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The march of Congressional Democrats to impeach President Trump hit another roadblock. A fеdеrаl judgе hаѕ rеjесtеd a rеquеѕt frоm Hоuѕе Dеmосrаtѕ tо obtain testimony from former White House counsel, Don McGahn and to have  material frоm special соunѕеl Robert Muеllеr’ѕ report dесіdеd bу thе ѕаmе judgе.

D.C. Dіѕtrісt Chief Judgе Bеrуl Howell wrоtе іn аn оріnіоn last week that thе соnnесtіоnѕ bеtwееn the twо саѕеѕ аѕ presented bу thе Hоuѕе Judісіаrу Cоmmіttее “аrе tоо ѕuреrfісіаl аnd аttеnuаtеd” to meet thе rеquіrеmеnt fоr dеѕіgnаtіng thе саѕеѕ as related, which wоuld hаvе allowed thеm to bе dесіdеd by the same judge.

Thе dесіѕіоn mаrkѕ a blоw fоr Hоuѕе Dеmосrаtѕ, who argued thаt thе саѕеѕ ѕhоuld bе dееmеd rеlаtеd bесаuѕе “bоth ѕееk kеу еvіdеnсе fоr the Judiciary Cоmmіttее’ѕ investigation іntо whether to rесоmmеnd аrtісlеѕ оf іmреасhmеnt аgаіnѕt Prеѕіdеnt Donald J. Trump fоr potentially сrіmіnаl оbѕtruсtіvе conduct.”
Thus, Congressional subpoenas are being ignored by persons that they would like to parade before the House committees that are working diligently to remove President Trump — possibly because they have nothing better to do in The People’s House.

Is President Trump tired of winning? I think not. And when Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg shuffles off her mortal coil, he will appoint a replacement. Now THAT will really be interesting.
Favorite Quotes
(From the TV Show – Peaky Blinders – Netflix and BBC 1)
I am curious, what was your father’s profession? 

(Thomas Shelby)
Well he told fortunes, and he stole horses. Often he would tell a man that his horse would be stolen, and they would marvel at his powers when it was.

Mail Call

Regarding the A-10 Warthog
Larry – You would probably be able to get it down on a carrier without totaling it, but you’d need a crane to get it off again even if there was no damage. They’re just not made to be catapulted off a carrier. There’d need to be a lot of redesign of the landing gear, at least.
Bill B – Love the A-10. Would be a great plane to fly cover with C-130’s in combat to suppress ground fire.

Clearly, you’d need to figure out a modified (folding) wing design, add more robust landing gear and possibly some additional retrofit, but we traveled back and forth to the Moon in the 1960-70’s (some forty years ago) and rode around on its surface with dune buggies. If we can engineer that, we should be able to make the Warthog navy-capable. Of course, the USMC is in love with the F-35B, which is an interesting toy with a unit cost (and maintenance expense) nearly 10X the cost of a Warthog.

Raven – A-10’s should be rebuilt, retired, and turned over to the CMP for distribution to the public, along with stores and ordnance. This is THE ideal militia aircraft. There are few devices operable by one man, capable of such effective destruction. Bonus points because (American) commies and socialist trash could never learn to fly one. Things like density altitude , weight and balance, and performance envelopes are a long dead language to them.

GENIUS – yes, the Arizona Free Militia (with Senator McSally, a former Warthog driver and squadron CO) could use them. Now, there is no Arizona Free Militia that I’m aware of, I just pulled the name out of the air — the very same air that an A-10 flies through. It may strain the concept of “Keep and Bear Arms”, but you’re onto something. Talk about liberal heads exploding…

RHT447thanks for the video link

Ed – There are a lot of aircraft that the USAF flies that aren’t glamorous. What don’t these guys not like about flying a plane that can both deliver and survive such large amounts of destruction?

The Warthog unit cost was $18.8 million each when they were in active production. The “Invisible” F-35, that they want to replace it with, which is wholly unsuited for close support, currently costs between $94 million (F-35A) and $122 million (F-35B). Now, if you were a Beltway bandit with an insatiable appetite for cash, which one would you have the retired USAF generals on your payroll advocate for? 

