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It’s Saturday – the day of the big Virtual Mirage Christmas Party

Everyone will be wearing their favorite Christmas sweaters.

I don’t own a Christmas sweater. What does that say about my character?


Bullet Points:

* The producer price index rose 0.3 percent in November from October, the Labor Department said Friday. The producer price indexes for September and October were revised up from 0.2 percent to 0.3 percent, indicating inflation was already running hotter than previously thought.

If you are elite and the chef shops for you, the chauffeur fills the tank of the Bentley with fuel and the Butler buys your clothes, you may not have known that inflation is screaming along. It explains why lawmakers are shocked when their wretched constituents complain.

* From American Thinker: The Democrats’ habit of encouraging criminal lawlessness is not merely intended to terrorize the population. Instead, by removing any accountability for lawless or destructive acts, leftists are making it possible for them to erase both the First and Second Amendments. Thus, by creating an environment in which it appears that the First and Second Amendments are destructive, they can justify prohibiting those rights.

Elon Musk’s recent disclosure of the “Twitter papers” reveals little that we didn’t already know to be true about Twitter censoring conservatives and undermining elections at the behest of government agencies and officials. This behavior reveals unequivocally how leftists see the Constitution as an obstacle. The danger to their political power arises when people are free to express and protect themselves. Ultimately, what leftists perceive as the most serious “threat to democracy” is the Bill of Rights itself, especially the first two amendments (speech and the right to bear arms).

Leftist claims to the contrary, the right to speak freely and defend yourself is the essence of democracy. Voting is an act of free expression, and an armed population preserves that right. How liberals can justify their blatant inversion of this reality is anyone’s guess. So far, they haven’t had to.

* The democrats are flying their values up the flag pole for all to see. Pedophilia, child genital mutilation, degeneracy, debauchery, violence, and perversions that would make Satan blush.

* Do you cheer for humanity’s demise? Donate now.

* What I am looking for as a Christmas present?

Avtoros Shaman –  Russian 8×8 all-terrain vehicle. But since there is an embargo, maybe next year?


Conspiracy Theory – h/t Frank


The King of Iceland

Jørgen Jürgensen later Jorgen Jorgenson (1780-1841), adventurer, was born on 7 April 1780 at Copenhagen, Denmark, the second son of Jorgen Jorgensen, royal watchmaker, and his wife Anna Lette, née Bruun. He changed his patronymic to Jorgenson in 1817.


Jorgenson’s formal education stopped at 14. At 15 he was apprenticed to Captain Henry Marwood of the English collier Jane, and served in her four years between Newcastle and Baltic ports. By his own statement, he then served on various vessels, including a British man-of-war into which he had been press-ganged. In 1801 he was aboard the Harbinger at Port Jackson, where he soon joined H.M.S. Lady Nelson as John Johnson. As he was not discharged from her until April 1804, he probably sailed with Matthew Flinders in 1802, witnessed the disbandment of the first settlement at Port Phillip, and certainly was present at the first settlement on the Derwent in Van Diemen’s Land. His own testimony has generated the legend that he was the first to harpoon a whale in the Derwent. For months in 1804, he was sealing in New Zealand waters and whaling in the Alexander. He left Australian waters in her in February 1805 and by way of New Zealand, Tahiti, Cape Horn and St Helena arrived at Gravesend in June 1806.

After some months of London pleasures, he returned to Copenhagen. In fact, he arrived home just in time to bear witness to the bombardment of Copenhagen by ships of the Royal Navy. The assault destroyed a third of the city and killed nearly 5,000 people. The two-week campaign sprung from the Danes’ reluctance to turn its navy over to the British, lest it fall into Napoleon’s hands. By Sept. 5, 1807, 50 English warships pounded the capital into submission, after which the combined Danish-Norwegian fleet, which included 18 ships of the line and 16 frigates, was reluctantly turned over to King George. Following the action, Jorgenson sought revenge against his adopted homeland.


