Combating Racisim

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Are you a Racist?

The article cited below shows how liberal white women are being educated. 

(linkFor $2,500 liberal white women can enjoy dinner with two hosts that aim to educate them on their inherent racism. 

Race2Dinner is a two-hour event with hosts Regina Jackson and Saira Rao, attended by liberal white women who seek to untangle their racism and learn to be more cognizant of it so as to be part of the solution.

“White folks – before telling me that your Indian husband or wife or friend or colleague doesn’t agree with anything I say about racism or thinks I’m crazy, please Google ‘token,’ ‘internalized oppression’ and ‘gaslighting’.”


I’m willing to host these liberal crones for $2,000.00 (a $500 savings) for an evening of brow beating in the picturesque Arizona mountains. The chicken and potato salad dinner will be served on (cheap) paper plates and they can eat with their fingers because as white people, they don’t DESERVE real china and silverware… no napkins.
The Virtual Mirage racial education supper will feature a powerful religious invocation by LSP. Then I’ll explain to them that all liberal crones need to rid themselves of the money that they have, which is causing them such horrible guilt. Money, it will be explained, is at the heart of their race privilege. Wire instructions to my favorite charity will be provided, and they’ll be invited to use it before they can leave the White Wolf Mine. A pass-around bucket will allow them to rid themselves of their cash-on-hand. 
Then I’ll put them on a bus that will take them back to the airport. During the ride back, white twinkies will be passed out on the ride back.
I swear, a fool and his money are soon parted.

22 thoughts on “Combating Racisim

  1. I'd almost be willing to pay for a ticket just to be able to watch LSP verbally scourge them…or maybe a job as a waiter at the affair??? Surely they deserve to have something spilled on them.

  2. I'm serious. If we can get five of those confused womyn to show up at the WWM, I'll fly in LSP to bless the food and invoke the presence of the Almighty and we'll educate them.

    BOBBOOKWORM, since you live locally, it would be an honor to have you come and spill Kool Aid on the womyn. We won't be serving wine. They can drink the (sugar free) Kool Aid or they can go thirsty.

  3. How can you host such an affair when only white people can be racist?

    For $5,000 I will allow a group of up to ten individuals the opportunity to m^%&therf**k me verbally for five minutes each.

  4. Hell LL, I would pay the $2000 entrance fee just to be a waiter and spill potato salad on them after bobbookworm does his magic.

  5. BECAUSE, I will self identify as a non-white, oppressed minority female during the show. I won't dress any differently, but self-identification counts to progs.

    I'll do it, and tale take their abuse for $4,500 (each)…capitalism, WSF

  6. Cederq, you're a giver. The flimsy plates will never hold the weight of the potato salad, but we'll give you a heavy spoon to 'serve' it with enthusiasm.

  7. I wouldn't waste chicken and potato salad on their likes. Tofu and bean sprouts would be a better choice. They may even pay extra for it. Save the good stuff for those of us who appreciate it.

  8. Holy smokes! There really ARE white Twinkies. Or more properly, "Peppermint Twinkies" which appear to be regular Twinkies coated with white fudge and red sprinkles. Good thing too. Giving regular Twinkies (yellow on the outside and white on the inside) to guilty guilty guilty woke white women would be some sort of appropriation or aggression,or something.

    Speaking of things yellow on the outside, I am reminded that I was once called (to my face) a "banana" by the then-Vice President of the ROC (Taiwan). He was a cheery old fellow with a prosthetic hand.

  9. Can we wear our BBQ guns?

  10. You know that I'm serious as a heart attack. Bobbookworm can fling potato salad at the leftist, elitist crones.

  11. A very accomplished Japanese lady, who is a dear friend, self-identifies as 'a banana'. Which brings to mind an anecdote that will have to wait.

    There's almost no way for woke white liberal women to excoriate their guilt. I offered to try, and the offer is still open if they wire their money in advance.

  12. I didn't know COL Mike Hoare, but living to 100 is just one more thing that he did. Great life, there now in the corpse hall in Valhalla, drinking, and swapping stories.

  13. Maybe I need to advertise? That might help my burgeoning business and could fund the aircraft that I'd like to buy.

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