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The New National Socialist Worker’s Party

Bernie Sanders has been a communist all of his life. It’s a life that one lives while envying others what they have.  I understand. We all would like to work less and earn more. Communists want to take the bread out of the mouths of others. That’s the place where we part ways. Since people don’t want to part with what they’ve worked for willingly the sub rosa message with all NatSo’s is that force needs to be be applied to take what you have – for the greater good.  It’s the sort of message that is easier to sell to the youth. It’s not a new message. And the messengers like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren appeal to greed. It’s one of the most basic of human impulses. (Thou shalt not covet) Some such as Mini Mike Bloomberg, with vast sums of money work directly to undermine rights in order to take more power.
Feel the Bern
Of course, you can’t very well loot armed people without disarming them first. The Founders built the right to be armed into the Bill of Rights, at the beginning of that social compact and guarantee. And that right had nothing to do with hunting. It’s critical to defeat Donald Trump not just because of the man, but because of who he has and will appoint to the Supreme Court. Those who would rule you need to appear to have the law on their side.
We recall these events which are being replayed in our day. The men who stood on Lexington Green thought of themselves as British on that fateful April morning. But how they viewed themselves would change. Everything would change.
And here we are.
Thank you to Alex from for pointing me to these statistics. I urge you to browse them, just for your personal edification. 
I don’t think that all Democrats subscribe to the National Socialist/communist philosophy that Warren and Sanders do, or to the creation of a Bloomberg style world, but Democrats need to look at the Squad and at the people who control their party. Do they really want what these people do?

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  1. Bernie's NatSo's and their philosophy always garners support from the have-not's. That's what we get when we allow all of these voters with no skin in the game to participate in elections. Of course they will vote for whomever promises to take other people's stuff and give it to them.

    The 2016 presidential election proved that there are more voters spread across more states that want to keep their stuff. I expect that sentiment to continue in 2020. And then Bernie will fade into obscurity where he belongs.

    And as for Little Mikey's desire to disarm The Great Unwashed, that will be problematic in its execution. There are hundreds of millions of armed deplorables out here, Mikey. I saw a flag with a silhouette of an AR-15 with the words 'Come and Take it" below it at the demonstration in Richmond, VA a week or so ago. I like that sentiment (borrowed from the Battle of Gonzalez), and Mikey will have to have a whole lot of jack booted affiliates willing to go door to door and confiscate these weapons.

    I'd like to see how that plays out.

  2. I think that Mini-Mike will remain a malignant presence for a long time because $50 billion will buy you a lot of rancor. Bernie, on the other hand, might be the Democrat nominee. In the future will the Nationalist Socialist Worker's Party split off the Democrat party, taking Warren and the bros with them? It's difficult to see how it can remain one political party.

  3. Does Elizabeth Warren believe in anything other than Elizabeth Warren? She goes where the wind blows. Give Bernie credit for consistency. We always know where he stands.

  4. Even the President said yesterday that Bernie doesn't waiver and stays true to his ideals (hate using that term for him, LOL)and it is true.

    Interesting though that so many Dems are in fact going that far left

  5. Joetote: I am not convinced that staying true to one's ideals is a virtue; Adolf Hitler stayed true to his maniacal hatred of the Jews and his love for war until the very end. Charles Manson stayed true to his ideals until his death in prison. Mao was an idealist as well, and stayed true to his murderous philopshy throughout his life.

    Bernie is a true commie pinko nutbag. So's his ol' ball-n-chain, neither of them has ever earned an honest dollar in their entire lives, but rather lived off of the table of others.

  6. Elizabeth Warren is a self-promoting liar – first, foremost and forever. She felt that becoming a socialist would get her votes and you have to admit that the whole National Socialist Worker's Party schtick plays well in New England.

  7. Bernie has always been a communist. Went on his honeymoon to the USSR and had a close personal relationship to the leadership until there was no USSR and it became Russia. Putin didn't like him and I think that's why Bernie is so down on Russia. He misses the old communist enemy of America.

  8. And in the meanwhile, 45's actually standing up for the workers, unlike the commies who've always hated the people they intend to liberate.

  9. They find humans to be useful tools at best. If your commissar is sadistic, you're simply a meat puppet for him to torture for his amusement. There were lots of both, and I'd just as soon not live that life.

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