The bombardment of Copenhagen 1807

During the Anglo-Danish War, Jorgenson commanded the privateer Admiral Juul cause of his extensive experience at sea and took three prizes before striking his flag to H.M.S. Sappho in March 1808.

As a “prisoner of war on honor” (parole) he was arrested in London, where he made acquaintance with the merchant Phelps, who was interested in the Icelandic trade during those war days. At that time the Royal Danish Trade Monopoly ruled over Iceland, and the Danish fleet was defeated, so it could not maintain this trade.

Jørgensen sailed twice to Iceland on British ships in 1809. The first time on a merchant ship as an interpreter and the second time on a frigate which Phelps had equipped and which was provided with a letter of marque. The Danish governor of Iceland, Count Trampe, banned trade with Great Britain as early as 13 June. One day after the arrival of the frigate in Reykjavík on 25 June, Count Trampe was arrested by the crew of the ship. With Phelps’ support, Jørgen Jørgensen proclaimed Iceland’s independence from the Kingdom of Denmark and the rule of the people on the same day, i.e. 26 June 1809, and declared himself a protector.


HMS ‘Sappho’ Capturing the Danish Brig ‘Admiral Jawl’, 2 March 1808

All Danish officials and sales representatives were placed under house arrest. The camps of the monopoly trade were confiscated as well as the treasury. Jørgen Jørgensen settled in the governor’s seat but avoided any form of personal enrichment. He built a fortress, gave Iceland a flag of its own, and surrounded himself with a six-man bodyguard of locals, whose boss he appointed the then 25-year-old Jón Guðmundsson Effersøe. This bodyguard undertook various expeditions and arrested, for example, the chief judge of the country, Ísleif Einarsson.

On 12 July, Jørgensen even declared himself the provisional autocrat of Iceland and announced the recall of Althing (National Assembly), which had just been abolished by the Danish Crown. He thus contradicted the absolutist attitude of the Danish king. The Icelandic population was rather wait-and-see, especially since it was suspected that Jørgensen was acting on behalf of the British state.

Added to this was Iceland’s relative defenselessness. In the Dansk Biografisk Leksikon of 1895 it says judgmentally:    “In addition to his eccentric character, Jørgensen’s own appearance is explained by the fact that he obviously felt like a naturalized Englishman even then, without any trace of sympathy for his native country”.

But this curious episode in Iceland’s history lasted only two months. On 26 August the HMS Talbot arrived and Jørgensen’s “reign” came to an abrupt end. The captain harshly rebuked Phelps. All of Jørgensen’s proclamations were canceled, and the self-proclaimed “King” was arrested to go to prison in England. Two high-ranking Icelandic officials took over state power, while Count Trampe went to England to testify. The Icelanders from Jørgen Jørgensen’s bodyguard remained unpunished, but Jón Guðmundsson Effersøe, for example, emigrated to the Faroe Islands.

“The reason for Jón Guðmundsson’s emigration from Iceland to the Faroe Islands is unknown, but although he and the other bodyguards were spared prison, there may have been a supreme judge who wanted revenge!

On the journey to England suddenly fire broke out on the ship. According to witnesses, Phelps and Jørgensen saved the lives of the crew with intrepid courage. They were the captain’s guests of honor until their arrival in London. After his arrival in London,  Jørgensen spent a year in prison because he had left the country despite his word of honor (see above). In prison, he began to play and succumbed more and more to gambling addiction. Back in freedom, he lived an unsteady life and later had to serve two years in prison for unpaid gambling debts. 1815-17 Jürgensen was in the service of the British government in France and Germany, visiting Waterloo, Frankfurt, Weimar, Dresden, Berlin, and Potsdam (Sanssouci) according to his own report. When he returned to London, he continued his wild lifestyle and was finally sentenced to another prison term for fraud.

A later sentence then imposed deportation for life. In 1825 he was banished to Tasmania. In Tasmania, he changed his name to Jorgen Jorgenson. He was soon released from prison conditions and undertook many voyages of discovery and research in the interior of the island. He described the indigenous population for the first time. He became a productive and successful author of his adventurous life.

