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Bullet Points:

** Lambeth Palace Folds: Homosexual couples who have recently married within a civil setting will soon be able to have their union blessed within Anglican churches in England, with Church of England bishops have reportedly voted in favor of the practice as part of efforts to reform the faith… more here

** From Carlson – Bob Woodward outed as a CIA asset.

** Equity Plans – President Biden’s HUD submitted a proposed rule that would require local governments to submit plans and reports relating to civil rights concerns or else risk losing subsidies from the federal government, the Washington Examiner reported.

** FBI Director Wray, speaking to an audience of global elites at the Davos WEF gathering, touched on the federal government’s work with ostensibly private technology companies, during a discussion about the potential dangers of new technology. The FBI chief touted the “significant strides” the FBI in particular has made in efforts to work more closely with the tech industry. Emails revealed by Elon Musk and reported by journalist Michael Shellenberger last month showed that the censorship on Twitter of the Post‘s reporting on the Biden crime family business was an operation led by the FBI, in conjunction with Twitter.

** Value – The dollar touched a seven-month low on Wednesday, reversing a trend that dominated much of 2022 as lower expectations of sharp Federal Reserve rate rises eased pressure on global markets.

The fall in the US currency, one of the steepest since the aftermath of the global financial crisis, came as US retail figures showed a 1.1 percent year-on-year drop in sales in December — a bigger-than-expected fall that highlighted continuing weakness in the US economy.

“The trend has been very much in favor of dollar weakness, so it doesn’t take much to push it further in that direction,” said Alan Ruskin, head of G10 FX strategy at Deutsche Bank. “Any minor macro information can sway [the dollar].”

Expectations about the Fed’s future actions are influential in currency trading since higher interest rates drive up yields on US debt, attracting foreign inflows that boost the dollar.

The dollar index measuring the currency against a basket of its peers has fallen 10.7 percent since September, the fastest rate of decline since 2009.

** More Aid to Ukraine – The United States is announcing a significant new security assistance package to help Ukraine continue to defend itself against Russia’s brutal war. Pursuant to a delegation of authority from the President, I am authorizing our 30 th drawdown of U.S. arms and equipment for Ukraine since August 2021. This assistance package will provide Ukraine with hundreds of additional armored vehicles, including Stryker armored personnel carriers, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, and High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled vehicles. The package also includes critical additional air defense support for Ukraine, including more Avenger air defense systems, and surface-to-air missiles, as well as additional munitions for NASAMS that the United States has previously provided. The package also contains night vision devices, small arms ammunition, and other items to support Ukraine as it bravely defends its people, its sovereignty, and its territorial integrity.

This package, which totals $2.5 billion, will bring total U.S. military assistance for Ukraine to an unprecedented approximately $27.5 billion since the beginning of the Administration.

** BOSTON — The Department of Public Health (DPH) today announced it has detected a novel strain of gonorrhea in a Massachusetts resident that showed reduced response to multiple antibiotics and another case with genetic markers that indicate a similar drug response. This is the first time that resistance or reduced response to five classes of antibiotics has been identified in gonorrhea in the United States.

** WASHINGTON — The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has taken a major step forward toward creating an experimental airplane that can be maneuvered without traditional ailerons or other mechanical devices, instead using short bursts of air.

DARPA announced Tuesday it had selected Aurora Flight Sciences to start the detailed design of an aircraft that uses a technology called active flow control to direct it, as part of the Control of Revolutionary Aircraft with Novel Effectors, or CRANE, program. Aurora is a subsidiary of Boeing headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, that specializes in developing advanced innovative designs for aircraft and uncrewed systems.

** The Navy relieved two commanding officers on Wednesday — both due to a loss of confidence in their abilities to command. Both Capt. Michael D. Nordeen, commanding officer of the amphibious transport dock Mesa Verde, and Cmdr. Alexa Jenkins, commanding officer of the guided-missile destroyer Carney, assumed command of their respective ships in the summer of 2022. Since both are white,  there isn’t a blowback anticipated from the. grievance lobby.




  1. It looks a lot like the Air Tractor / L3 Harris Sky Guardian, but I don’t recall it having that chin air intake. So, IDK.

    Maybe someone else’s version of the Air Smacktor.


  2. I wonder what happened to cause the “loss of confidence” of the officers? Bad decisions? Bad expectations of sailors that don’t understand they’re in the military. I’m guessing we’ll never know.

  3. Filed under “If it’s fine for humans…”: Can transgender roosters produce eggs? (Not that I really care to know but it is a fair question considering The Left’s moving target rules aspect.)

    “Active flow control”- Sounds like something they stole from the Flying TicTac operators (that don’t exist).

  4. LL, there is your airplane, two seater, plenty of power, and armed. What is not to like.

    Picture of bullets. Brings back memories. At base X, the command powers that be, following the outdated Operations Plan, deployed a goodly number of my conventional bomb builders to England. Since the aircraft we had on base flew from stateside the only way to meet the mission was to CUT (cross utilization train) the nuke troops stationed on the base to build conventional bombs. All of the nuke guys really took to the idea of being able to write on the bombs for the first time in their careers and send “messages” to the target.

