What If?

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What If
Take a moment, turn on the way-back machine and consider what things might have been like had Hillary Clinton won the US Presidential election. Things are going well now. It’s not a smoothly purring machine only because the lying, smug, filthy, sly, elite media have been running a relentless campaign of disinformation, designed to remove President Trump and the Republic and replace it with something more favorable to the globalists and clearly, to the Red Chinese. 
Yes, I realize that the infinitely craven Hillary Clinton is not nearly as ‘progressive’ as the current group of communists, freaks and misfits that make up the twenty or so (soon to be reduced in number to a more manageable ten) Democrat contenders. One thing is certain – the Lolita Express would still be making the fantasy island run and Jeffrey Epstein would be alive and prospering. Former President Bill Clinton would be “The First Man“. Miserably incompetent Chelsea Clinton would be running for Hillary’s New York State seat in the US Senate, in an attempt to cement the dynasty.
Taxes would be higher and we’d be redistributing American money around the world to “combat climate change”, even if it is a hoax. Nobody would dare challenge the fact that the People’s Republic of China is the world’s largest polluter. It would be politically incorrect to do that. And there would be no trade protection as the nations wealth bled off and the malaise of no manufacturing in the US became worse. There would be no US Steel and the USA wouldn’t be the largest oil producing nation on the planet as it is today.  We’d almost certainly be in Syria, losing the flower of American youth to endless intervention in unwindable foreign civil wars. 
Thank you President Trump, for defeating the witch and working so diligently to make America great again.
More Thoughts on China
The US has always been an existential threat to every communist system. The free market works and even in China there is a free market economy, manipulated to Chinese benefit by the Central Government/CCP. By manipulating currency values constantly to changing economic conditions it’s been able to keep profitability up but with the current round of tariffs, that’s not going to be possible anymore. 
The Tiananmen Square protests, commonly known in mainland China as the June Fourth Incident were student-led demonstrations held in Tiananmen Square, calling for democratic elections, a free press, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly – and essentially a Bill of Rights. The PRC crushed the demonstration with the People’s Liberation Army and they tore down the statue of liberty that had been erected. Now as the communists try to bring Hong Kong to heel, they’re finding that the situation is even worse for them.
The Belt Road Initiative, created by president-for-life Xi has stalled. The Chinese economy is showing signs of serious stress cracks as the US market is being denied to them. They’ve been labeled a currency manipulator by the US Treasury and a drug-running nation on par with Colombia, with a US market targeted. Intellectual property theft from the rest of the world has been rampant and their lying as a tool of statecraft has been called out finally. Even the Chinese spy that drove Senator Feinstein (D-CA) around has been outed and ousted from his day job. The thoroughly corrupt FBI has been revealed for what it is, and the Washington swamp is slowly being drained.
The way forward for China won’t be what they had hoped it would be – but there is still Slow Joe Biden with his hand out for Chinese money or Beto (Irish Bob) O’Rorque or Bernie Sanders, a fellow communist, who could take the White House and then things would go back to business as usual and they could feed from the US like a lamprey eel, as the’ve been doing.
The Little Prince

My grandson, Michael Bryan (right), had his first bath last night. He’s a cute little nubbin in the same way that all babies are cute – and even cuter when they’re yours. What sort of world awaits him? I guess it’s the one that we’ve made for him isn’t it?

My daughter, Emilie, is threatening to take the train to Flagstaff with little Mikey, and I can pick them up there. We need to wait until he’s old enough to travel. It would be fun to have them for a week or so at the White Wolf Mine. Maybe make a run to the Grand Canyon in addition to the countryside closer to home?
The circle of life goes on, and we’re all part of it. The photo (left) is of my daughter, Emilie, and I more than a few years ago, at the Huntington Beach Pier, in Southern California. Yes, my hair was white even then. My daughter, Kelly, snapped the picture. I used to ride bicycles with my four daughters along the beach on Saturdays. It was an interesting sight, as we stretched along the wide concrete sidewalk, competing with joggers, rollerbladers, and new-age hipsters. Kelly used to run into rollerbladers, but I think that she was about six years old so they got mad but not that mad. And there was Dad to back her up.
The stop for snacks was always an important part of the bike rides. Ice cream figured prominently in the plan.

The Mail

Ed – Police response is getting better.
They are getting there much sooner after the shooting has stopped.
As for China, it will take some heavy motivation to “accept a level of austerity, stop trafficking narcotics to the US and stop stealing intellectual property.”
I wonder if tariffs are enough. I expect an outbreak of military activity before that.

