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Expressing Love

Rockefeller Center has included diamond engagement rings to its vending machines. Nothing says love and eternal commitment like an engagement ring purchased from a vending machine in the basement under Rockefeller Center. 
(NY Post) Looks like Rockefeller Center wants to cater to shoppers who are in a hurry. 
Six vending machines have recently landed on the concourse under the famed tourist Mecca — and they spit out everything from chicken pesto sandwiches and ready-to-eat cookie dough to a Brooks Brothers shirt, a shaving kit and an $800 diamond engagement ring. 
The Vend, as it’s called by its creator and landlord, Tishman Speyer, has been attracting curious — and skeptical — passersby since it quietly opened in beta mode on the underground shopping concourse a few weeks ago.
But have they gone far enough. Call me Cupid. My entrepreneurial spirit kicked into gear. If they sell diamond rings, why not cubic zirconium settings. It’s a nice clear stone, virtually indistinguishable from a diamond, and you could cut the price to a fraction of what they want for a diamond.
And then I thought, what about putting cubic zirconium engagement rings in vending machines in Vegas (the Temple of the Living Elvis)? Or in local bars. If you fall in love at the bar and want to cement your commitment, buy her a ring on the spot – $100 (with a one karat stone) and you’re in business.

Or airports? You sit next to the man of your dreams on a long flight and upon landing, he can show you that he will love you tomorrow. The business model is big, I tell you. LSP & WSF – business opportunity.

Ok, it might not be as big as the religious trinket business, or the emergency clown nose, but it could sweep the nation – and the world. 
Track and Field

What do you do when you can’t be a varsity player in high school? You declare yourself a man/boy trapped in a woman’s body. And because the education industry is packed full of politically correct, progressive people, they accept your decision for the day or for the track season and you compete against the women and win the meets. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of schools that only want to chalk up a win for the women’s team. But eventually, as has been pointed out on this blog and elsewhere, you will only have third string men competing against third string men on women’s teams. And the guys can shower in the women’s locker rooms because they’re really women, after all.

The Weather

We all know that hurricanes are caused by climate change and ultimately, by Donald J. Trump. It’s settled science. They were caused by global warming before that the but never by Barack Obama. Just review the news of his 8 years in office.

Politicians tell us repeatedly that the world will end in 12 years because of the weather. It’s a sure bet, more settled science. At the same time those scientists, who can predict the weather in 12 years for a certainty, can’t tell you where the hurricane is going.

The Mail

Beans – Well, how much of Okobungo’s money is located in off-shore accounts set up during his World Apology Tour? Or how much of the Clinton Warchest was also funded by offshore accounts?

Then again, the Clintons charged Pay to Play to a lot of ChiComs during their tenure in the White House.

Pay to play is the name of the game in big political circles. It isn’t any different now than during Ancient Rome during the rule of the Caesars – or any other time. Donkeys and elephants wrap themselves in virtue, but that’s how it works.

Since you have tornadoes in your neighborhood, I expect that you haven’t put a sign up prohibiting them. It’s a progressive thing to do. Mount them under the gun free zone and you won’t be bothered again. If you don’t believe me, ask Pelosi or AOC.

JimI’m sure that a sign would work if you hung it somewhere in Kansas where the tornadoes were vexing. Trailer parks seem to attract them like honey attracts a bear. Posting signs in businesses keeps away shoplifters and signs warning illegal aliens to turn back at the fence strikes terror in their immigrant hearts.

Fredd said – It’s a relief to know that only Democrats engage in this sleaze and that my beloved Republicans are clean and pure as the wind driven snow.

Rep. Omar (D-MI) has problems brewing as even her own party would like to see her leave the House and the Country forever. Of course you could chalk it up to islamophobia. Sure she used campaign funds to pay for the guy who was servicing her while she was married to her brother, but I say – “picky-picky-picky”

St. Ronald and St. Donald were relatively clean. At least as clean as yellow snow, but not filthy like snow with a lot of coal dust on and in it. I don’t know how you can remain in politics and clean. I liked Duncan Hunter (R-CS) from San Diego and he’s headed for the Big House, so oops, LL.

  1. Ed – I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you….
  1. You’re a man of faith, just not a man of faith in the arm of flesh and the Great White Father in Washington DC who loves his children. But if Hillary were president, they’d have sent you to the camp along with the people who comment on this blog, and you’d emerge loving Big Brother. (I read the book, sorry for the spoiler.)

WSF –  I believe someone said of LBJ that he went to Washington to do good, and did very well. Seems to be the name of the game. 

LBJ  took theft and misappropriation to a high art. A genuine maestro of his craft.

9 thoughts on “Showing Love, etc.

  1. I've always enjoyed the Rockefeller Center and now I like it even more!

    But down to business. You sink a useless LCS in the Potomac, set up a "diamond" vending machine in the wreck and sell dive time for "lucky lovers."

    Benefit all 'round.

  2. I found my all time favorite vending machines when I was stationed in Germany back in '71. You put a single mark, worth about 34¢, into the machine and pulled out a bottle of beer. Most civilized.

  3. Don't trust me on marketing schemes. Lived in the Seattle area for 18 years during the start of the espresso craze. Used my fine tuned business skills to analyse the coffee biz. Concluded it was a fad and the business model didn't pencil.

  4. As to a "No Tornado Zone" sign, well, why? As a grumpy conservative I enjoy nature as it is. Weather, temp rises, temp drops, snow in Cape Canaveral area (saw it in 1973, really, didn't stick, but it was snow…)

    Does that mean I let Mother Nature gnaw my arm off via alligator, panther, bear, wolf, whatever.

    I fully understand and support Nature kicking us in our collective balls. Because it's nature. Duh.

    But, yes, if I had enough dough I'd live in a converted missile base somewhere, only possibly losing to black mold, meteor strike, rapid glacierization, heat death of the universe etc.

  5. There is a reason we called them 'weatherguessers'… That hurricane is going to go where it wants to… Models be damned…

  6. Dam. A branch of the LSP clan thought cars wouldn't catch on in Texas and invested heavily in burros.

    We could team up as a "negative interest" consultancy.

  7. (a) If it's $800, it isn't a diamond ring… when they're that small they're called "accents". Or possibly "file material". It might be an engagement ring, but only if your bride-to-be is exceedingly understanding and forgiving.

    (b) The obvious checkmate would be the "Climate Change Free Zone" sign.


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