His books were popular in Australia and England, and his unprinted manuscripts were accepted into the British Museum. As an author, he wrote in English under the name Jorgenson. He wrote travelogues, theological and economic treatises, newspaper articles, and autobiographical notes. He finally got married in 1833. In 1835 he was appointed “police commander”.  Jorgen Jorgenson was found dead in Hobart on 20 January 1841 at the age of 60 (older sources say 1845 or 1850). He died as a free man. He was buried in the Catholic cemetery.


For more about Iceland from a more fictional Perspective:


She’s looking for Mike_C…


From Jules

41 thoughts on “Rock On!

  1. Last week I watched (on YouTube) a “60 Minutes” segment on dog DNA & domestication.
    It was interesting.

  2. No Christmas sweaters here, that’s for upper mid-west folks at the neighborhood Holiday party…and doubtful they’d be sportin’ THAT ONE..would cause a total meltdown amongst the proper woman folk.

    Maybe Ol’ Joe could broker you a sweet deal on the Ruskie 8×8, trade another mass murderer for it…at least the 8×8 is neutral on what country it’s in therefore making it a better deal than the “I hate America except when they rescue my sorry a$$” Lesbian Basketball player. Since the Saudi’s say her release was their doing, maybe they’ll fill it up for you.

    I’m no wuss but if the Nordic gal started walking towards me I might have to go the other way, she looks rough. Be my guest Mike_C.

    That last one, about right. Altho, my [new] Ranch CheeHooAhhHooAhh would never be caught dead in that get up, he wears a tactical vest when out and about and thinks he’s a micro-doberman.

    1. If really wanted one, I could have it. I did put it on the blog as a want, but what would I do with it?

      1. Drive it around Flagstaff and let people look at you in shock and awe.

        Oh. Never mind. They do that already…..

  3. I’m not really a sweater person; they are usually too warm and itchy.
    I do have a couple TB XMas shirts though, probably still fit.

    Nice truck!
    Just make sure to leave room in the budget for replacing the drivetrain with something that works.


    1. I have a midweight wool sweater that I wear under an unlined denim jacket when temps drop below 40*.
      Below 30* I might wear flannel-lined jeans and an M65 jacket, gloves and a watch cap to keep my ears warm.
      When temps reach single digits, I prefer to stay indoors near the fire.
      With a hot toddy.

      1. Come to think of it, furore Normannorum is nothing compared to furore Nor(wo)mannorum.


  4. * The producer price index rose
    The mortgage debt collection agency I work for sent an email to all agents alerting us they received 2,500 assignments from a single lender. Looks to be a busy winter.

    1. Yet another indicator the economy is in serious trouble purely by prescription at the hands of those who think they know better but don’t. Unless, of course, it’s the result they want.

        1. wait til those 100k truck payments come due. i know a young couple, mortgaged to the hilt, thought the money train would run forever. she is an rn but now expecting her second surprise child. he has a steady job and is an entrepreneur, but in several lines that are economy dependent. as disposable income dries up, so does his income stream. they are going to lose it all and be moving back to mom n dad’s house soon. mom n dad just retired hoping to enjoy their last few years after working their fingers to the bone. best laid plans, eh? i don’t owe a dime to anybody, but taxes and insurance have eat my pension to bits. toss in inflation and i’m digging into my long term preps soon. so much for travel and leisure after retirement for us too. but mainly we don’t travel because we can’t be sure of getting home these days…. think i’ll go have a jager.

          1. RR
            When I drive up to these houses most have expensive vehicles, boats, RVs, etc. As I never go inside I can only speculate on 60″ TV, upscale furniture, etc.

