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The only thing you can be sure of when you put Donkeys in a pen is that there will be a lot of horse sh1t to shovel. Such is certainly true of the upcoming presidential primary contest with almost every Democrat politician and billionaire in America filing for the job.
I have heard that Tulsi Gabbard is throwing her cracker in the soup from the State of Hawaii. Gabbard may be a Democrat, but I think that she has slightly more credibility than most of the rest of those scumbags. I wonder if senile, old, Slow Joe Biden will grope her on the debate stage?
The Government Shut Down
Has anyone noticed any downside to keeping it shut down for another few months?
New TV
I need a new TV for the White Wolf Mine. It will run on Direct TV (satellite) for the most part. Maybe some Amazon Prime/Netflix but the bandwidth here is pathetically slow.
Most of the new units have software embedded to allow the government to collect metadata on me. I don’t really care, but there are some serious electronic types who drift by this blog. Any recommendations as to brand and model? I have space for up to an 80″ TV in the great room. 
Keep in mind that my present TV is on the order of a 36″ television that is several years old, and is not hooked up. Time for me to get set up for a SuperBowl party, and I can’t do it on an ancient 36 inch television from the last decade.

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  1. I can't help on the TV but I do know this. Everyone seems a lot happier now that the government's shut down.

    Wasn't that one of 45's promises, a smaller, leaner, less bloated with corruption government?

    Yet again, another promise kept.

  2. I am reading and commenting from my couch on a 36" TV 8' from me.
    I do not feel deprived 🙂

  3. Well, I'm the opposite of LSP, I cannot help with politics, but can help with TVs.
    Do like we do for VTC/conference rooms in our vaults – buy a large commercial-grade monitor. We're getting some 80" units for a new VTC. They don't have all the bells and whistles that make them unusable in a secure environment. A little harder to find, but may be worth it…
    Ex.: necdisplay.com/category?category=displays#1
    Wandering Neurons

  4. I just bought an Invicta 50". I initially set it up to connect with my ISP. When I got the custom pop-up add I changed my ISP password at the router because when I cycled power after turning off the wireless in the TV it is hard wired to activate the wireless when powered up.

  5. Must admit I barely knew who Tulsi Gabbard was until recently. The unrepentant sexism male in me notes she is a lot easier on the eyes than the Democrat crones seeking the nomination. Seems to be a mainstream Democrat, which isn't a bad thing IMO.

  6. In Arizona the State of Arizona funded the Grand Canyon National Park, so it's open during the shut down. Why don't we turn it over to the State to manage?

  7. That was how I operated until…now. Who knows what wonders await? I didn't feel deprived, but all (all 4) of my daughters have very large screen TVs and mock my backward tech in entertainment. I usually read. That's so yesterday…

  8. Holy Jehoshaphat!!! $17,500 for a 75" TV. The 8th generation TV's at Costco are $2,700. What makes it worth an additional $15K?

  9. I've followed her career, and she's a ballzy lady with an honesty about her that makes me feel that she's out of place in Hawaii politics.

  10. PS – maybe we could start up the government for a day or two after RBG dies to get a genuine justice on the Supreme Court. Then shut it down for another month or so.

  11. In reference to Ms. Gabbard, as Admiral Akbar said so succinctly, "It's a Trap!"

    Just because, so far, she seems reasonable and somewhat normal doesn't mean she is. Just means that, so far, she's been able to cover her craziness.

  12. Maybe I just do a quick disconnect on the cable and power when I'm not watching and save myself $15K? I don't have a SCIF here at the White Wolf Mine. A spy would know that I'm watching Peaky Blinders over again from Season 1 but I don't know what they'd do with that intel. There is this White Russian lady who is evil but intriguing in Season 3…

  13. I would not vote for her. There is the comparison between her and Ocassio-Cortez, who is puerile and crazy as a shit house rat that makes her look less weird.

    The Democrat Party is home to freaks and misfits of all descriptions so avoid transitioning to another gender makes you look 'normal' in that crowd.

  14. There was a move to take national parks away from the feds and transition all of them to the states to manage. The feds object, but who can better deal with local treasures? The same is true with National Forrests. Why not do a tenth amendment deal with them as well and let the states deal with the conservation and protection?

  15. The simplest thing with the 'smart TV' is to NOT connect it to the ISP unless you actually have to, to watch something over the net (Which I don't do on the TV). And ALWAYS default the camera to off, and put a piece of electrical tape over the lens.

  16. Tulsi will do for Washington and the whole country, what she has done for Hawaii……Sorry, I got nothing. Oh wait, that's the correct answer.

  17. I'm sure the locals would do a far better job than D.C. would.

    Looks like they might be moving the Department of the Interior out here, to the Western Slope, no less!

  18. I know that there was a move in the works to shift the Dept of the Interior to "the interior" in CO. Now that there is a change of leadership, will that change?

    The BLM land managed by that department is all in the West, but bureaucracy loves the Beltway.

  19. Truth be told, the bandwidth here wouldn't allow the smart TV to be very smart. It's ok for e-mail and the basics, but that's about it. As to the camera, ABSOLUTELY off and taped.

  20. Get two Samsung 48". Put one at each end of the room for under a $1000.00. My buddy had two Samsung 60 inchers and ended up replacing them with LG.

  21. Nah, Tulsi is a scumbag, too. She votes in lock step with Red Nancy. How credible can she be? She's a looker, though.

  22. For picking electronics outside of my own specialties, I like The Wirecutter (thewirecutter.com). They don't just make a recommendation, the author provides their background in the area and their methodology for why they chose the specific makes and models, so you can see how closely their use case matches yours. The recommendations are usually only updated once a year, so you may need to look for the updated model of a specific product – easy enough on Amazon.
    Personally, if I wanted an 80" screen, I would be looking at a projector instead of a regular TV. It's far less fragile and easier to transport. 4K projectors are still pricey but the differential from 4K TVs is falling.

  23. Is Beto stupid enough to live stream his visit to the urologist for a prostate exam? I vote Yes.

    For TVs, we lost ours to a lightning strike two summers ago, and had a hard time finding one that wasn't a smart TV. I'd be surprised if there are many dumb TVs out there. It's a 48" Hitachi (nothing bigger fits where it goes) and looked great alongside all the others on sale.

  24. You vote lock step with Red Nancy or you're out of the Party and out of office. That's just how the donkeys roll. There are some exceptions for states where if a Dem Congressman voted for gun control they'd be voted out, for example. They're given latitude to remain in office by her nibs.

  25. It's a NY Times company and that would normally have me moving on but on your advice I cruised around and the advice seems sound. Thank you.

  26. The possibility of watching the doctor shove his finger into Beto's ass simple revolts me. I'm sure that he'd live stream the procedure for the amusement of a weird American public.

  27. Sorry, cannot reply from work, hence the delay…
    Anyway – yeah, $15k is a little excessive. How about $5k instead? Look at this:
    No, I'm not getting anything off this, I just do infosec in vaults for an FFRDC. Looking for challenges…
    Wandering Neurons

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