As I have mentioned, I’m on the board of the local fire district. I spoke with the Fire Chief yesterday, about increasing the paramedic capacity in the wild land areas that surround us. He said that the Search and Rescue unit of the Sheriff’s Department can deploy locally within 2.5 and 3 hours, but other than that, the people who are camping and enjoying the forest are on their own. He agreed. Code 3 police response time to where I live is over an hour. The problem is funding the equipment, but I’ve shouldered that problem and it remains to be seen whether or not I can deliver. As to China, they don’t want a shooting war with the US. And we don’t need to do that to create severe hardship and privation in the Worker’s Paradise.

Jim – I also get annoyed by those who set themselves up as experts due time spent with the police or in the military but otherwise had little to do with firearms. The “full semiautomatic” general comes to mind. At the range I work, I’ll occasionally get someone who claims prior service, but has to be shown how to lock the bolt back on an AR.

Or field strip a 1911…you must have the patience of Job to be a range master. Black guns matter. They just do.

Jules – The only people you might offend are those stroking cats and dreaming of rainbows. If they don’t like it they can go to a safe space! Ta-dah! 
As for safe spaces, I’m thinking of training my wolfit into a therapy dog – of sorts- more like a “get a grip wolf” I shall don my emergency clown nose and arrive with Tyrannosaurus Tex at universities and force people to get a grip with insanity and real wolf teeth. We will then trash the safe space or leave clown type booby traps that will scare the s**t out of anyone wanting to colour in kitties and cry. I think it has great potential and will be a progressive step forward. 

When you announced that you had adopted a wolf pup, I knew that nothing good would come of that. Crying havoc and letting slip the dog of war is now a real option for you. If you had two wolves, you could let slip the dogs of war, and promote the creation of litters of little wolves, that would terrorize Nottingham as in the days of yore. As the leader of the pack, you really need an authentic Robin Hood outfit.

Beans – The recent seizure of enough Fentanyl to kill 7 billion people by Mexican authorities in a Chinese shipment of other products raises a double whammy against Red China.
1st whammy is proof that this huge shipment was from Red China, to be routed through Mexico into the US for distribution.
2nd whammy is that the Mexican Government is actually going against their masters in Red China and against the socialist leanings of the current El Presidente and his people.
Looks like Trump’s gamesmanship is forcing everyone’s hands.

Yes, that is interesting isn’t it? The Chinese People’s Ministry of State Security, which had a hand in the fentanyl shipment, was dismayed. They are engaging heavily in ‘war by other means’ in the US. It took President Trump to respond. The feckless and impotent metrosexual Obama and his masculine wife did nothing to concern the Long March. But things have changed and the worm has turned.

LSP – I fail to see how anyone could be offended by this balanced and restrained post.
The nuance in the Hillary infographic was especially winsome!

Unicorn steaks are delicious and their tears are sweet as honey.

LindaG – I am sure someone could be offended by your… condescension? But they can suck lemons.
Or limes, if they prefer.

Truth be told, LindaG, I could really give a rat’s ass if people are offended, but there are artful ways to put things. I moved to a home in the mountains, far from civilized man, because I was tired of the PC bull$hit that went on. There is not much that goes on in ‘the world’ that reaches the White Wolf Mine. There are people here, but very few, and they value their privacy and their individual freedom or they’d live some place like San Francisco or Portland where human detritus is heavy.

WSF – You were trained at great taxpayer expense to be a ninja jerk, don’t quit on us now. We count on you.
China? An example of the belief helping countries to achieve higher standards of living will result in peace and prosperity for all is wrong, IMO. They want the prosperity, but not the peace.

It’s true that the government made an investment in making me a heartless prick. However, I was more or less like that before. The Marine Corps (God love them, they claim to guard the streets of Heaven) makes their people conform, but in my little corner of the machine, there was a lot of individuality. And, frankly, we were better off on our own, free from pesky rules of engagement that the machine wanted to place on us. One of the big problems with the way things are today is that the individual effectiveness of small units is being curtailed, and ‘effective’ is now viewed as ‘cruel’. War is f-ing cruel. Ordinance-on-target destroys people’s lives, and as much as we want to discriminate between the just and the unjust, the common people are crushed too. Killing people off by peaceful means is the dream of people who stroke cats and dream of rainbows, to quote LSP (above). 

The decreasing standard of living and examples of places like Hong Kong are giving the workers an idea that things don’t have to be the way they are in China. And the oligarchs who run the place are not at all amused.

