Sword Song

How Many of you? Would like to take on this shield wall? If you don’t understand what a shield wall is, you could look it up or just take a step back. As for me, my gladius is sharp as an ex-wife’s tongue and I’d travel at my own expense. I’d explain how much their lives mean to me. We just need to disable the local cell towers, and invite the media to leave first. Have the fire department ready for a wash-down.



Of course, Old Blighty doesn’t have a Death Valley or a Mount Whitney. But they have better fish and chips, hands-down. Better roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for sure, but better tacos? I personally love Britain but it’s politics are very close to California’s except that they woke up and elected a conservative and California is still insane.


Barack’s Fantasy




2020 shows us the fruits of coddling youth. Participation trophies, lowering standards to meet the lowest denominator, safe zones, parental dependence until age 26, and so on. Now children in adult bodies are grinding society to a halt over a virus with a 99+% recovery rate, buying into a narrative untethered from facts or statistics, and burning everything to the ground for reasons that are decreasingly clear, even to them it seems.

This is what happens when you donโ€™t teach your kids that tantrums are immature. This is what happens when you donโ€™t teach them how to think critically. This is the utopia of perpetual youth.


Communist Fantasies come to a town near you.


Come on, Man!


Meanwhile, in Texas

The Austin Police Department has been almost completely defunded.

It’s a great place to be a criminal and petty street crime isn’t even reported anymore. In fact, crime in general isn’t reported and some people have boldly said that crime is down because it’s not reported. There isn’t anyone to report it to. Soon crime in liberal enclaves like Austin will vanish completely as order is ceded and disorder reigns.

The Austin City Council has shut down almost every unit needed to keep the public safe, for the sake of black people, whose lives are said to matter more when the police are absent.


  1. Antifa/BurnLootMurder demanded the city council cut $100 million from the police budget. Not wanting to be told what to do, the city council cut $150 million from the police budget

  2. “2020 shows us…”

    That is the best sum up I seen to date. Well done, sir. I will be passing that on verbatim (with attribution).

  3. Although it seems too late by now to wonder, ‘Where are the parents?’, nevertheless, the parents should be showcased, front and center, to be shamed. That applies too to the teachers who presumed to assume parental rights over the little shits. I do not believe an appeal to their consciences would be worth a hoot although it would make good sport.

    Yesterday while perusing online maps I ran across Kim’s Tacos which is a few kms WNW of Wonsan, DPRK.

    • Eventually, a meat wagon has to scrape up the road kill, but the absence of an investigation is encouraging in the effort toward urban renewal.

  4. I’m old and fat and asthmatic now, but back in my SCA days, a dozen of us Northern Army types would’ve gone through those Antifa “shield walls” like a hot knife through butter. I bet we could’ve beaten a hundred of them at once. That’s just with our game clubs instead of real weapons, at that.

    Of course, unlike them, we’d be arrested.

    • That is probably the number one reason why there have yet to be massive beat downs of the Burn Loot Murder thugs in the street. What those yahoos seem to not realize is by their actions they are preparing the battle space for their opposition. By hollering for removal of law enforcement, they are removing the one thing that keeps them safe. It won’t be me to tell them.

    • Fought live steel medieval for almost 20 years. If the situation were reduced to medieval weapons/tactics we would mow them down like wheat.

    • Oofta! I’d join me Asgardian varangian mates with our V-shields and go pummel the pansies hard. Best thing is, no restraint on not hitting the knees and below, no restraint on targeting the hands or crotches, you can use the shield as a weapon, death-from-behind rule is “Yes, and REALLY DARNED HARD, TOO” and you can 360 a pole arm.

      Explanation for non SCAdians.

      The rules for fighting are no purposely targeting hands and balls. (Hands are delicate, m’kay. And balls are a killing blow, seriously, get whacked there and you’re done for the fight)

      2″ above the knees and below are not to be targeted (because, well, you screw up the knees, that’s a career-ending injury. So in the interest of being nice and chivalrous..)

      Shields can be used against other shields or weapons, but due to the mass of the shield, a shield can inflict some serious damage. SCAdians are out to get a ‘nominal kill’ not actually kill.

      Death-From-Behind… Oy, vay. Okay, most places you can kill someone from behind in single or open combat, by reaching around and making them know you’re there. Otherwise, because chivalry and such, you get one good swipe to club your opponent as you pass them. But sneaking up behind someone and dog-smashing their kidneys? That’s a no-go. Even if it’s a line of people vs a line of people, you politely half-power your shot to the back and your opponent is supposed to acknowledge the death from behind. If not, you knock his kidneys into next week to keep him honest next time (well, you do if you’re a Richard, still some people need to be reminded that it’s supposed to be in fun.)

      Polearms and 360? Well, you stick a weapon on the end of a pole and suddenly due to geometry and physics and other sciences the 3′ long blade that is a sword and hurts, when added to a 4′ long handle, becomes something that can kill, even if it’s just a rounded chunk of rattan. So most places have 90 degree kill swing rules. You can 360 swing a pole arm, just can’t power up the swing until roughly 90 degrees away from your target. Eh. Most times, because your polearm is also your blocking equipment, you keep your polearm within 60 degrees of striking your opponent. (I have seen what happens when someone 360 powerswings into the back of someone else’s helmet. Saw a friend’s feet doing the twitchy-twitchy as he lay unconcious peeing himself. The shot flattened 3 16ga panels of a Japanese helmet, where the 3 panels were riveted together, thus supposedly making a very strong and thick section.)

