An Inconvenient Racial Truth

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I wouldn’t vote for this man.

Barack Obama

And I don’t think that he’s fit to fold the laundry of

This man.

Allen West
My choice between the two doesn’t hinge on the fact that Obama is only half black and West is all black. It’s all about character. I would vote for Congressman Allen West because he has an American heart. I wouldn’t vote for Obama because he doesn’t have one.
I’m not going to make this a rant, but I will point out a couple of differences, suggesting to you, dear readers, that it’s not about race. It’s about character.
Barack Obama on Islam: “If it comes down to it, I will stand with the Muslims”.
Allen West on Islam: West has attempted to cast his work overseas in historical terms, theorizing that America is following in the footsteps of Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours or the 300 Spartan Hoplites at the Battle of Thermopylae. In both of those cases, as with the situation today, Western civilization was under attack by Muslims in the Middle East.

Barack Obama – Never served in the military. He spent those years using and occasionally selling narcotics (documented) and running around with boy friends.
Allen West – Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, decorated for valor. Colonel West was reprimanded by the Army for using ‘harsh tactics’ – essentially harsh language to obtain information from a jihadi. The (new) Army wasn’t comfortable with his methods.

West testified, “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.” At his hearing, West pointed out that there were no further ambushes against American forces in Taji until he was relieved of his leadership post.

Allen West qualified for a security clearance on his own merits.
Barack Obama would never have qualified for even the lowest security clearance.

It’s not about race, my friends. It’s about character.

6 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Racial Truth

  1. However . . . . I believe the election of Obama was all about race. He had no experience, no track record, had never won a one-on-one election . . . he simply looked Black. I will admit that the lies he threw in certainly did no harm. But, as the VP said – he was a "clean, articulate black man", and every "progressive" simply could not vote for anyone else – because he was black.

    Fully concur on Allen West – Obama is simply not even close to being in his league!

  2. eiaftinfo – I couldn't agree more. Obama's election had everything to do with his skin color.

    I'm sick and tired of people claiming that patriot opposition to Obama was just about race. It's not true. And that was my point. There are black patriots and they're not celebrated for their race. They are embraced because of their character.

  3. One of those men instinctively shows respect for the American flag. The other does so grudgingly.

    One was raised in America and cherishes his American heritage. The other was raised in a Muslim country and cherishes his Kenyan history.

    They couldn't be more different – and it has nothing to do with skin pigment.

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