Bull’s Eye – every time

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Technology that is distinguishable from magic 
is insufficiently advanced.

Since there is no limit to government spending, think of what this means to the local police and to the military as well as to lame shots who want to go hunting. (Tracking Point)

Would this improve your accuracy in, say, dove hunting? Quite possibly.

17 thoughts on “Bull’s Eye – every time

  1. I think I'd like one of these mounted on the roof of my Range Rover with accessibility from the dashboard touch screen. This would do wonders for my road rage. I can't believe land Rover haven't thought of this.

  2. I know a guy who blew a large hole in his "cheek" with a back-up gun that he kept in the rear pocket of his uniform trousers. They guy was a nimrod and nobody was surprised.

  3. In Texas, where everyone is rich in oil or cattle? Does a bear crap in the woods? Of course Texans can afford them. Now in the Sunshine State (land of fruits and nuts) where we are taxed remorselessly, it's a different matter.

  4. You need a tracked armored vehicle so that you can crawl over vehicles in your way in traffic. Naturally the laser-sighted weapon would augment your whole persona. Actually, the laser-aimed weapon could be considered your mojo. You can also carry an axe.

  5. To chop off the heads of those that rankle me and add them to the roof spikes. It's a win from me. 🙂

  6. Before you stand behind me (playing with your laser sight), hand me ALL of your ammo and magazines.

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