The American Public – Arming for War?

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First in a series on America, Americans and the future of the Bill of Rights.

I’m not talking about the military arming for war. My question on this blog is whether average, hard working, non-violent, peace loving family men and women are arming for a civil war. When you walk into a store that sells arms or ammunition anywhere in America (or on-line or in a gun show) you’ll find that if there are firearms or ammunition for sale, it will be vastly more expensive than the traditional value would indicate. 

While it’s true that arms and ammunition factories are turning out weapons and ammo by running their factories around the clock, they can’t begin to meet the demand (my previous blog). An outside observer would draw the natural conclusion that there must be something pushing the demand for personal firearms despite legislative efforts to turn anyone owning such a weapon into a felon.
Why do American’s want to own firearms when so many around the world revel in their disarmed status (an exception would be Switzerland)?

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that concerned Americans would want .223 semiautomatic rifles with detachable 30 round magazines to defend themselves. The police did studies and found that a .223 semiautomatic rifles with a 30-round magazines were the best firearms for them to use to protect people like me and my family. Americans are only following the example of the police. Because of that the liberals in congress feel that it would be best if they were disarmed. There is a disconnect here that the liberals failed to address. If they’re the right weapon for the police, why aren’t they the right weapons for Americans.  When James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights, he included the RIGHT for Americans to keep and bare the same arms as the Army of the day (which by extension would include the police). The Obama Administration isn’t moving to repeal the Bill of Rights through a Constitutional amendment (the legal way to do it) – because it wouldn’t pass. So they use liberal judges to carry out their mission.

There is a tradition of self-protection and a general public distrust of government schemes offering the public protection from criminals, but are people buying firearms and ammunition at unprecedented rates to protect themselves from thugs? Or is there a larger concern?

It is a present day FACT that Mexican drug cartels are selling fully automatic firearms (illegal in the US) to Americans from their stockpiles because it’s more profitable than selling drugs. And the buyers aren’t drug addled youth or gang members – it’s the couple down the street and on the farm who worry about the President’s campaign to disarm America in contravention of the Bill of Rights, the law of the land. Mexicans buy fully automatic AK-47’s by the container load from brokers. The weapon cost is about $300 per AK-47. After smuggling them across the border (the same way they do with drugs), they are easily sold for $8,000 to $10,000 each. Why would Americans, otherwise disinclined to buy such a weapon buy one now?

There is only one logical conclusion – Many Americans Fear the Obama Administration.
Americans are not looking for violent seizures to be visited upon them from their government, but the vast portion of US territory did not vote for President Obama. The Urban violent hells, cesspools of humanity, liberal paradises, concentrations of illegal aliens interested in amnesty and population concentrations where crime is endemic firearms have been illegal for decades voted for him. (yes illegal aliens vote because there is no voter ID — There would be a voter ID law if the illegal aliens voted for conservative candidates but since the Democratic Party uses taxpayer funds to buy votes, illegal voting is a fact of life along the border – note blue areas in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are border areas or Indian reservations – where everyone talks on an ObamaPhone)
President Obama worked hard to divide America and he has found considerable success in his efforts. But both the red (anti-Obama) and blue (pro-Obama) portions of the nation are buying firearms as if there is no tomorrow.
Americans don’t want trouble. They are NOT scrapping for a civil war. 

Never the less, it is difficult to attribute the run on arms and ammunition as anything but a concern that they wish to protect themselves from their government. There is a difference between that and civil war. 

However, it’s important to note that the American Revolution (1775-1781) began in Lexington and Concord with a British move to seize privately owned firearms and ammunition.
President sits on a powder keg, holding a match and laughing about it. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer and neither is Vice President Joe (surrender your arms) Biden. However, they should be sharp enough to read the tea leaves or listen to people who can.
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8 thoughts on “The American Public – Arming for War?

  1. I'm not sure they are SMART enough to back away… What will be the 'next' Lexington??? WA, NY, NJ, MD???

  2. The last shot heard round the world didn't work out that well for the King and his entourage. They lost a continent.

  3. So, what do you think? Is the DHS buying up 9 mm and .223 ammo in vast quantities in order to drive prices up as a means of "regulation." With the current administration, anything's possible.

  4. Should but won't. We elected him king didn't we? In his role as father and protector, he's trying to take matches and gasoline from the hands of stupid children.

  5. I don't think so. That's one rumor that is making the rounds that I can't help but discount. It appears as though the US public has been pushed into armament mode and the existing production capability can't meet the demand.

    The fact that nobody puts the Obama Administration beyond that sort of thing gives the rumor legs.

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