A Simple Solution

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Block off areas, herd the homeless people into the same busses used to transport prisoners, delouse them, evaluate them, house them, care for their basic needs. 
The homeless would be better off if they were concentrated away from urban settings. You can call it a concentration camp if you’d like. Tents, latrines, etc. The Army knows how to build these. Surround them with high banks of concertina wire. They’d still be camping, they’d be fed army chow, which is a lot like prison food, but it nourishes. Make appropriate medical care available. But the point is that they’d be camping, which is their choice of lifestyle. The only difference would be no alcohol or drugs or hypodermic syringes.
Once established, those in the camps can be screened for mental illness. I don’t know how many by percentage are, but I can be persuaded that a number of them have mental problems that can be treated as best the nation can. Those of you who argue against this arrangement, need to also argue around the potential plagues and so forth that these hobo jungles can foster and then spread to the population.
They would be the ultimate safe spaces for at-risk US Citizens. Have the National Guard take responsible for guarding them and enforcing camp regulations. Who could argue that concentrating the homeless in such communities would be a bad thing? Triage short term care and long term care. Those with arrest warrants would be referred to the criminal justice system to answer for crimes. 

Throw away their junk, issue clothing and basic needs. Give each of them a stipend when/if they are released (having been de-toxed) to start them on their way to a productive life. Offer vocational training.

Distribute Bibles if they’re in need of reading material. Definitely no televisions or other entertainment. 
Now, how difficult is that?
Liberal families can sign up to take homeless people into THEIR homes (see “Down and Out in Beverly Hills“) as a form of halfway house. I think that all Democrats in the US Legislature should have half a dozen of these re-entering people live with them and their kids. It would help the homeless mainstream, right?

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  1. We used to have pretty much this type of response to the homeless/insane (a group with a massive commonality). It went by a variety of names such as 'state hospital', 'insane asylum', 'booby hatch'….etc. etc.
    Then starting about 50 odd years ago the INSANE Social Justice Warriors started demanding that we release the nutjobs into society as keeping them locked away was an evil assault on their rights.
    The term used was "deinstitutionalization"…..but the goal and the
    effect was the closing and elimination of places that housed these wackos, kept them fed and kept both THEM AND US safe from their bizarre choices and actions. As long as we allow the bleeding heart brain dead left to exist we will NEVER have the APPROPRIATE facilities for housing and keeping the dregs of society safe and keep them from harming normal people. The left doesn't WANT such places because truth be known massive numbers of those on that side of the spectrum BELONG in such places.

  2. Look on the bright side, LL – the bums are already concentrating themselves in camps, in shitholes like LA and Frisco.

    California is busily passing laws to encourage even more bums to move there, too!

    With any luck, they'll all be there in a few years, and we can just put up wire around the State borders and be done with it.


  3. Must confess to being somewhat responsible for this problem for being on the fringe of the "deinstitution" effort 40 years ago. My wife became heavily involved with this woman, Katie Dolan.
    The downfall of all this effort was an alternative support system never evolved.

    LL's solution makes, in retrospect, perfect sense.

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