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Removing windows from passenger aircraft may be one solution to aircraft designers. I don’t think that it’s far-fetched and though the idea may not be an immediate thrill, I think that it will catch on.

Would you board a windowless jet?  What if the fancy system broke (as they seem to do with regularity just like the in-flight movies do)?
Keep in mind that all military transport aircraft are windowless and that the military works hard to insure that you are uncomfortable when taking a ‘hop’.  Note the photo below of SEAL Team 5, C Ptn. in a C-130 circa 1986. Windowless, no padded seats, no flight attendants, and the food is In-Flight Rations (forerunner of the MRE) with all of the good stuff inside stolen by the flight crews previously.
On long hops the guys usually string hammocks made of poncho liners across the fuselage, which isn’t all that bad. I don’t think that you could do that in a commercial aviation setting.

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  1. That looks way better than the last interstate flight I took. Less cramped for a start, and you get to take your guns. Food's probably better too — Oh! You actually get some… Not that I'm bitter, of course.

  2. When you're property of USGOV, they do feed you or the stable dies off.

    Yes, guns, rockets, C-4, grenades, etc!!! And if you need some air, you just drop the ramp provided that it's not too cold outside.

  3. The Naval and Marine Corps aircrews picked over the food. Often we'd find the dreaded ham and lima bean C-Rats in in-flight ration boxes. (for those of you who don't know, the North Vietnamese would eat rats long before they'd touch captured ham and lima beans). So no C-Rat fruit cocktail, no pound cake, no corn beef hash. Just the worst of the left-overs.

  4. Hey now, we didn't steal the good stuff, there was NO good stuff in box lunches… Unless you liked mystery meat…

  5. They had that grape juice stuff. And yes, the mystery meat with a shelf life of 32 years was better than the ham and limas.

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