Regarding the Democrat Recession
Jim – Another recession, someday, is inevitable. They have happened in the past and will happen again. This wishing for one simply because “orange man bad” is simply nuts, but that doesn’t seem to stop them. Some of them need to talk to some of their older relatives and ask about this thing called the Great Depression. FDR’s leftist policies didn’t help them either.

Exactly. The economy swings in two directions (bear and bull markets) and the current situation is one where things regarding trade, where we were looted by the Chinese and “globalists” is being remedied to their profound dismay. So we’re doing well. We’re exporting oil, we’re expanding new markets for both supply and demand (outside of the Chinese network to some extent), unemployment is so low that it’s essentially non-existent on a national scale. MAGA – and it dismays the donkeys so much.

WSF – A stray thought. Globalists think like the people who give money to the stoplight beggars and drive away feeling good about themselves. That is all well and good but they also want to give away my money, and I’m a selfish bastard.

Fredd, advocate for crack whores responds to WSF – What, Fool?!!?? And leave those poor, down trodden crack whores who depend on your money to sustain their chosen lifestyles to their own devices? How mean spirited! How low can anybody stoop? So, just forget about all of that selfish bastard behavior of yours and dig into your pocket (dig real DEEP, Fool, and I mean DEEEEEEEP!), these crack whores are depending on you.

WSF is a selfish, heartless bastard for not wanting his income redistributed to crack whores and Fredd called him on it. In a larger sense, WSF is also Islamophobic for not wanting Islam to take over the nation, but I, personally, think that he’d make a really good Mullah. He’d need to get a few more wives, but the potential is there in Colorado, close at hand.

A SImple Man – The economy is in reality just an exercise in public relations. Talk it up or talk it down and the result is predictable. Our President talks it up. The (dis)loyal oppositon is talking it down. People can lose cars, jobs, homes, everything just so a filthy commie can get in power and control the populace with gifts from Uncle Sugar and they know once hooked no one will vote against him. It’s like voting against Santa Claus.

There are two types of government money – that which has been earned (contractually) and contributed to that is paid out in the form of a pension. You can lump Social Security and MediCare into that if you will, but both of those programs have been stretched to the limit, money robbed by Congress, etc. The other is “welfare” that is delivered, unearned – by Santa and his elves. The unearned government money pours out in the billions/trillions and it buys votes. 

LSP – The Dems are flailing. Satan is displeased with his toys.

See “IMPEACH!” above. Yes indeed, and the lawyers, trained at Satan’s Vatican work tirelessly to find a way to remove President Trump and replace him with a globalist (illuminati) type of socialist that will wreck the USA once and for all. Obama was a useful dupe, Hillary would have been a worthy successor, alas.

It’s those deplorables, clinging to God and guns in fly-over country who wrecked the scheme in 2016. The map says it all. If only the elites could figure a way to wipe out the middle of the country and still get them to work and pay taxes, there would be an order to things. They really need to eliminate the electoral college.

Social Justice on the Net

Old NFO – Yeah, that last one is the ‘new’ attack parameter for the left. Some folks have been banned for stuff posted FIVE years ago… And people are combing through old posts of a number of conservative authors even as we speak… MeWe is suddenly looking better and better.

The progressive Left lost a lot of ground but they do control most of the big search engines and social media. In time a balance will be formed, but for now, we’re their enemies and they react accordingly.

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  1. On the topic of "the fifth wife" here is a video from France. Varg Vikernes is a Norwegian who did ~16 years total in multiple prisons and jails in Norway. The man knows whereof he speaks Norwegian-prison wise. He now lives in France with his wife and passel of children.

    NSFW – language, discussion of illicit "animal husbandry"
    Best to not be drinking anything while listening.

  2. Mullah/wives? No, in my dotage I don't want to go back to herding cats. (Yes, I'm a selfish heartless bastard, and quite content)

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