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I think that managing refuse, picking up trash and a pollution free environment is key to a building a better world. Unfortunately, China, developer and spreader of plagues, leads the planet in pollution and over harvesting the seas. And nobody will do anything about it because they merely bribe anyone involved in adjudication. And face it, the media loves communist China.

Secondly, the goal of limiting carbon emissions can be handled through development of nuclear power plants. Much of Europe is powered by nuclear energy, the US navy runs a lot of nuclear power plants, and it’s the only 24/7/365 way to turn up or dial back energy for where and when it’s needed that doesn’t involve oil/gas. The windmill and solar collector scam is — a scam. Period.

If the green new deal morons were advocating 100% nuclear and hydroelectric electric power, I wouldn’t disagree. It’s clean, and it’s safe and it makes sense. Use Yucca mountain to store spent fuel rods. We spent billions to build the facility in Nevada.

End of rant


US Army Innovation 

Give some midwestern boys access to sheet metal, welders, and weapons and they just can’t help themselves.


What’s with West Virginia and Cats?

I realize that the term “pet ownership” is not politically correct anymore. It’s an “adopted” pet, or a “pet partnership.” Camperfixer, how does DRMRSCAMPERFIXER, a veterinarian, think of it?


Planning to Retire?

Are you going to be set up to retire when you turn 64? The truth is: most people aren’t. And if you’re planning on retiring somewhere like the US or the UK, you’re going to need over half a million dollars in the bank to do it comfortably. But if that sounds unreasonable, then retiring abroad might be the next best option.   In this new study, NetCredit crunched the numbers to find out what it would cost to retire comfortably in every single country around the world.

Pakistan appears to be a bargain. So does India. I wonder if I can get indoor plumbing for those prices?


Where rainforests are found naturally in the world.


Cancer death rate in Europe.

Regions in Hungary & Serbia have the highest rates in Europe. There should be an overlay for tobacco products sold per capita, but I don’t have that.


Bionic Modifications

LSP’s faithful hound, Blue Avenger, is a highly modified cyborg. This graphic shows what improvements have been made.




  1. Our provider, XCEL, boasts they will be carbon free by 2050. Their current scam is “free or no cost” solar panels for your residence. The upper management may be “woke” but the boots on the ground I’ve talked with aren’t buying it. Forecast is for major labor unrest ahead. Another reason for COLOEXIT.

  2. Re: West Virginia cat numbers.

    The Cats in question primarily belong to Mrs. Myrtle Schmee, 1127 Catlady Avenue, Wheeling, West Virginia.

  3. Whenever the government, which does not earn, and only spends, tells you that something is free, grab your wallet. Oh, but they assure you, it’s being paid for with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY.

    • When he becomes a space dog, it will be legendary. There will be graphic novels drawn of his heroic exploits.

  4. Looks like a year in Paris is quite doable, other than their mayor being as bad, or worse, than Tampa’s.

      • Haven’t been there, I’ll have to look into it. (If I don’t take that 2 year gig in Hanoi first) Parts of Paris have run down badly since my first visit in ’11. Started right after Hidalgo got elected.

        • The Interpol General Secretariat is in Lyon. I used to go there for work a lot and for various business in France. I like the Rhone countryside, quick train ride to Switzerland, etc. Far enough from Paris and the parasites who live there. Paris used to be nice. You might like Hanoi better. French cooking there too.

    • You might be able to pull it off in Venezuelan splendor. Soon to be boasting of being freer than the US under Chairman Ho

  5. Central Europe is noted for its many radioactive mud baths; looking at a map of Europe, you’ll notice that there’s a ring of mountains centered on Hungary and Serbia that encompass this higher death rate from cancer – wonder if there’s any correlation

  6. Well, sure, go retire in a foreign country, one where the political system is even more unstable than the US.

    Like the people who all bugged out to Costa Rica. Sure, it’s cheap there now. But can you rely on it staying that way?

    As to garbage, saw a neat report by someone, that if we did one giant landfill in the USA, we could fill a 20 x 20 mile square, only, and keep it going for 200 years. Nice thing about concentrating all that garbage in one location is that it makes recycling actually economical, if the recycling plants are co-located next to the landfill.

    What, Beans? Smoking Crack?

    Nope. Recycling is only economical if the material being recycled is expensive, like aluminum or steel. Those can be recycled by being transported distances. Less valuable material, like glass, plastic or paper/cardboard/wood, have about a 25 mile range for economical recycling.

    • You’re on the money, Beans. I will spare you details and war stories, but I interacted with Jefferson Smurfit some years ago. It’s a big recycling company, and they said the same thing you did. A lot of the recycling was subvented by government incentives that made matters “profitable” even while technically they were not profitable.

    • Beans, agree about recycling aluminum and other metals. Aluminum cans no, they are junk, low grade ores of (bauxite) aluminum and can only be recycled to be more aluminum cans. You can not use it for extruded or structural uses. It costs more money to recycle cans, the only benefit is they don’t go into a land fill and take up space.

    • Hear, hear!

      Costa Rica must be permanently stable, they ensured it by abolishing their army.

