The first new bomber in 30 years will debut on a roll-out on Friday, December 2 at Edwards AFB/Palmdale, CA. I’m sure there will be a band and a cake to commemorate the rollout of the B-21 Raider. USAF generals will be strutting around and doing what they do best. Even though it has the form of the B-2 Spirit, they are very different aircraft. The B-21 qualifies as a sixth-generation aircraft. Advancements in stealth capabilities, the use of open-systems architecture, and the inclusion of Joint All-Domain Command and Control technologies will connect sensors to shooters across domains of warfare.

I suspect that in a true warfighting environment each B-21 would control a number of stealthy drone aircraft, moving into the battlespace over substantial distances. The drone aircraft payloads would likely contain strike packages (nuclear/non-nuclear). Once fully operational they will provide a lot of options.


I can’t explain why a BLT works (extra bacon of course). But it does.



Bullet Points: 

* Last Monday the US administration notified Congress it has approved a possible $323 million arms consisting. of 40 tactical missiles and 48 Joint Standoff Weapons, made by Raytheon, to Finland, as it joins NATO.

* The FJB regime, featuring the “most pro-labor president in history,” says Christmas shopping is more important than sick leave for rail workers so he’s forcing a deal through that workers have rejected, and forbidding them from striking. I have my popcorn out.

* “Pfizer announced a new vaccine called PH111, which is to be given specifically to pregnant women, which will be immunizing a newborn baby against the plague while still in the uterus.” The baby will be given a booster when it is born… provided it makes it that far.

* From Band of Brothers: You wanna ask me, don’t you? Ask you what, sir? You wanna know if they’re true or not, the stories about me. Did you ever notice with stories like that, everyone says they heard it from someone who was there? Then when you ask that person, they say they heard it from someone who was there. It’s nothing new, really. I bet if you went back two thousand years, you’d hear a couple of centurions standing around yakking about how Tertius lopped off the heads of some Carthaginian prisoners.

* From Arizona – Another tweet from Lake’s War Room account said Hobbs “presided over an illegitimate election & crowned herself as winner. Now she is trying to strong arm Arizona counties into holding a coronation for her. This is an incredibly dangerous precedent she’s setting. These abuses of power will not stop as Governor.”

* Biden’s Luggage Thief:




  1. I didn’t realize the Raider was going to have such a limited payload. Sort of too bad, but hopefully we’ll get more than a handful of prototypes this time.

    Do we still have enough soldiers and guardsmen with railroad quals to cover the strike as scabs, or did Oatmeal Joe forget that it isn’t 1955 again?

    Brinton – strange people doing strange things.


    • As I mentioned, I don’t think that the payload of the B-21 needs to be as large and neither does the aircraft, because it will control drone stealth aircraft with payloads of their own. Thus, the B-21 system’s payload may vastly exceed that of the B-2 in an operational sense.

      Nobody will cover the strike. It will just happen. The world has changed.

      • Additionally, the open architecture is different than the closed architecture of the B-2. I am privy to some of the classified data that I can’t share or allude to. Suffice to say that the B-21 doesn’t have self-imposed limitations that the B-2 is subject to. The B-2 is 30 years old, after all.

          • No, but there is room for tech expansion within the aircraft. Modifying the hardware in the B-2 means tearing them apart. Not literally, but almost. They are expensive to upgrade and don’t lend themselves to the addition of quantum-style computing, for example. The Air Force learned a lot from the development and operation of the B-2. The B-52 is literally a new aircraft inside, which is why it’s still flying and relevant. They can’t do that with the B-2 because of the stealth characteristics of the frame and how it was constructed. The B-21 looks a lot like the B-2 but in terms of adaptability, it has more of the B-52 in it.

          • There is an opportunity for someone to write a satirical short story about a bomber crew who have to pay a ransomeware shakedown so that they can complete their mission….

    • It has a p ayload of > 30,000 lbs like a nuke carrier has a top speed of > 35 knots.

