In honor of President’s Day,  you have the floor. Put forth an opinion, defend it if necessary, and have fun.


  1. The Dems have a way out of this mess they created. All they have to do is tell the country they believe there might have been some hanky-panky during the 2020 elections; therefore, they are willing to evacuate the White House and concede to Donald Trump. They already know they’re going to be massacred during mid-terms so this allows them to fall back and regroup while they watch Trump clean up their mess.

    Bonus #1: they get rid of the deadwood who have already stated they’re “retiring”.

    Bonus #2: SCOTUS will be so tied up with challenges their agenda will be totally rewritten, preventing President Trump from being effective in sorting out their mess. Hello, 2024 elections!

    Just the ramblings of my fevered mind.

  2. Today, after 45 years of paying ever-rising taxes into the government nebula, I figure I’m entitle to identify as a federal employee, therefore am taking the day off from the fray…otherwise I’d write some extended spleen-venting rant about the state of insanity currently rotting our Constitution from the inside out by those who forgot they work for us and not their ill-gotten off shore bank accounts.

  3. Inconsequential rant.
    Why the popularity of full sized short bed pickups? If you don’t need a real truck, buy a SUV! I’m somewhat serious about purchasing a new extra cab LONG bed and all I see are short beds, usually 4 door.
    You would expect a retired car salesman would be able to find a Ford F-350 4×4 Super Cab 8’ bed with a 7.3 gas engine. Equipped with A/C and cruise control is the only must have options and keep the King Ranch, Platinum, etc. Don’t even need a self shifter.
    Short bed? I have one, a 1986 Mitsubishi Might Max with a 6 ¾ ‘ bed.

    • Mentally filed under “Why???”
      Honda Ridgeline: 5.3 feet.
      Subaru Baja: 41.5 INCHES.

      On the other hand, last month I saw a 3-door Toyota Rav-4 (in line at a Burger King; the Rav-4, not me) a thing I did not know existed. It was endearing in a “developmentally delayed” sort of way and I wanted one for some reason. But the newest ones are now 15 years old, alas.

    • We have both, in diesels, the veterinary truck with a long bed, stick, and my daily nicer pick up that is crew cab short box, automatic, which suits me fine for gooseneck and bumper pulling. Bought the 2010 2500 Laramie used because I refused to pay $65k for something that would get well used, but it is well appointed and very nice driving down the highway.

      Try Cheyenne. Might be harder to locate a stick in a newer F250/350 tho.

      • A friend in the biz tells me Ford isn’t building many, if at all. Regular cabs for the municipal buyers. If I order one, there is no guarantee of a date. Since I’m only semi – serious, the idea is on hold. Might find what I’m looking for in a cab/chassis. Definitely want SRW.

        • Our “little” Chevy Colorado suits us fine. SLW insisted on a 4-door and short bed as she’s not comfortable driving a full-size pick-up.

          I would have preferred a V8, but it’s not available in a Colorado. The V6 is a real sweetheart, though. 310HP, bags of torque, and I can see where they’s be a great engine in a Camaro with a stick.

          • They are good looking trucks. My years of selling used truck for Steve Lance’s Cowboy Corral and more time testing trucks for Roush has given me a background in pickup trucks. That, are growing up doing ranch stuff. I’m thinking of a truck mounted camper for going off grid boon-docking. Pulling a gooseneck trailer, I prefer a long bed. More clearance with tight turns and more bed rail clearance over rough ground is an advantage. In all candor, I’m not who you want in anything larger than a 26′ flatbed.

          • I ended up with a Dodge 3500 Cummins with an 8 ft. bed with the intent to have either an in-bed camper or tow a trailer around the country. I ended up keeping my 2008 Dodge 1500 since it is quite a bit easier to park when I go to the city. Long trips I will be in the 3500. With about 8500 miles on it I am averaging 21 mpg. Didn’t realize the thing would end up being my economy car.

    • When my 2001 Ranger finally gave me reason to move on, I looked for a truck.
      The best deal I could get used was an 8′ bed, standard cab (I didn’t know they still made those) 2017 F-150, which I paid more for than the original owner.
      I love it.

    • People buy giant 4 door (usually) 4WD pickups and then use them as commuters / grocery getters because they are the closest thing you can get to a traditional large American sedan any more, w/o spending a quarter million dollars. The government made those cars essentially illegal, in it’s endless War on Cars, but since trucks are magically Not Cars, you can still get a seats-six, full-frame, V-8, RWD or 4WD) comfy-cushy pickup truck, for the still horrific price of like $70 grand.

      As to why they don’t buy an SUV instead, that’s a harder question. I expect that to some extent, SUVs are starting to be psycologically painted with the same brush that made Minivans and before them, station wagons “un-cool”. They are viewed as soccer-mom-mobiles.

      I really miss station wagons, even though I dive a sort of mid-sized one often.

      When I got my ’69 W200 crew cab, I had to settle for a 6’9″ bed – they did make a few special-order 8″ ones, but I get the impression it was low double-digit numbers. After all these years, I’m only aware of 2 survivors. OTOH, mine is unmaneuverable enough, with a ball-and-trunnion / live front axle and ram-type p/s. The full bed ones must be even funnier.


      • Closest thing to station wagons these days are Subaru Outbacks. I’ve had station wagons in the past and found them useful.

  4. $20k into a mid-70s 4×4. Not cherried out but a good dependable rough-working truck. With no computers. Worth every bit of the not-so-good gas mileage (and the cost savings pays for a lot of that gas)

  5. I see on the news that Russian “Peacekeepers” are now entering Ukraine. Kind of expected at this point but damn unfortunate. Don’t believe we should send troops but an effective State Department could have prevented this. How do we put one of those little Biden “I Did That” stickers on this fiasco?

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