Surfing Wolf (Sunday Sermonette)

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It’s not easy to find a sermonette topic to blog about, but this one is based feeding one’s soul. I have been trying to figure out how to do that (precisely) and I’ll tell you that feeding my soul won’t happen at Fredd’s Aunt Sally’s house, where near lethal food is dished out every day. 

“When of thy Earthly goods thou are bereft,  

And from thy slender store, two loaves alone to thee are left, 

Sell one and with the dole, 

Buy hyacinths (or take a trip to the surfing competition) to feed thy soul.”

The White Wolf Mine should be complete in a month from now (6 weeks after the promised date), and morbidly over the original bloated budget. 
Still, it’s going to be a nice spread.

There is Thanksgiving coming up. Then I’m going to Hawaii for two weeks while the hovel is being finished to soak up the sun and attend the last to segments of the triple crown of surfing (championship – Van’s World Cup and the next week is Billabong Pipe Masters). Some of the old hands who’ve been hanging around this blog for a while will note, “LL, you go to the surfing championships almost every year at this time”.

And that would be generally true. Most times I bring kids and grandkids but not this time. The house situation is stressful and surf’s up (I hope). I’ve been a homeless vagabond since the lease was up on the house I lived in and if I’m going to be somewhere, a five star resort in Hawaii is better, right? I need to throttle back and pamper myself. That’s my solution to soul feeding because life’s a beach. I like to swim. I like the ocean. I’m not a champion surfer. But I need a new latitude. 

In answer to your unasked question: A Surfing Wolf is not much different than a sea wolf. Neither species is native to Arizona, though there are wolves in the area north of the Mogollon Rim where the White Wolf Mine is located. I was up there last week and heard a pack howling. At least I think that they were wolves – they could have been coyotes. A howl is a howl to me.

In 1998 the federal authorities released 11 Mexican gray wolves into the Arizona wilderness. Fourteen years later, in 2012, there are only 58 wolves in Arizona. In 2016 the population is now around 113. Endangered Mexican wolves are making a comeback in Arizona and New Mexico.

LSP is going to chide me for going to Hawaii. He’s going to say that I should go to Lee Ho Fook’s in London. But the weather is different in England than it is on the Banzai Pipeline.
And no, I won’t be scoping out attractive women wearing almost nothing. This is a family blog, it’s a sermonette and it’s not something that I’d admit to. No Pina Coladas at Trader Vic’s either.
I may have to post photos when I get there in a week or so.

19 thoughts on “Surfing Wolf (Sunday Sermonette)

  1. That's true: there's way too much concern at Aunt Sally's about where to get the best deal on stomach pumping than fret about such trivia as feeding one's soul.

  2. I'm currently at my daughter's getting in some grandpa time. It ain't Hawaii, and there's no surf here, but it'll do.

  3. I emptied, cleaned, and organized my hall closet, which doesn't exactly compare to a couple of weeks in Hawaii, but it is soul satisfying.

    Have fun!

  4. IS the volcano (or volcanoes?) still erupting? I imagine you will be away from all of that.
    Have a safe trip, enjoy and God bless!

  5. Thank you for that edifying sermon but I was hoping to meet your tailor. Oh well, next time.

    Texas is pretty much flooded. The huddled masses attempt to keep warm by burning unwanted Beto signs.

    Maybe he's good for something after all?

  6. Liar! I respect your concern over the family values of your blog… but you are a sailor. It's in the DNA for a sailor to check out the chicks. You just don't have to tell anyone. I do believe that is the exact reason God made sunglasses.

  7. I'll be on the OTHER (more distant) side of another island. However, if my luck (or lack thereof) holds, I'm confident that there will be a volcanic eruption across the street from the resort where I'll be staying in Oahu.

  8. That's good re-utilization for a Beto sign, BUT, it pollutes the air (as does any fire) and in progressive parts of America, you can end up in court for trying to keep warm – unless your homeless or an illegal alien. Then you're exempt.

  9. I didn't lie – I said that I wouldn't admit to it.
    Admit nothing,
    Deny everything,
    Demand proof,
    Make counter-allegations,
    Find a scapegoat!

  10. Trying to distance yourself from the WWM? Good luck with that in our interconnected world.

  11. Is that something else we have in common? I surfed from 13 to 33 until the Sierra Nevada Mountains called out my name. Cowabunga Dude!

  12. There are a lot of Hodads at the competitions. (Hodad= a nonsurfer who frequents surfing beaches and pretends to be a surfer.) Honestly, I do enjoy watching the action in the water and on the beach. I find a patch of sand, plant my old guy butt, I have my cooler loaded with goodies and waste the day.

  13. In my yute "Hodads" were the wonna be tough guys in leather jackets … like the Fonse.

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