      So, yeah, with a rattan stick we SCAdians can do a world of hurt. With a hickory axe handle? Turn up the hurt. With real steel? Blood, blood, blood makes the grass grow!

      How to take a shield wall out. Grab the top of the shield, pull person out of the wall. Or Push the top of the shield back into the face of the shield holder, then whack the crap out of the now-exposed jerk next to him. Or… whack the shin-bones hard enough to make the guy fall down. Jump up on his now prostrate body, whack the crap out of the guys to either side.

      These ANTIFA pussies just don’t know what real shield walls are like.

    • Beans, there really are no rules in a live shield wall with genuine targets who need killing and the rules of engagement are ‘weapons free’. I understand that there is shield wall behavior within the wall that is generally explained. I know that you know I’m not talking about the SCA, where you want to have fun and not kill the people on the other side of the wall.

      Yes, they don’t know what a real shield wall is like with a heavy infantry core, supporting pole arms and light artillery supporting (archers and peltasts).

      A modern shield wall doesn’t make sense. Snipers can take out the ANTIFA leadership at the back of the mob. You just need to make sure that they are functionally surrounded so that none of them escape. They all die or they face harsh justice and a term of prison at hard labor.

      Back when the US was doing renditions, captured terrorists were often taken to third parties (where they were also wanted) such as Israel or Egypt. They found the rules there a bit less hospitable than they would have at GITMO. How do you tell an Egyptian prisoner? No fingernails. The interrogations, conducted by their hosts, were recorded by the USA.

      • Oh, the principles of heavy shock infantry work, from shield wall to pike square to rifle square to… SEAL team tactics.

        Hit them Hard. Hit them so hard their ancestors scream in pain and agony. And PUSH THROUGH! There is no retreat. Actung Panzers, Forvaard!!!

        The principles of the shield wall are… you are not alone. Alone you die. Together we are strong. Together we will be Victorious! If one falls, another steps up. Keep your ranks close and you can stand against the world. There is no try, there is only Do. A formation not of a group, but a formation of individuals who rely on each other.

        These principles, these simple principles, turn warriors into soldiers, soldiers into soldier warriors.

        This is something that those that play at shield walls don’t ever understand.


        Is the shield wall out of date? Yes and no. Against standard police and rioter tactics, actual shield wall shield walls have a place. As long as no-one brings in penetrating projectile fire. The Romans faced missile fire, and succeeded. The Huscarls on Hastings Field faced missile fire, and succeeded (only to fail because, well, Harold looked up and got an arrow in the eye… and the Fyrd (citizen militia) folded, allowing flank attacks.)

        And nothing can stand against a committed shield wall. Either in physical or mental form. For we are the Wall. That wall that will not fail. Forward, always forward.

        Plus, bring mortars or grenade launchers. For the Shield Wall loves pretty explosions amongst the enemy.

    • Behind your shield wall should be a forest of spears and glaives and bill-hooks and halberds. Behind that should be your your spare shield troops ready to feed into the wall. Behind that, and to the sides should be your missile troops. Maybe some grenadiers, or some handgonners, definitely archers and crossbowmen. Mixed in are your light infantry harrier types.

      Okay. Here’s the skinny.

      Heavy infantry (think Roman Legion or Spartans) take the middle. They walk. Maybe a 3-5 step charge but they’re too armor and weapon heavy to effectively run fast and far. They control the field.

      Light infantry, with small shields, longer swords, some light missiles like a javelin or two, and light armor are the harriers and the scouts and the guys who actually run after routed enemy and chase them down. And they’d better share their spoils with the others, because the Heavy Infantry rule is “You can run, but we’ll eventually find you.” (Think HI like Michael Myers in “Halloween.”)

      Medium troops are neither fish nor fowl nor good red meat. They can’t stand up to Heavies, can’t outrun Light, but you need them to be the guys to fill in holes and to do short charges and such.

      Antifa? They think they’re Heavy Infantry. They aren’t. They’re Light Infantry trying to be Heavy Infantry.

      • The street commies are just emulating examples of police riot control equipment and methods because that is all they’ve ever seen. The minute this goes truly weapons free these useful idiots wont even have time to feel the shock at what happens to them.

        • And police shield tactics suuuuuuuuck. There’s a couple SCA groups that got to play with police for training said police and a handful of SCAdians handed their police faux-foes their asses every time.

          I’ve done it, smashed a faux-shield wall. Me and one other really good fighter, and 1 mediocre fighter, and two brand-new scroats went up against one knight’s household of 20+ fighters. We did it. We smashed them. We crushed them. Because we had the principles of the shield wall guiding us, and they did not. They had formation, they had the equipment, they didn’t have the drive.

          Most of the Antifa? They don’t have the drive.