      Yes on a single centralized landfill, yes on recycling as a kickback scam. Here’s the thing: if it costs more to recycle than to make new, it’s probably better for the environment to make it new, too. If it’s worth doing, the market will take care of it. If it isn;t, then the mandate is probably a scam.


  7. Re Cancer Death Rates (ages 0-64).
    Interesting, but inconclusive in the absence of knowing about competing risks. If you live in a place where you’re likely to be killed in a mugging, car jacking, or just randomly, then the cancer-death rate might be quite low.

    As to the other thing, being “handled” is a two-way street.

    • Heard on the news about congressman Ron Wright had “died FROM Covid”….then a few more lines of chatter about him being the first one do so…then at the very end added that “for years he was also battling lung cancer.”

  8. The Left hates nuclear…because it works, it’s efficient, safe, clean, and environmentally sound. In the same breath they ignore every environmentally destructive aspect of wind and solar, both here and in China where the rare earth stuff is mined. Industrial wind energy is a grift, modern snake-oil with bad side effects.

    “Pet partnership”….that would only work if we could get one of our guys to bring us coffee in the morning, seems we do all the work. To MrsC, practical ranch gal that she is but with a huge heart for the critters, people are owners (Coggins, health cert., and rabies/vax forms concur). She thinks the other monikers are ridiculous, like when Boulder declared pet owners as “pet guardians” because “owner” was demeaning to the dog or cat…she was laughing so hard almost lost her diet A&W. God requires our stewardship as animal owners…they are in our care, including when having to make the tough but humane decision when end of life has been reached, and to do it compassionately. Anyone less than “owner” won’t do that.

    • Maybe with cyborg dogs, having the dog flip my eggs over-easy and cooking a rasher of bacon without eating all of it and delivering it bedside with fresh squeezed OJ — could be a reality.

      • That is if the dog wants to do that, I am trying to get my inherited ankle biter trained to just get a beer, even putting a small handle at the bottom of the refer door and placing the bottles (snob alert, don’t like can beer) on the lowest shelf, no joy.

        • Maybe if you did a brain transplant between your ankle biter and Crying Chuck Schumer, it would be smart enough to fetch a beer.

          More likely, the dog would steal your beer & replace the liquid with dog piss.

          • I am aghast Mr Larry, if I was to preform that simple procedure, my ankle biter would have the brain function of a common household snail… but I too think it would steal my beer and piss in the bottles.

    • Camperfixer, we in this area of the Idaho panhandle have a woman vet and she sounds a lot like your wife. I like the fact she is somewhat a anti-vaxxer for animals, she agrees about rabies vax and DPH but not some of the ones coming out, she says quite vocally that critters have a far better and stronger immune system and don’t need the vaxxes, she contends feeding them a proper diet and providing them proper shelter is better.

      • MrsC agrees with your assessment and veterinarian. Herd immunity, especially in horses is simple if not “showing” or for competition, and she doesn’t vaccinate older animals because, she says, at that point in life they’re covered. Working in Pharmacovigilance as the day job she’s on the front line of new vax’s but mostly sticks to basics unless otherwise required. Good food is a must (and usually no need for supplements)…buying the 100# bag Ol’ Roy means you clean up most of it in the backyard and more vet visits and lousy health. There are a couple of good foods out there (those not “celebrity” endorsed).

        One aspect she mentioned regarding pet partner/guardian naming is liability. This confers the pet has “rights”, therefore you give a rabies shot, it has a reaction (happens), then the DVM is open to lawsuit by the “guardian”. It is the unintended (maybe intended by some) consequences of these Lefty feel-good actions.

  9. We know one place that is safe to store low level radioactive materials for millions of years — the mine the Uranium came from. So mix the high level waste with residential garbage to dilute it and pack it back in the mine. No new holes needed. Similarly, they ought to build a big, big spatula and flip Oak Ridge over, exposing clean dirt on top and buying the radioactive oopsies. Do you use two-cycle oil for gravy on the half-robot dog kibble?

  10. West Virginia – I suspect it’s a dual reason.

    (1) still tons of semi-subsistence family farms there. Barn cats are still cats owned.

    (2) lotsa people live there and “commute” to the DC hellzone. Can’t leave a dog alone for a few days at a time, like you can with a cat.


    • A barn cat(s) is a good idea. Don’t feed them, let them live on mice and rats the way God intended.

      At the White Wolf Mine, bobcats and coyotes eat domestic cats, so I let them account for mice, and they do a good job.

        • When the ex-wife and I moved to Alabama and started a small goat farm she, being a city girl was worried about our fat barn cats and that I should at least put out dry food… I had to explain that the barn cats ate better then us, what with all the mice and voles and other assorted critters about and next to a year round creek. No, I didn’t need to feed the cats, just keep clean water available.

          • …and the barn is clear of infestation when the kitties go to work when we sleep. We also trained ours to go into the barn at night, lost too many to the bobcats who hate domestic cats.

          • I think that it’s good for cat souls to go out and chase mice. They do need water, of course, but a lot of the moisture is sucked out of the rodent carcass too.

    • Nukes work. Windmills are good for harnessing energy to suck well water up and toss it in a cistern or trough, but it’s not what powers industry.

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