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Riot Gear and Fixed Bayonets

They used to call them pig stickers. Even though Barack didn’t see a need for bayonets in this century, they are still issued equipment and they still work. 

One million Facebook users have now responded that they would go to the Facebook  sponsored event, where in they would storm the US Air Force Base known as Area 51, scheduled for Sept. 20 at 3:00 a.m., with the creator writing “they can’t stop all of us.”

The organizers have boasted, “they can’t shoot us all”. My question to these AH’s is how many of them you do they need to shoot in order to show that their intentions are serious?  I suspect that a few Darwin Awards may be handed out if these Facebook crazies decide to voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool by attacking the military installation in the hopes of viewing alien corpses and spacecraft. 
There are always people in any given population who are FUBAB (f’ed up beyond all belief). Today they help populate the progressive political movement led by AOC, Bernie, Beto and that band of misfits in the US Congress. And they are on a mission.
Moving On…
Beto (Fake Mexican) O’Rorque is now claiming to be descended from slave owners. As a mazza, he says that he’s able to emote the plight of inner city people. Polling at just a shade over 1% these days, and funded by his wife (billion-heiress) he continues to stand on tables in bars and speak to small crowds. Can we get him to lead the charge against the gates of Area 51? (please)

7 thoughts on “Rolling Foolishness

  1. Hehe. Too early in the day for me to eat popcorn; but I will be interested to see what happens.

  2. Robert Francis O'Rourke, the unwanted gift that keeps on giving.

    I'd be happy if the world's tallest and palest Mexican had a chance to meet that sawed-off, tatted up piece of trash Philip Brailsford. Maybe they could do something informal at first, like after hours in a chain motel, after some drinks perhaps.

  3. I'm gonna need a LOT of popcorn on 20 Sept. When they get shot down for crossing the line it's going to be REALLY interesting…

  4. These people are idiots. Most of them refuse to believe that .Mil and the Fed Gov would actually use deadly force to keep them out. Apparently they are unaware of REALITY. Just this past January an intruder seeking entry to the Nevada National Security Site near Mercury NV. Was ventilated to room temperature for making the attempt. The signs saying "Deadly Force Authorized" are most definitely NOT for decoration.

  5. It is 20 miles from the front gate to the main compound. If the asswipes breach the gate they will have a long assed march to get to any buildings.

    It seems like a prime opportunity for the military to test non-lethal weapons.

    Time for more pop-corn.

  6. Invade Area 51? They best be in Special OPs physical condition to walk those desert miles from the fences to the buildings. Perhaps they are foolish enough to think they can drive on the roads. A couple of rolls of concertina wire covered by a couple of squad automatic weapons will stop that nonsense.

    It is all a bunch of hot air, IMO.

  7. It'll certainly be nice if they actually breach the perimeter and the various service folks on duty kill them all.

    A million dead morons would improve the US immeasurably.

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