      And, really, in today’s environment, if you want to drop lots of bombs you use the B-52. If you want to drop precise munitions for a limited area effect do you really need B-52 levels of payload?

    • No mustard for me but yeah, pass the mayo. Here’s an open face version for cold weather–

      Large slice of sourdough french bread from the middle of round loaf. Toast before hand if desired. Butter slice and place on cookie sheet. Top with mustard, then sharp cheddar cheese, then tomato slices. Broil to melt cheese, cook tomato. Remove from oven and add pre-cooked bacon. Eat.

      • I like Gray Poupon on one side and mayo on the other. The right bread is critical. I’m with RHT on the French bread, (fresh, the way the French prefer bread) and toasting required.

      • I used to eat BLT’s for midrats, whole wheat toast because the bread was stale as often as not and it made the sandwich better. Usually, the Navy specializes in PB&J for midrats but there was a command that would cook up a few pounds of bacon and would slice tomatoes to scratch that itch.

      • i just order the blt, hold the lt. yeah, they look at me funny, until they realize i want a bacon sandwich. everybody loves bacon.

        • Good bacon and good bread are a marriage made in heaven.

          This blog’s readers may not know or care, but I REALLY like tomatoes. It’s not an obsession (depending on how you define obsession). I’ve had fried green tomatoes on a bacon sandwich and that’s pretty darn good too.

  2. – B-21 looks like my kids drew a B-2 and forgot half the wings

    – Can we get more Finnish Mosins as part of that arms deal? We don’t have to tell Brandon.

    – Speaking of Brandon, if that rail strike does go down (and it either will or it won’t, regardless of FJB’s royal decree), it will become very interesting what the truckers do, and how the nation responds to them. We can get by without trains, for a day or two at least. I can’t say the same for the trucks.

    – Pfizer can go pfu… ::ahem::. My apologies for that language. There may be children viewing this for some odd reason (Not worried about women seeing the profanity though; my dear wife would have completed the sentence without self-censor).

    And finally,
    – We’ve all heard such third hand stories. Probably also all known at least one Walter who insisted they had happened to him, first hand. My personal favorite was the fellow who insisted he had been involved in clandestine operations in Panama and Colombia in the 80s. He was born in the 70s. It was actually a pity, because the man was a born raconteur, and had plenty of his own, real stories to tell… But those, he would not utter. Perhaps he was embarrassed, or he felt them unworthy of the tale.

    ++ Postscript. Of course Katie Hobbs certified her own election. So did Putin, and we are all assured that there is no fraud in Russia unless Donald Trump is involved.

  3. B21…Always amazed that shape actually flies, some serious aeronautical design, and what a couple billion can get you.

    That one…geez. Let’s just hire every mentally deranged attention desiring reprobate we can find and put them in charge of, oh, I don’t know…for this special genius let say, nuke waste. Yeah, that’s the ticket to success. Talk about abject failure at every level, this Administration is a real life example of “Don’t pi$$ down my back then tell me it’s raining”, selling their brand of idiocy as if it’s pure brilliance.

    Pfizer is the Gas Chamber of big Pharma…pure evil doing for profit. Any woman injecting that into her innocent baby should….ahh, never mind.

    Rail Strike – Biden thinks he’s a tough guy, the rail workers will eat his lunch. Same deal with Hobbs, Lake will be relentless, as she should.

    • The DailyMail referred to him as “they”. I assume they checked on his pronouns before publication. But it’s apt. There’s more than one demon in there.

      As for Pfizer, I read yesterday that there’s a yuuuge number of miscarriages and still births after the shot on pregnant women. Can’t find the source quickly.

      Dear Father in Heaven. Please give Arizona Kari Lake a victory to encourage us all.

    • If I remember right, the only reason that shape flies is because of the onboard computers that make flight control decisions faster and more accurately than the best pilot can. Planes like the F-117, B-2, and now probably the B-21 are all “fly by wire” so the pilot’s controls are just input devices to the computers. Otherwise it would plummet to Terra Firma every time.