          2. They clearly aren’t listening to Dave Ramsey, or their grandmother. Watched a guy wheel up in a new Duramax HD with every exterior bell and whistle. Guy hops out and goes into the Edward-Jones. Yeah, it looked nice but out of principle I refuse to pay $65-85k for a pickup truck, regardless the included goodies (altho seat warmers ARE a nice feature). The 2010 Ram 2500 HD Laramie I bought used 5 years ago, now with 226k miles, is just fine…and it still looks nice but don’t care if it gets a ding or two…it’s a pick up. And it’ll haul just as good.

    1. The warmth comes from the insulative properties, of course.
      Those come from the trapped air in the fur.
      Wearing the fur inside might compress the fur, removing the volume of trapped air.

      1. Nothing is better than a wolverine coat in terms of warmth and waterproof properties. It NEVER gets cold enough in Arizona to wear one. I have a BEAUTIFUL sable hat from Russia, given to me by friends in Siberia some years ago – a life ago, really. To me, the hat is priceless both because of its craftsmanship, materials, and provenance. It’s both waterproof and warm. It’s simply never cold enough to wear it.

        1. My wife made us crocheted hats with beaver fur rims. Ohhhh… so soft.

          Then there is the seal fur ruff she made. Soooo great for keeping hands nice and warm.

          We live in Florida, but sometimes the cold damp wind really cuts through.

          Real fur is so nice.

      2. I had a leather rancher’s jacket, shearling lined. Outgrew it, gave it to my little brother. He gave it to his son. Still in service over 40 years later!
        I had a rabbit fur lined trapper hat/ Gave that to my GF/copilot.
        My house slippers are “Wicked Good” shearling lined moccasins.

        No complaints about warmth to date.
        All have fur on the inside…

    1. A Unimog would work here at the WWM because I wouldn’t need to drive “freeway speeds”. If you push them too hard, you blow the transmission seals (regularly). They’re military vehicles that were designed to run at convoy speeds – 50 mph/80kph. Freeway speed in Arizona is 80 mph/130 kph.

      1. 1300 ‘Mogs can be had with “fast axles” (not sure about earlier models.)
        But I doubt any Unimog could be considered a Freeway Flyer. Depends on how much of a hurry you’re in, I guess.
        I’ve seen a few of these set up as motorhomes- they were pretty impressive.

        BTW, did you pass on the yellow Power Wagon?

          1. Is he satisfied with his purchase? Union War Surplus in SoCal always had a Mog or two “For Sale”, along with a 4×4 or two. Never looked at prices because a Mog would have zero utility to me in SoCal.

    2. Or get you a nice Dodge powerwagon. Or a LMTV, easy to work on, nice riding, has a place for a scarf-ring for that M2 or M19 that you do not have in your possession.

      1. For the price of one of those 8×8’s you could have Legacy build you a nice Power Wagon, start at $330K and go up from there with additions and do-dads. But entirely modern accoutrements. Here’s their current available inventory (aside from a custom build)…the ’52 flatbed with original PTO winch is $58K, same price for the ’49 flatbed in peach. The ’49 4dr in red sold for $330K.

  5. The Democrats habit of releasing and not charging violent criminals is a tactic right out of the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany (real Nazis, dontcha know.) Hitler used those exact tactics in order to nationalize all police forces. And then we saw how well the nationalized police ‘protected and served.’

    As to Elon’s release of the Twitter Files, God bless him and keep him safe, as he’s now #1 public enemy and the FedGov will turn on him like a rattlesnake on meth. Sad that everything us ‘conspiracy nuts’ were and are saying about our current government and the eneMedia is absolutely true, and, yet, it matters not.

    Bad times been here for a while. Only gonna get worse I fear. In a kinetic, transfer of force and energy way, most likely, dammit.

    1. I’m waiting for the Dems to:

      1) Haul him in front of some kangaroo court, or
      2) Seize his bank accounts, or
      3) Arkancide him.

      Who’d stop them? Certainly not the Feckless Weakling Repub’s.

          1. They already have the FAA in full dander fucking with SpaceX for making the FedGov look like what they are.

            If USAF and NRO didn’t need SpaceX so bad, I bet they’d be shut down long ago.


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