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A friend of mine called me and said that I had to check out the Hyper-Sub.

The company characterizes the boat in this way:
As a speedboat, the Hyper-Sub deploys very easily and quickly from almost any dock or beach, and can travel long distances in most weather conditions while being able to do so without the aid of a transport or support vessel. This allows the Hyper-Sub to operate at only a fraction of the cost of other systems that are capable of accessing the sub-sea environment. 
As a true submarine, a Hyper-Sub can dive repeatedly when deployed given its ability to recharge its batteries and dive air unlike its smaller submersible counter parts. It provides protection for its crew from changes in pressure when it dives and protects its crew from the environment. As a result, the Hyper-Sub can remain deployed for many days while either on the surface, submerged, or in any combination of the two.
I don’t know that the platform represents the “future of Naval Special Warfare”, but the technology has some serious potential.

15 thoughts on “A Cool Gizmo

  1. I think you know how I feel about boats, LL. And this one can sink….ON PURPOSE. Having said that,…

    …I want one.

  2. A childhood dream ever since I saw the ads for my own Polaris submarine in the comic books.
    My son is COB on a much larger version, though.

  3. Let me put a slightly finer point on it. You need one.

    At least that's what I tell myself.

  4. Congratulations to your son. COB is no small thing.

    But it would still be nice for you to have something to play with in your spare time…

  5. Well that'd add a whole new dimension to fishing on Lake Whitney and the mighty Brazos. Nice.

  6. My questions are, unless it is in the clear blue Caribbean, how far can the helmsman see under water? To deploy an SEALS, he would have to be on the surface (no torpedo tubes) and any good radarman could pick it up with just the top sticking out. And it seems to be a tad noisy. And what is the sea conditions that limit it? So. other than a fun ride for the kids, what good is it?

  7. Coffeypot: I don't see any major issue with retrofitting this vessel with torpedo tubes. Of course, finding torpedoes for it could be problematic, I don't recall seeing any on the shelves at Home Depot.

  8. I don't think firing torpedoes from that boat would be practical. I was thinking more about a tube to release SEALS underwater.

  9. Knowing nearly zero about things nautical I can only speculate this won't be available to the military until after a five year one billion acquisition program.

  10. John, I'll add a photo of the MK-9 SEAL Delivery Vehicle, which is smaller than the Hyper Sub and carried two MK-46 Torpedoes. They were very uncomfortable to operate and we had two MK-9 Platoons when I was at SDVT-1. The photo will be on tomorrow's blog.

  11. As is, likely not applicable for USN use, but I can see that the same technology could be adapted for an advanced SDV of some sort. You'd simply shift to inertial guidance once you submerge, the same as with current SDV's.

  12. It would be expensive to adapt this to military uses. The question is more what sort of sea state that the "boat" version could operate in and at what speed it could operate at a given sea state.

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