Raven, cat advocate – Cats are beautiful, soft , athletic ,have deep complex eyes and 20 switchblades concealed about them at all times. Perfect elegant little killers. I like them. The rainbow/unicorn contingent simply does not understand the true nature of cats. THEY might be dreaming of rainbows, but the cat? Not so much. If they could internalize the dreams of the cat on their lap, they would run screaming, to the nearest safe room with coloring books.
I used to occasionally hunt with my cat- squirrels in the barn, the cat, and an air rifle-she was extremely interested in the proceedings- the cat would alert, the squirrel would be shot, and any wounded survivors set upon with alacrity. No prisoners.
Humans, dogs, cats- all on the sharp side of the predator-prey divide. Might be why we get along?
Clinton’s. Before we discuss the Clinton’s, I want to assure you all I am in fine health , not suicidal, and all my vehicles are well maintained, with particular care regarding the brake lines. That is all.
Domestic cats are also willing to punch above their own weight. The wild variety is a little more careful, but cats are apex predators by nature. They tolerate humans if the humans perform to their expectations. There is no unrequited love such as is proffered by a dog, no adoration. Only a small quantity of forbearance. 
As to the question of the Clintons, how is your dexterity? For example, could you shoot yourself in the back of your head six times in your suicide attempt?
Fredd said – Yes, life was good in China when they didn’t have to spend a dime on research and development. All of that was supplied by the guys who invented the stuff they were producing. The Chinese don’t believe in the concept of intellectual property: if it exists, to hell who came up with it, they will reverse engineer it and produce it for a profit. Or steal the blueprints, whatever works.
Those days may be coming to an end. We will all see.

I think that the days of wholesale cheating may be coming to a close, but the theft of intellectual property is such a stock in trade with the communist Chinese  (of Japanese property, Korean property, European property as well as US property), that I don’t see how it could end. Maybe it won’t be so blatant. They don’t seem to want to steal African intellectual property and that is racist.

Woodsterman – You’ve never been mean to me.

You gave me a cool wood box that you made. I still have it and cherish it. I spared you. ;^)

Kle – AFAICT, no freedom (for any but the rich and powerful) existed anywhere in the world, until guns became affordable and easy to use.
Certainly, women had little hope of being treated as more than chattel slaves before handguns Equalized them.
IDK why the Democrats are so anti-Woman.

God made mankind and Samuel Colt made them equal.” Historically, the yew bow was a great equalizer between noble knights and commoners in Europe. Ask the French (if indeed they still study history, which is politically incorrect these days) about Agincourt, Cressy, and Potiers. Then came artillery and ‘hand guns’, the matchlock and the flintlock and the percussion lock, and then fixed ammunition.

As to why they hate firearms – people who are armed and can defend themselves are a threat to totalitarians. 


CNN Apologized to Stalin and Mao After Comparing them to Trump

11 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Yep, China is being knocked back on their heels by everyone. And their 1000 year plan is NOT working. It will be educational to see how they react. Re the grandbaby, enjoy the time, at least it won't be at the curtain climber stage and running out the door when you're not looking! 🙂 And yes, 'small units' do better on their own. Always have, always will. 😀

  2. China DOES believe in "intellectual property" and protecting it….if it's THEIR property. OUR "intellectual property" is fair game to be appreciated if possible. Remember….communists subscribe to the "what's mine is mine, what's YOURS is negotiable". To keep China from stealing our secrets will require banning ALL Chinese nationals from working, studying and owning businesses and property in America. As for the 25+ tons of Fentanyl China tried to have smuggled to the US via Mexico? That was, quite simply an act of war and we need to treat it as such.

  3. LL wrote in his reply to my comment: "The feckless and impotent metrosexual Obama and his masculine wife did nothing to concern the Long March."

    Well, how else is Barky the Lightbringer and the First Wookie supposed to afford a house in Martha's Vineyard, unless they get their dirty mitts on some international money…

  4. Grandson is looking good. God bless you all. 🙂

    And thanks for the post/update on China.

  5. We certainly dodged a bullet in the last election. The 1911? Every good American should have at least one. My biggest prize there is the Remington Rand dad brought back from Okinawa. It's 75 years old but still works just fine.
    I'm the opposite of you. Though I'm closing in on 70, my hair is still the original color. I've always looked younger than my years. When I was 22 it was a real pain, but now it's kind of nice.

  6. That's a heckuvva post! I like the "what if" part, and can picture the continued asset-stripping of the nation as Hillary grew even fatter in her mumu. But picture this.

    Is Bill Hillary's INCUBUS? Evidence? He grows thinner by the day as she waxes large. Food for thought, eh?

    Congrats on the boy. Michael is a very fine name.

  7. Ordinance-on-target destroys people's lives[…]

    I think you meant ordnance, but in today's PC SJW woke military, ordinances also destroy people's lives. We have our own version of zampolits second-guessing every decision. Self-inflicted lawfare is in some ways our most dangerous enemy.

  8. " Cats are beautiful, soft , athletic ,have deep complex eyes and 20 switchblades concealed about them at all times. Perfect elegant little killers."

    Are you sure you're not describing this Siberian girl named Polina? Emigrated from St Petersburg to Toronto?

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