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It may be a generational divide as the mandarins suggest. The most recent British elections took an unexpected twist. (note graphic, right)
It’s not the first time that we’ve seen generations disagree. In the UK, BREXIT was supported by the older generation for the most part while the younger members of society (who have been brainwashed to love Islam), favored keeping open borders and locking the nation in under the rule of foreign (European) operators.
It doesn’t take much circumspection to see that one of the larger problems that European nations have rests within the boundaries of its Muslim population. The US, with a smaller ratio of Muslims, has a smaller, but not insignificant problem. 
In the US, there is a vitriolic push back to the election of President Trump by the Deep State, which has ruled with little regard to the preferences of American people, for a long time. The moves to socialize almost everything including healthcare, was dealt a heavy blow.
As the propaganda machine within the corrupt, evil, smug, lying, nasty mainstream media continues to call for the impeachment or assassination of President Trump, we saw one of its followers try to take out some Republican Congressmen playing baseball.
Because she was likely concerned about conservatives (who own the guns in the US) doing likewise to Democrats, Rep. Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi (D-CA) pushed back against the ad hoc attack against legislators training for a charity baseball game. She called for calm, for the first time since President Trump took office. 
The mainstream media, failing to take any credit for the attack (their modesty overwhelms), chose to rant about private ownership of firearms and to attack the Second Amendment. 
In the US, it’s not so much a generational divide as it is a location-based divide. Those who live in the fetid inner cities and who feed on the scraps handed out by the Deep State to insure their loyalty tend to prefer someone like Hillary Clinton. The rest think thought that Clinton would be an exceptionally bad choice and thought to give Donald Trump a try since the miserable years of the Obama Administration only brought stagnation and malaise. 

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  1. LL,

    Democrat who is from an anti-gun faction of the socialist wing of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party, uses firearm….hmmmm. No guns for democrats. Problem solved

  2. We are behind the Brits as far as moslem demographics goes, but we have what Bugs Bunny would've called maroons running around defending sharia law in the US! The stupidity of the left knows no bounds. I know we need to change the current prog education system or we'll never regain a critical thinking generation ever again. Of course this doesn't explain all the old farts who should know better like the DC shooter.

  3. Democrats (or their buddies, the Mohammedans) tend to be the rotten apple in the barrel ALMOST every time.

  4. The DC shooter was a looser who failed at life and had to live out of his van at age 66. Grim, I know, but in his case, it was from a series of bad life choices. He supported Bernie because it offered him free everything at the expense of others. The concept has its appeal to a failed soul living at 4-wheel-drive.

    But you're right as to the education system. It's off the rails completely.

  5. The education system is indeed turning out leftist maroons. Thing is, they're mostly too lazy to cause much real trouble. By the time they start voting in their own destruction, I'll be pushing up daisy's. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

    It's people like you, LL, who I feel real sympathy for since you have children and grandchildren to worry about.

  6. Yep, that Brit election WAS a surprise to a lot of people! Re Pelosi et al, they're back to their 'norm' today… So much for meeting in the middle… dammit!

  7. Failing to come up with anything useful to say, will just go +1 on the other remarks.

  8. a lot of what has been going down could be mellowed out if older dems/progs would advocate for reasoned common sense thinking, and less violence. They aren't.

  9. My grandchildren will have the weight of it all hoisted on their shoulders. I need to leave them sufficient arms and ammo.

  10. A lot of people in Austin think Hillary should be President. It's not that way in Hillsboro.

  11. (I had an uncharitable bit about queers in Austin and their breeding habits but I erased and I'm starting over)

    God needs to put the enema tube in Austin and do for them what he did for New Orleans with Katrina.

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