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Sometimes I have to delete what I write, because on reflection, it makes me look like a jerk, which I can certainly be. So this is my second run at the issue.
I have a problem with people who feel that there are safe spaces and work hard to disarm the people who would defeat a maniac with a firearm, or butcher knife, or axe, etc. Usually these people have never had to face a person wielding a knife or a gun. They are kind people who stroke their cat as they sit by the fire and dream of unicorns and rainbows. Unfortunately these people, while almost universally well meaning, are part of the problem. 
Unfortunately the only person who will stop a man with a gun is another man with a gun, and when seconds count, the police are minutes away – hours away where I live.
There, that didn’t offend anyone, did it?
Deplorable Defined
A Tale of Two States
Chinese Trade Woes

Chinese manufacturers are currently expecting the central government to continue to depreciate the value of the RMB (Chinese Currency) below 7:1 to counteract the impact of tariffs. Yes, China is a currency manipulator as the US Treasury Department asserted. Chinese manufacturers are hoping to find new markets to replace the lucrative US market, but there are only so many places that will buy what the Chinese make at prices that the Chinese expect to receive. 

If China is denied access to US markets though tariffs, the good days will be over and the promises of President Xi and the oligarchs who run China will be broken. Some Chinese believe that they will find markets in India and Pakistan…really, they are saying that. Bottom line, factories in China will close and the political climate will become increasingly brittle inside the Worker’s Paradise.
Americans who are panicking over this don’t understand that China built itself on the backs of US consumers and destructive trade arrangements that were made before President Trump took office. A fair deal is possible with China, but it won’t be the deal they had. And China will need to accept a level of austerity, stop trafficking narcotics to the US and stop stealing intellectual property.

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  1. Police response is getting better.
    They are getting there much sooner after the shooting has stopped.
    As for China, it will take some heavy motivation to "accept a level of austerity, stop trafficking narcotics to the US and stop stealing intellectual property."
    I wonder if tariffs are enough. I expect an outbreak of military activity before that.

  2. I also get annoyed by those who set themselves up as experts due time spent with the police or in the military but otherwise had little to do with firearms. The "full semiautomatic" general comes to mind. At the range I work, I'll occasionally get someone who claims prior service, but has to be shown how to lock the bolt back on an AR.

  3. The only people you might offend are those stroking cats and dreaming of rainbows. If they don’t like it they can go to a safe space! Ta-dah!
    As for safe spaces, I’m thinking of training my wolfit into a therapy dog – of sorts- more like a “get a grip wolf” I shall don my emergency clown nose and arrive with Tyrannosaurus Tex at universities and force people to get a grip with insanity and real wolf teeth. We will then trash the safe space or leave clown type booby traps that will scare the s**t out of anyone wanting to colour in kitties and cry. I think it has great potential and will be a progressive step forward.

  4. The recent seizure of enough Fentanyl to kill 7 billion people by Mexican authorities in a Chinese shipment of other products raises a double whammy against Red China.

    1st whammy is proof that this huge shipment was from Red China, to be routed through Mexico into the US for distribution.

    2nd whammy is that the Mexican Government is actually going against their masters in Red China and against the socialist leanings of the current El Presidente and his people.

    Looks like Trump's gamesmanship is forcing everyone's hands.

    Good times, good times….

  5. I fail to see how anyone could be offended by this balanced and restrained post.

    The nuance in the Hillary infographic was especially winsome!

    Unicorns? Viciois little beasts.

  6. I am sure someone could be offended by your… condescension? But they can suck lemons.
    Or limes, if they prefer.

    Great post.

  7. it makes me look like a jerk, which I can certainly be.

    You were trained at great taxpayer expense to be a ninja jerk, don't quit on us now. We count on you.

    China? An example of the belief helping countries to achieve higher standards of living will result in peace and prosperity for all is wrong, IMO. They want the prosperity, but not the peace.

  8. Cats are beautiful, soft , athletic ,have deep complex eyes and 20 switchblades concealed about them at all times. Perfect elegant little killers. I like them. The rainbow/unicorn contingent simply does not understand the true nature of cats. THEY might be dreaming of rainbows, but the cat? Not so much. If they could internalize the dreams of the cat on their lap, they would run screaming, to the nearest safe room with coloring books.
    I used to occasionally hunt with my cat- squirrels in the barn, the cat, and an air rifle-she was extremely interested in the proceedings- the cat would alert, the squirrel would be shot, and any wounded survivors set upon with alacrity. No prisoners.
    Humans, dogs, cats- all on the sharp side of the predator-prey divide. Might be why we get along?

    Clinton's. Before we discuss the Clinton's, I want to assure you all I am in fine health , not suicidal, and all my vehicles are well maintained, with particular care regarding the brake lines. That is all.

  9. Yes, life was good in China when they didn't have to spend a dime on research and development. All of that was supplied by the guys who invented the stuff they were producing. The Chinese don't believe in the concept of intellectual property: if it exists, to hell who came up with it, they will reverse engineer it and produce it for a profit. Or steal the blueprints, whatever works.

    Those days may be coming to an end. We will all see.

  10. AFAICT, no freedom (for any but the rich and powerful) existed anywhere in the world, until guns became affordable and easy to use.

    Certainly, women had little hope of being treated as more than chattel slaves before handguns Equalized them.

    IDK why the Democrats are so anti-Woman.

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