The Mouse House

There was a time – some time ago now – when Disney, the brand, represented timeless family values. Their programming reflected corporate virtue in decisions to broadcast uplifting stories and to represent “goodness” in that brand.

Today they reflect a lot of the values of the Swamp. They value the death of the unborn as an anchor of their corporate standards, and they aren’t shy about telling you. They pay danegeld to BLM and other causes that tout destruction of those very values that they held dear – once.

They’re on my personal boycott list, even though I wish that they didn’t have to be.



Some of us are Old Enough

We remember when these scenes played out across America. But of course, it hasn’t been like this for some time. I do not suggest (with nostalgia) that the old days were all “good old days”. However, I don’t think that technology+time has made people kinder, more compassionate or more ‘worthy’.


Is that Clear?

The Leader of the Free World…


Obama Hates this Photo

Barack Hussein O’Bama

It’s been eliminated from Google and other search engines. I want to keep it going here.

To me it’s one of the better pictures of #44. But that’s just me.

Nobody better call him a slack-jaw faggot either. There isn’t anything slack about those jaws. However, it does look like his lips are being kept taunt, as if he’s waiting to swallow something. I can’t hazard a guess what that might be.


The Fate of the Celts (below)

That’s the name of the painting. The lesson that comes with it is that you’d best not attack prepared fortifications, manned with trained troops with superior tactics and firepower.


Things used to be Different

Somethings Never Change


  1. You can trust your car to the man who wears the Star, the big red Texaco STAR.

    With apologies to Jeff Cooper, the past is another country. We did things differently there.

    • You can trust your car, to the man who has the scar…

      Cooper cast a long shadow in Northern Arizona. He’s missed.

  2. The old days might not have been the “good old days” but I believe people where much more honest and a lot less deceptive.

    • Life was more simple. No cell phone leash. Kids came home when the street lights came on and you didn’t worry about them getting raped or strangled.

  3. The quote is “the past is a foreign country” but today’s America is the foreign country. Or at least it is occupied by foreigners. (And yes, I am perfectly aware of the irony of me being the one to say it.)

    Archival Film Footage: Britton, South Dakota, 1938.
    The video begins with “A small American town much like any other of the era. Before the modern sickness set it.” Thing is, the sickness had already been here for decades, but mainly in New York City, and was relatively powerless. Not until the late 1940’s was the sickness firmly entrenched. Today of course, the sickness controls virtually all newsmedia, Big Tech, pop culture; about 70% of academia, and about 50% of the courts.

    As to Disney, I was never personally a fan. Out of some weird sense of duty my parents took me to Disneyworld when I was 8 or so. I really really did not want to go, but pretended to like it so as to not disappoint the folks. Sigh. That said, modern Disney is FAR worse than old Disney. Though there are some signs that Corporate is starting to awaken to the fact that their social engineering woke agenda is driving away customers. Kathleen (“The Force is Female”) Kennedy still has not been driven out, but apparently The Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal was reined in after Twitter activity attacking fans for being insufficiently woke. So maybe things are changing in the right direction, albeit slowly.

    • Pedro Pascal? The Euro-socialist who makes some of what Che! says sound rightwing? Yeah, big disappointment there. It would be like if the original Magnum PI turned out to be a bedwetting liberal pussy. (Thankfully, Tom Selleck isn’t, fortunately.)

      But, yeah, PP said some almost not left-wing thingies and the Twitter-Mob smacked his pedro right down.

    • The sickness runs to the bone, Mike_C.

      Any one of 10,000 actors could play the masked man. Pedro was just lucky enough to suck the right part, swallow the goo, and get the job…. and be woke, of course.

  4. Disney made some staggeringly great films. Their “Tomorrowland” series of films on space flight are still quite good to watch, and the animation is marvelous. Too bad they went to the Dark Side.

    Never worked at a gas station, but there were a few I hung out at where friends worked. The owners were always good about letting us use the lift after hours to work on our cars. And you could buy 102 octane Sunoco 260 for 38 cents a gallon!

    We had a BookMobile that came around weekly that was part of the Public Library. The driver was always encouraging us to read, and said if there was any book we wanted, he’d get it from the Library for us. Opened a whole world to me.

    • I had the same bookmobile experience. It was a genuine gift.

      Disney changed the culture of a nation in a positive way. Then Walt died and all of the goodness leached out of it.

  5. Disney? Disney started declining after Walt got his head frozen, but the SJW corporate cancer has pert near killed it.

    Though we here in the formerly great state of Florida (formerly because we’re now heading into $15/hr min wage, which will be the death of this state) have known that THE RAT is a shitty place to work at. Poor wages, poor benefits, people being hired as ‘contractors’ and not as employees, constant replacement by H1B ‘guest workers’ and every other nasty labor trick that can be employed. The only time the RAT ever bended was when they really ran out of local people to draw on, which happens about every 5 or so years.

    That slack-jawed halfrican? The only reason his face is so tight is that he can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. So friggin tired of seeing that piece of dog-squeeze and his (s)he-boon. Wish both of them would just f’in go the f away if you f’in know what I f’in mean.

