Riding on Air Force One


Not a B-17

The PB-1G was adapted from the Boeing B-17 and saw service with the US Coast Guard.

Yes, that’s a boat under the aircraft that can be dropped to aid sailors in distress.

If flown by the USAF, it was designated as an SB-17G.


“Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste…”

As we sit here in 2021, reflecting on what we knew when about the plague, the government could have given away essential vitamins, zinc, invermectin and hydroxychloroquine at stadium drive-through sites, and life would have returned to normal, but health was never the goal of Fauci or the Democrats because there would be no money or power in that.

The plague has been a multi-trillion dollar cash cow for the donkeys. They’ll be feeding from that trough for a very long time.


Not Welcome at the Pelosi Mansion

from The Exorcist, 1973


File Under: It’s not easy being Maya

(h/t Claudio)

The bones of a Maya ambassador suggest a life of privilege but not necessarily comfort and ease, even though he was a high-ranking official born into a powerful family. His skeleton also finishes the story started in the hieroglyphic inscriptions on his tomb, revealing his greatest achievement and his fall from power after political winds shifted.

What goes up, must come down — unless it reaches orbital velocity. 726 CE, diplomat Apoch’Waal’s stands as a poster child for that maxim.


Another Guru in the Neighborhood

I don’t exactly live in Sedona, AZ, but I live close enough to be able to tap a vortex or two. Gurus come to Sedona to prey on the mentally weak. Where are Jo/Ho? …more here

Kaia Ra (Colleene Anne Santoro) says she was raised in a QAnon-like satanic cabal and claims to be a “world renowned divine oracle.” She sells jewelry she says removes suicidal thoughts and trauma and her followers think she rules over a tribe of cosmic “Sophia Dragons.” Now she’s building a temple in Sedona to “reconsecrate the vortexes.”

I didn’t know that the vortexes needed reconsecration.

Bio:Kaia Ra is the world renowned Oracle for an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe and the international bestselling author of The Sophia Code. She is a Divine Feminine teacher, speaker, ceremonialist, medicine woman, and community leader teaching The Sophia Code channeling modality worldwide.” In the photo, right, she’s flogging her book. Apparently she also ‘puts out’ with couples in tantric healing for the right donation. It’s sort of a medical thing according to Santoro/Ra.

Unlock your inner person in Sedona. I hate to suggest that the photo has been touched up or “air brushed”. There are other photos of her on the Internet that look like she just woke up. She sells trinkets and jewelry if you’re interested in dipping a toe in the water without actually joining the tribe in Sedona.


  1. Virtual Mirage had some issues with service, beginning around midnight, last night. It took some time to work it out because of the location where the server lives. I had to get to it. The software will simply shut everything down if it can’t keep up with a denial of service attack. When that happens, the breakers go too and the server defends itself by shutting down.

    The solution may be better software, but a massive attack is a massive attack and we’re set up to bounce back.

  2. So – “reconsecrate the vortexes.” To borrow from a sci-fi story, you can create a ceremony to undo that by drinking beer and pissing on the vortexes 🙂

    • I didn’t know how that would be accomplished, but your solution makes perfect sense to me.

      Vortexes are tricky things. They have them in Sedona and also in Del Mar, California where the “Del Martians” live. They tend to follow rich people who own a lot of mystic crystals.

  3. Glad you’re up n running…again. Sorta like our curbside Sam’s order, missing one item in stock they cancel the entire order.

    These two idiots – Mr. Feeble and Ms. Serpent in Waiting – are a disgrace to our country and everything American. Falling up steps to proves he’s all-that…an embarrassment to himself and now us. But hey, God has the last word and might be allowing the naked emperor to seen in full light.

    I’ve been done with the plague BS since last May, but the cheaters and liars will never let it go, too much cash oppressing the little people.

    Ra – (Ra Ra Sis Boom Bah)- The utter foolish crap people come up with in the name of religion. Wonder if she wears a mask? In response to religion or movements my dad would say that “people want to be led”. This woman is just another grifter preying on the mentally weak or spiritually lost. You want to confront her followers, “There is ONE God…get with the program folks.”

  4. I was wondering what happened this morning. Glad to see you’re backup again.
    I have Vortexes on some of my rifles. I wonder if they need reconsecrating.

    • There’s a lot of consecration that needs to happen in DC. Arrive with a full bladder and gallons of beer.

  5. If the scam lady wants to come across as all fancy like she’s obviously trying to do, she should really say “vortices”.


    • I forgot about Santa Fe…yes. And you can’t leave out the vortexes in Austin, TX. They have LOTS of vortexes, being in texes…

  6. LL, what is this “vortex” this babe is pushing? Is it just a spinning column or air and dust? Or, comprised of sucker’s money and hope and dreams? The menage aux trois she promotes,
    “‘puts out’ with couples in tantric healing for the right donation.”Sound like pure prostitution to me…

    • It’s worse. Straight out exchanging sex for money has a certain honesty to it. Slipping in a bit of “tantra” while actually preying on gulllibility and spiritual emptiness is a nasty thing to do. But maybe the carnies have it right: “The mark wants to be taken.”

    • Cederq – It’s therapy. You know, “sexual healing”, like the song.

      Right, Mike_C, the mark wants to be taken.

  7. The PB-17 was one of the ways they could try to save lives, back in the day. The problem was accurately dropping the boat so that it was close enough to the survivors, but NOT on top of them… I wonder if they used the wind calculations to blow it down on the survivors, like we did with the SAR kits.

    You can keep that ‘mystic’… Re the Maya, I’ve always thought their lives WERE harder than portrayed, regardless of rank.

  8. I always knew the B-17 carried boats for SAR, but this is the first time I’ve seen a picture of the boat attached. Opens up a lot of questions about deploying it. More like “Bombs Away!” than “Boat’s Away”…

    Oh, yes….the fauxdemic and it’s aftermath.They not only got away with that, but stampeded the sheeple into compliance. Then they stole the electioin with breathtaking fraud. And they’re getting rich(er) off the whole deal. Glad I lived through Peak America, but I weep for my grandchildren.

    Interesting to see they still have the “Gypsy Fortune Tellers” in Sedona. They sure look nicer than I remember them….

    • DRJIM, Sedona is a lot higher end than the HWY 89 crew along the main drag. If you get off the beaten track, there are a lot of new age wizards plying their trade in mansions surrounded by red rocks. Some years ago – maybe 10 now? I was asked by a self-proclaimed wizard to look into a massive embezzlement that they suffered. I hadn’t spent much time in the bowels of Sedona and went to stay at the compound while I tried to untie the Gordian knot. I was struck by the LARGE AMOUNT of money that they drew in and the NUMBER of acolytes that were drawn to this particular compound.

      I knew the wizard from the glory days (decades before) when he worked for the government. Mike W. visits this blog from time to time from Thailand, he knows the wizard too. I’m guessing that the Sophia Dragon Tribe is running at roughly the same level.

      • “There’s a sucker born everyday” still holds true, and I’d bet good money a large portion of The Hologram-in-Chief’s 80 million voters (assuming no fraud – hahaha) are those types. Ones belief is not always truth or reality….but you can’t tell them that.

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