that the city of Venice is sinking (subsidence in geology-speak).

        Is that what they’re referring to? The relative change is showing how Venice is sinking compared to the sea level?

        The subsidence of the land that sea level gauges are mounted on is world wide problem; Venice just tends to be particularly bad.

  2. I tried to watch Picard when it first came out; only got a few episodes in before the Stupid got too much.

    Trying to cast Jean-Luc Picard as Han Solo was a bit much in the first place, and when an obvious ripoff of Kai, last of the Brunin-Ji joined the crew… Yeesh.


    1. People will still be fighting with samurai swords in outer space, Kle. 80% of the sci-fi books seem to have characters with fantasy swords.

  3. Using that audio clip of the Disney Woke today. Thanks. That and one of Disney Exec Latoya Raveneau who brags of bringing queer to Disney children’s programming.

  4. In Tranny News- I have to admit the first thing that popped into my mind when I read that was transmission but I guess that shows how old I am. If any Republican on the subcommittee voted against that they should be read out of the party.

    Missing cash- Why am I not surprised. The entire set of Non-Profit regulations should be re-written. I understand that the vagueness in the rules is a feature to some people but sheesh, enough is enough

    Reparations- Reparations from people who didn’t own slaves to people who where never slaves. Makes as much sense as any other liberal pipe dream. We should all follow your example and identify as a “person of color”. We could tie up the court system for decades.

    Wind turbines. Hmmm, wonder how much oil is in one of those behemoths.

    Senator. Sorry for him personally to be used and discarded but I am sure there is someone else just as liberal and unqualified waiting in the wings.

  5. I love good sci fi and keep going back to the Stargate franchises, not the movie but the tv shows. Good sci fi set In our current time with a positive view of our military. Now it looks like it might be making a comeback. MGM owned Stargate and now Amazon owns MGM. Amazon is looking to revive the tv shows. Hopefully it wont go woke if/when it comes back.

    Netflix also has a good series called “Dark”. Its a very good multiverse/time travel paradox show. 3 season with a proper series ending.

  6. Ah, Star Dreck, post original show. Nothing like taking 30-50 years of outright Canon as to the history and pre-history of the characters, the equipment, the nation-states, the everything and shitcanning it in order to make ‘edgier’ and muh diversity more and more.

    I liked the original series. I liked the animated series. The new gen wasn’t bad, but kids on starships? Really? Deep Space Nine was good, for the most part. I liked the early episodes of ST-Enterprise. Movies 2, 3, and 4 were great, the rest were dreck. The other ST shows were dreck, woke dreck and total bullscat.

    Screw ST. Am sooo over it all. Kill it, burn it, flush it away.

    And the stupid continues. Remaking Bab5. Um, no. The original is fantastic from casting to acting to the music to, well, everything.

    Star Wars was good when it was Ep 4,5,6 and before Lucas made Han shoot second.

    The absolute best Dune was the mini-series on SyFi. Best ever. Prove me wrong. Guess what? You can’t.

    Andromeda was better than the later versions of Str Trek. Which, come to think of it, it is ‘future’ Star Trek – a galactic federation goes dark, and one lone starship tries to bring the light back after a very long time.

    Far Scape was great because muppets and Claudia Black and a few other things.

    Space Above and Beyond was better than later Star Trek, too bad it only got one season.

  7. As to Frankenstein’s retarded monster from Pennsylvania? Called it back when he first started running. Surprised they let him ‘serve’ for so long.

  8. I watched them unload, stack, and ship, hundreds of windmills sections, while working in Galveston by the port. I’ve seen where many are set up in various places in Texas. Usually, around half aren’t turning, which makes me wonder how many tax dollars were squandered to place these large, inefficient monuments to stupidity.

  9. One more reason ‘wind power’ doesn’t work… And the stress on even feathered blades in high winds is definitely a contributing factor, along with metal fatigue from the constant vibrations at low hertz.

  10. Virginia Democrats…proving once again they are the enemy within and like cancer need excising, some of them very painfully. (Okay, ALL of them.)

    Pennsylvania is currently without proper representation. On purpose? Possibly. Sad really, for years it was clear Fetterman was in serious need of medical and psychological help, not a Senate office, yet every dolt in PA voted for the guy (allegedly). In the end I look squarely at the wifely unit, like the current Resolute Desk occupier.

    Massive Pinwheels Failing? Really? Nah, couldn’t be. These monstrosities are The Left’s enviro-nirvana and their owners spectacular grift mostly paid for with taxpayer dollars. What could possibly go wrong when government fools and companies like Solyndra do backroom deals? For one, they get to screw over both the taxpayer and customer (the same group) to line their off-shore bank accounts. I WANT to see these “farms” fail…reliable power (and a reliable grid) is what people want, not some fanciful Unicorn-level foolishness.

    BTW, FEMA announced they would now supply aid to the residents East Palestine, OH, displaced after the geniuses lit the place up like a nuked Superfund site. This was announced directly after PDJT said he is going there Wednesday. Like him or not, he’s great at poking the cowardly dogs. Take your bets on whether Mr. Unoriginal on Steroids – in his smarmy “aren’t I merciful” manner – says that he’s going there Monday.

  11. Back in 2008 Vestas built plants in Colorado. The incentives meant Colorado taxpayers are subsidizing the whole operation. From the accounts I’ve heard, the place is a sweatshop.

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