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I received an e-mail from a colleague of mine who lives in Norway and posts here as “Valuism”. I’m going to share it and I don’t think that he will mind. It deals with what he sees as the Trump Doctrine of engaging in ‘war by other means’ against those who would do us (and the West in general) harm.
I watched a German TV program some days ago. It was about Iran and they interviewed the average citizens about economy and daily life. It seems that Iran is heading the same way as Venezuela. Inflation is up and reaching new levels creating more unhappy people. The economy gives the Mullahs and Revolutionary Guard big trouble. People expressed frustration and anger. Some people mentioned bigger problems and conflict if nothing positive happens. I looks like the Iranian people want change and will be willing to do something if necessary.  
Turkey experienced big trouble some month ago when their economy went down the drain after a conflict with the US. Now I read trump tells Erdogan will face financial trouble if he harass the Kurds to much. I think that language is universal and works better than spending US soldiers on a battle field. It is cheaper too, than spending taxpayers money on the big army.  
I find an economical strategy being a better way for change. Let the economy do the work. No dictator or political system like socialism can beat the market in the long run. Afghanistan with their tribes living in the stone age do not care but why bother? If they want to harbor terrorists causing problems outside the country I guess other measures must be added, but when the Talban was kicked out the first time it was planned and executed in a smart way. The Afghans did it themselves with a little intelligent support and some dollars.  
It looks like Trump also made the Arab countries “willing” to spend their own financial reserves to rebuild Syria. That should give him a lot of credits but the Dems to not care. 
There are a lot of Military Industrial Complex people who are threatened by the new way of doing business and the deep state is deeply concerned about it as well, but President Trump is changing things in a way that is healthier for the United States. The media is focused on stupidity and stopping this new doctrine from being implemented because their focus is not on what is good for the country.
An energy independent America (and Canada) creates a totally new dynamic in the world. The focus on Middle Eastern politics should diminish. If Europe cares about energy coming from that part of the world, maybe they should step in but it’s far less our problem going forward. The Turks, Arabs and Persians have been enemies for 5,000 years (at least). Allow them to be who they are. 
The US/Canada should pursue a sub-Atlantic gas pipeline, underwritten by Europe, to take energy to market there. The Russians would do all in their power to stop it, but that’s capitalism. Let the Russians reduce the price of the natural gas that they sell to the Europeans.
A lot of good will come from the Trump Doctrine. It may not be good for some deep state actors and we know that the FBI will oppose it, but it’s good for America and ultimately for the world.

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  1. The progressive left adored the Soviet Union. They started hating Russia right after it dissolved. Now that it's a democracy (of sorts) and a Christian nation, they really hate it.

  2. Russia's the one that got away from the talons of the bolshevik beast and now it's hated by our own millionaire socialists and their puppets.

    So is Trump. He's not a commie either.

    Drill, drill, drill.

  3. It's interesting how the whole Russia hate thing began with the Democrats. Bernie honeymooned in Moscow when it was THE American enemy. Now he hates Russia. Riddle me that one.

  4. During the Obama years the Treasury was looted, IMO. $500+ million unaccounted for in HUD. Money appropriated for the Southern border wall not spent there, so where? The Deep State/MIC must fear President Trump letting loose forensic auditors, i.e, the shit hits the fan. MSM? They get their paychecks from the same actors threatened by President Trump.

  5. Right on the mark as usual, WSF. What happened to the two bail-outs and all of those shovel ready jobs that we spent over a trillion dollars on? How many jobs? As I recall something like 200 nationwide. It all went go graft. And the bailout of GM. What did we get for that? And all of the money that vanished into green energy? Companies received benefits based on how much they gave to the democrats…the Chicago way.

  6. It's high time the Iranian population overthrew those damn mulluhs. They are sitting on an ocean of oil, and should be as rich as Saudis; but they are not.

    Maybe the U.S. should start carpet bombing Iran with pitchforks and torches. And guillotines. You know, something to kick things off.

  7. Your advice is sound. It wouldn't take that many armed people to take the country back. But would Allah be pissed if they did? That's what they're thinking. They'll only be free when the last Imam is strangled with the entrails of the last mullah.

  8. I don't know how feasible a sub-Atlantic pipeline would be. It would be vulnerable to being taken out by a hostile actor with deep-depth ROVs (possibly deployed and operated by a submarine). Trying to repair a break would be difficult whether the break was caused by nature or people.

  9. It could be run from Canada to Greenland, Iceland, and possibly through Norway south. All pipelines and cables are subject to destruction by hostile actors, but they've worked remarkably well so far in other parts of the world. Is it better to build 500 ships or one pipeline? I can't answer that, but that's likely to be the sort of initial investment you'd be talking. In the long term, the pipeline would be far more inexpensive.

    Iran has ambitions to put a gas pipeline through Syria to Turkey and Europe. Qatar (an Iranian ally of sorts) has similar interests. Russia already has one to Germany. Russia's pipeline can be taken out as can Iran's planned pipeline if they want to play that game.

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