    Interesting info about eggs. Quite the little factories aren’t they.

    Sure seems like the Navy is relieving a whole lot of ship captains over the course of the past couple of years. I agree with Jess that we will probably never no.

  5. About a decade ago, I asked a coworker, who was at the time a Cmdr in the Naval Reserve, if they were being asked to pledge loyalty to Obama. He said he coudn’t answer me but gave me a strange look that was a sorta yes. I think the removal of those two commanding officers is along the same lines; they wouldn’t bend the knee to the new woke culture that is loyal to their command structure and not the Constitution.

    • The thought of the Navy getting rid of commanders who won’t embrace “woke” and /or the present leadership is downright scary.

  6. my girls are organic, non gmo/non soy, but are not free range. foxes and hawks here will make short work of a flock. last week my neighbor had a fox snatch a hen right in front of him while we were on the phone. mine are cageless though. they have a large run area and a huge coop by standards. i’m building another one next to it as a brooder. we got eggs eggs from seven hens today. my cochin hen wants to go broody but she hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet. hopefully she’ll grow into it.

    • @Rob: My days of buying cute little puffball chicks and raising them to pullets for four months are over. I don’t have a big divided barn, so the mess and smell is in my basement or garage. There is a livestock supply farm not too far from me that sells Rhode Island Red pullets for $12 each. And every fall, the University of CT turns over its entire flock, selling 1 year old Leghorn laying hens for $7 each. Since the operation at UConn is more like a commercial operation, the hens are a little beat up and don’t know anything but life in a cage. In just a couple of months they look great having grown back their feathers and loving the free range life. They learned from the others that no matter where they are in the yard, when its time to lay an egg, they return to the coop, hop up into a nesting box, and make a deposit. In the evening, every single egg is in a box in the coop, not on the ground somewhere. Chickens are very trainable and once they learn a behavior, it is forever. That can be fatal for them if they learn a bad behavior, like breaking and eating eggs. That’s why its so important to gather eggs promptly.

      • i have two commercial leghorns orphans. they lay huge eggs and started 4 months in. they are bred for three things:eating, crapping, and laying eggs. they are aggressive toward food, smart-always angling to get more. but they don’t get along with any other chickens. i had to build them their own coop that i call the reichstag.

      • Colorado’s hard-hitting genius legislature signed into law that any egg sold in the state must be “free-range”. More symbolism that won’t have much affect other than to raise the per dozen price. Sam’s Club has always sold the 60ct box for bulk buyers like us, it has always been free range. Then there’s organic’, an entirely differential in cost. Neighbor has a few layers, better eggs of course.

        • Soon will be a brown-shirt version of the FDA assigned specifically to oversee eggs. There may already be. Satire these days is impossible.

          You can’t get bizarre enough to wit: Man dresses up like a woman, is put in charge of nuclear material at the Dept of Energy – q clearance, roams airports stealing women’s luggage then takes selfies wearing it and posts them online.

  7. Churches that embrace the LGBQALFABETSOUP crowd are to be avoided as they do not follow biblical teaching.

    L3 Harris, but I am late to the identify.

  8. Say it isn’t so, Bob!

    Silent Coup by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin may be a little dated these days but maybe ‘splaines some things.

  9. No one comes from the future? Are you sure? Woodentop Kerry knows the future remarkably well, along with Greta Goblin and skin walker Butt Guy and the entire staff of the Pentagram, Harvard and the appallingly feminized Cosmos Club.

    Time travelers? You decide.

    • Lizard people wearing skin suits lie about the future. Who is more reptilian than Kerry and Greta? Ok, Hillary and Schiff. You win.

      • Don’t forget 4XT Gore, pretty big skin suit. According to this self-righteous idiot the coasts are actually underwater and the sea is boiling…saying it with such a forceful condescension like we’re too stupid to see what doesn’t exist. The guy is mentally ill and needs to stay away from Sweet Tea and Biscuits n Red-Eyed Gravy for a few years, the danged private jet pilot had to make him sit on the centerline to avoid constant course correction from the heavy duty lean.

        • Body shaming, othering and aggression (macro-aggression in Big Al’s case) aside, I can’t accuse you of racism because Big Al is white as a fish’s belly. Now, if he self-identified as a negro, you’d be in trouble. Rather than poking fun at his massive belly, just suggest that he needs his own C-130. That’s how we’re doing it now here at VM to avoid political incorrectness. Whoopie Goldberg needs a C-5A. If both of them needed a ride across the pond, a supertanker would be appropriate.

    • It depends on the operating environment. In Arizona, where so many have invested in anti-material firearms and ammo, they would concentrate the FBI guys and gals.

    • Ray Epps is an FBI asset. You need to keep your alphabet agencies straight.

      On to Woodward. I don’t know about his status but CIA assets often receive annuities that are well disguised. There is a unit in the Agency that does nothing but set those up. I don’t think that the FBI does that. I’ve never heard of them doing it. Usually, from what I saw first hand they promise $XX and then pay you 30% of what they promised — in cash.

      So not a union, but a satisfactory arrangement. I don’t think that there is any sort of Christmas party, but the leadership goes to Davos for the hookers and drinks.


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