The Long March Toward Amnesty

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Mao Tse Dong’s (mousey tongue) “Long March” signaled an era that led to roughly 50 million Chinese starving to death as part of the “great leap forward”. Mao’s vision became China’s nightmare. It’s the type of liberal vision that is played out in Orwell’s Animal Farm.

The American liberal definition of success could possibly be explained this way: Make the US into Detroit (the progressive wet dream) — except for Martha’s Vineyard, because the great and near great like a place to go on vacation (at government expense, of course).

That is what President Obama is saying, without actually coming out and saying it when he talks of Super Amnesty for illegal aliens.  It’s not unlike, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor (haha)”.

Why would America want to implement Super Amnesty? What does it do for a nation – beyond garnering a few votes for pettifoggers (a lawyer whose methods are petty underhanded, or disreputable) who wish to ascend to higher government office?
Let’s look at facts. Liberals love facts: 92% of black male teens in Chicago don’t have a job. In Detroit, 50% of all black men are unemployed. It’s not that there aren’t any jobs, but the entry level jobs have been mostly going to immigrants. The left loves root causes more than it loves red shirts with pictures of Che on them. So what is one of the root causes of unemployment in the inner cities?

The Center for Immigration Studies found that under Obama two-thirds of low-end jobs went to immigrants, both legal and illegal. 

Illegal aliens not only displace workers, but they displace the workers that might have been. Teenagers who would have started working regular jobs instead roam around aimlessly. The lost entry level jobs are substituted with crime.

Homicide rates overlap with unemployment rates, especially when accounting for the demographic populations of young minority men who are statistically more likely to kill or be killed.

None of this matters to those who only wish to garner a vote and reach into your pocket.

Andrew Price’s Commentary is worth reading.

8 thoughts on “The Long March Toward Amnesty

  1. Since you're over 65, and subject to Obamacare death panels, I don't think that he even wants you to have that. Sorry, WoFat.

  2. They were/are up to the same trick in England — open the immigration floodgates and get the votes. At least here the people in question aren't fanatical Muslims…

  3. Yes, there is that. I'm not suggesting that the US doesn't have it better than the flood of angry Pakis and Palestinians in the UK (or Turks in Germany). My hope is that the Yanks are a bit smarter than the Tommys and the Krauts. But since we elected Obama twice, there is no reason to puff our chests out.

  4. And the solution is and how is it implemented?
    We know what a piece the pres is, continuing to rail against him doesn't fix anything it just raises the blood pressure of old men…

  5. The solution requires three elements. (1) Genuinely secure the US Border; (2) Implement a guest worker program that is effective; (3) Establish a method for illegal aliens who are here to have a pathway to citizenship that involves living without government benefits.

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