          • Police didn’t used to practice riot tactics seriously. Now, they’re learning – or I hope that they are.

  5. Yes. Daily I have dreams of being in a shield wall. Or taking on the enemy with a good war-spear or glaive. Even woken up with my hands stabbing and slashing, much to my dog’s chagrin (wife is used to it.)

    Heck, I’d take my tourney shield and sword and play whackamole until I won or met my Ragnarok.

    As to SportsMoneyBall, who cares? Not I.

    Austin and other Leftist cities, counties and states are just doing what other ‘Western Civ’ countries have done. Ever wonder why crime is so low in a lot of Western European nations? Simple, they’ve decriminalized everything, or just don’t report it.

    Southwestern Asian man rapes your daughter? Nope, didn’t happen, keep pushing and we’ll arrest you for hate crimes.

    SWA man tosses a grenade onto a bus? Just a malfunction. Nothing to see, move it along.

    SWA man, or a Gypsy, or Traveller robs you blind, steals everything? I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing…

    • LL has me hankering for some Yorkshire Pudding…like grandma used to make when visiting for roast beef Sunday dinner.

    • No mushy peas, Jules. You know my rules! Tea is best served over ice with lemon.

      But I am fond of a nice trifle…sigh.

      Camperfixer, I am most fond of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding or a Beef Wellington, done right.

  6. PLEASE get rid of the “More stories” popover links! They obscure the post I’m trying to read, and the big X to close them now no longer works; instead, the site thinks I’m actually clicking the link!
    I don’t have a computer – only a phone – a d they have gone from annoying to actively obstructing your posts.
    Typose from here down are vecause I can no linger see the comment box – irs hidden behinf the link that will mot close.

      • Yeah, I always get the same one time and again, and it’s not that one is smaller and easier than another but that the X button is sometimes broken as well as out of reach; in the above comment, it was a little window that simply would not close. Reloading got same thing that still didn’t work.

  7. I have only met one guy with mob attack experience. He assured me the Browning 1919, the M1 Garand and the BAR were excellent defensive choices. His opponents were charging en-mass busy flailing around with swords and bayonets. One of his messmates was a guy named Paige.

  8. I suspect you do a preamble Haka then run at that shield mob while yelling all sorts of gnarly stuff, and most of them will fold like a cheap umbrella.

    Obama …until Mr. “You didn’t build that” found out Trump actually worked hard for his money while being benevolent to good causes. Easier for grifter’s to take it from somebody else for personal benefit.

    Portland’s courthouse looks like Ilhan Omars hometown…she’d fit right in.

    What?!…no…defunding police? Really? Heard some Dem weasel on Fox yesterday emphatically state that was not happening anywhere. Guess he was wrong (as suspected).

  9. All you have to do is break that ‘line’ in ONE place, and it’s all over. And everything would be fair game, just like Australian Rules Football… LOL

    • Oh, God. I miss the joys of breakthrough.

      And I miss the joys of stopping a charge.

      Sigh. The joys of middle age (I did it till around 48yoa. Loved beating the snot out of young punks.)

      • sic transit gloria mundi, Beans.

        No matter how tough you are, you can’t beat the clock. It’s a bitter lesson that you face if you live long enough. I know.

        • Amen, smashing around full contact in 70lbs of armor for a couple decades has probably contributed greatly to the dismal condition my bones and joints are in.

          It ain’t the years, it’s the mileage. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • But, heck, it was worth it! I got that walk that tells other people not to mess with me. Seriously, walking in armor has programmed my body to walk with authority, as one martial arts dude said to me one day.

            I miss it like fighter pilots miss flying, or some miss operating.

            And I still practice my stances and body rotations. It keeps what’s left of my joints moving. Heck, they were already thrashed by bad allergies and strong drugs to combat said allergies. I sounded like an 80year old man getting out of bed when I was 13. It is what it is.

            Still… miss… it. What a rush.

  10. Austin, soon to be twinned with SF. Let’s see how that takes ’em. In the meanwhile, what a great photo of late imperial Roman infantry.

    Sorry, late antiquity…

  11. i’m kinda partial to the old school step- heal- thrust bayonet formation. we had skirmishers behind us ready to cut the line and go get targeted leaders, blocking force to their rear, snipers to cover us from above, and i never saw anybody stand up to getting poked with a bayonet. the state troopers got all the fun though. unrestrained by roe, they beat the crap out of anybody they could run down. it was epic. riot over. go by the hospital and arrest anybody showing up at the emergency room just for spite….good times, good times.

    • I was with a mech infantry unit at Ft. Knox back in ’70, and while we were given the training in that technique we were never called on to use it.

      • I went through an orienteering course at Ft. Knox in the ’70’s. It was naturally and Army course, but there were different services who took the course. At one point, we were traversing an area on a cloudy night and though I didn’t know we were on a live fire range, it was supposed to be secured because of the class. The Army got its wires crossed and we were treated to walking through live 155mm dropping near us. I say near, because though it was ‘danger close’ it was not dropping ON us. The captain who ran the course was out there screaming to the range safety officer about the need to check his fire. Two or three minutes later they started dropping – but they got my attention.

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