    • The flying wing is one of those things that, in an analog world, works with models and small, 1 person designs but does not scale up well, as Jack Northrup found out. Though he got close, damned close, with the X/YB-35 (props) and X/YB-49 (jets). Just needed computerized flight aid (like what Airbusses require else they fall out of the air) to make that final, really safe, flying condition. Heck, the first viable airplane was basically a flying wing with minimal control surfaces not located on the wings themselves (and the Wright Brothers used wing warping as the main control system, which people keep trying in modern experimental aircraft, cute idea, does not scale up to man-rated well.)

      The Horton Ho-229 flying wing was pretty much the real exception in a functional, controllable, useable flying wing pre-modern controlled systems. And US analysis, then and now, still cannot make sense of why the Ho-229 worked so well. Darned Nazi Space Engineers.

    • It may have been smuggling. Yes, it was tradecraft at one point and may still be. From what I have read, he just liked the woman’s expensive luggage and is a thief. (see Ed’s diagnosis above)

      • i read it used the bag for two months and wore some her clothes before they tracked it down. freaks, wouldn’t pass a security clearance, in charge of nuclear material.

          • Who needs to worry about security clearances when The Big Guy is openly handing security information directly to Red China (continuing the discount sale of America’s Secrets that the Clintons started.)

    • Pfizer likes to experiment on the unborn. I don’t think that they can help themselves. Obviously the woke and naive go along with their plan.

  4. Comment seen elsewhere: If Brinton randomly steals women’s luggage and wears the clothes inside, that would explain the fashion sense it has been displaying.

  5. I was 14 years old before I had the profane epiphany that it was unlikely that G*d was going to strike me down for eating a cheeseburger or a BLT or lobster Cantonese. Since that time (some 65+ years ago) no pig (smoked or not) has ever been safe in my vicinity. Coney does, too!

    BLT (my preference):
    Fresh Wonder Bread lightly toasted (Pepperidge Farms was on its way to the finest white bread ever made, IMHO, in the mid-50s, but the bean-counters took over sometime in the early 60s – what a shame).
    Hellman’s mayo (MW gives me the GIRD).
    Crisp, well-cooked on a griddle, warm, very fatty bacon (preferably hickory-smoked).
    Very crisp,very fresh (Iceberg, Boston at a pinch) cold lettuce leaves.
    Firm, cool slices of properly vine-ripened Cherokee Purple or Montserrat tomatoes.
    I am not a foodie. Yes, LL. I will write this 100 times on the blackboard.

    Pfizer is calling PH 111 a vaccine. I’m not yet certain if this is a vaccine per definition prior to Year 2000 or the definition that came into use most recently for COVID. I’m doing further (secondary) research. Right now Pfizer is calling it a vaccine for/against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), what I believe has always been called “the Common Cold”. Pfizer, I’m afraid, has lost all credibility with its most recent foray into mRNA COVID vaccines (I’m personally greatly surprised that the stock value is anywhere above $3.50, but…). Were either of my daughters (my son never had the ability/desire) to become pregnant, I would recommend against involving themselves with such a “vaccine” even/particularly if mandated. Against the Common Cold???

  6. Why does a BLT work? It hits all the taste buds, sweet, sour, savory, salty, meat and multiple textures. You can go gastro-analyze it down to the molecule, but it works because it works.

    Almost as good is just a LT with Mayo on white bread, even just plain sandwich bread. Because the mayo accentuates the taste and of the tomato and lettuce, assuming the tomato isn’t one of those mass-produced picked-green aged-with-CO2 blobs you can buy today. I often use plum tomatoes if I can’t find a tasty round one in the store, but fresh-picked garden-grown, still warm from the sun, is the best.

  7. As I forgot to say yesterday, the funniest part of the Rail Strike is watching the Fed Commiecrats stomping on Unions; as usual having forgotten what they said 5 minutes ago.



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