    Texaco? Fond memories of getting aTexaco pumper fire truck that you could hook up to the garden hose and actually squirt water ‘like a real fireman.’ That and the glasses.

    As to attacking a defended position? Basically need 4 attackers for every one defender if the forces are equal in training and strength (having seen this at SCA ‘wars,’ being the attacker just suuuuuucks.) Against a superior opponent in a prepared defense? Thou art screwed, blued, tattooed and going to be pushing up daisies or feeding the ravens pretty darned quick. If only the Celts had decent siegecraft… Sucked to be them.

    Regarding Mumbles 1 and Mumbles 2? He can’t speak because his mind is gone. She can’t speak because her mouth is full, if you catch my drift.

    Let’s hope the lawsuits and legislatures in Pennsylvania and Georgia come through for the Trumper.

    • When I worked for Canon Micrographics, Disney was one of our customers, and I used to go service the machines at the park in Aneheim. The office staff were nice people, and were full of horror stories about “The Happiest Place on Earth”. This agreed with one of my friends who had worked there as a “character” in the park (mostly Porky Pig, but also the big gorilla from Jungle Book) and told me the place was run by Nazis. It was definitely fun to go behind the scenes at the park, but I don’t think I’d enjoy working there.

    • Beans, Julius Caesar’s genius – which continued and was enhanced with the Marian reforms, called for an organized movement into enemy territory and then establish a heavily fortified defensive position and wait for the enemy to attack in a set-piece battle. They even handled 10 to 1 odds in that setting and prevailed. They’d kill off the bravest and boldest of the locals and then move out of camp and take over.

      DRJIM, I knew Ike when he was head of security, Vince Vasil, and others. Knew them all well. I saw the park change.

  6. I worked at a Phillips 66 in between adventures one winter at the end of the full service era. The owner, Orville Papenhaus would sit on the gas stove and watch the same people pull up day after day and air up the same tire. He would yell out the door; “it isn’t going to heal itself, you need to fix it!”

      • The Standard station my Dad always went to was owned by two brothers, Orville and Wilbur Cardwell. One of their sons was my age, and when we lost the lease on the shop, he was the one I called to get my “In Work” race car moved, as I didn’t have a trailer yet.

        Cardwell’s Standard was also the go-to fix-it place if you needed something welded, brazed, drilled, milled, lathed, or ground on.

        And to this day, I don’t know the story to their names.

  7. Simpler times when [generally speaking] more people had gratitude and integrity (and a lot less Gov’t regulation clamping down their lives).

    Disney is dead to me. There types who constantly fail that Murphy Rule: “If it works, don’t fix it.” Some people simply can’t help themselves and NEED to meddle to feel good about themselves.

    THAT video of Biden trying to speak the other day…GEEZ! Yeah…uh huh…and he garnered 80 million votes from 12 people at a “rally”. Right. And I have some nice swampland for sale that is perfect for development. Anyone who voted for those two…well, I’ll be charitable. Suffice it to say they are the same ones who believe Covid defies every known virus model behavior, that the charlatan’s peddling the lies are honest and truthful, and masks work. Yeah.

    And ‘yes’ my pals and I jumped the Schwinn over each other…cinder blocks, a piece of plywood, and a stack of “support” blocks. Skinned knees and elbows taught us stuff. Today kids have helmets and body armor to be outside, assuming they are allowed out in the sun (which has the added benefit of gathering much needed ‘natural” Vit-D.

    • Rural America hasn’t changed THAT much. People still help people, and if they’re dishonest, they’re ruined. But there is a sense of community at the grammar school, high school and college level that has been destroyed by the Internet and video games. People have a difficult time with moderation.

      • Yes, it is….just go to Lusk, Wy, in the Summer for the local rodeo, or any number of small towns. Still the same as we remember (tall-neck Hires in the ice cold cooler). Simple folks approach life with a high level of seriousness that honors God, the land, hard work, each other, and the blessings they have been granted. That young son in The Horse Whisperer comes to mind…”Well, I should get going, have chores to do.” Yup.

        A lot of ‘First World Problems” are due to abundance and ease, which breeds laziness and entitlement. Fine for them, but leave the rest of us alone.

  8. My Uncle had a Texaco station for many years in Louisiana. It was a treat to go up there and get a bottle of Coke for .06 cents. And his was a full service station, more than once he was out there filling cars himself if his employees were busy. Re the mouse, I’m done with them after what they are doing to Allen Dean Foster.

    • I remember finding and taking empty soda bottles to the gas station and redeeming them for one that was ice cold. In glass.

    • My neighbor ran a gas station/garage where I learned to wrench as a kid.
      It’s also where I learned to grab a beer out of the Coke machine for my neighbor when his hand started shaking while working.

  9. Curious thing. I worked/reported at a big conference in Orlando a few years back and got invited to a dinner at Club 33. OK, fine, but I couldn’t help noticing all these pictures of children on the walls, original to Walt.

    Point being? Satan was working in that mix from the beginning, and I don’t say that lightly. And now they’re not even bothering to hide.

  10. My daughter-in-law is a huge Disney fan. Her house has Disney stuff everywhere and she has been to both Disneyland’s. To each his/her own. Someone would need to pay me some serious cash to even go into one.

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