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Harry Said It

Harry Truman is quoted as saying, “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And, to tell you the truth, there’s hardly any difference.”
The First Bear of the Season
There are bears in the high country and this is my first bear sighting of the season (right), taken with my cell phone camera. The bear was ambling away from me and put a bit of distance between us as I grasped for the cell phone and selected the photo icon. I haven’t seen any wolves this spring, but it’s said that they’re running north of me. 
That passes for news at the White Wolf Mine.
Campers in the Coconino National Forrest seem to attract the bears with cooking and with trash. There are no campers within a mile of me, but they showed up for the Memorial Day weekend, snow and all.

Housekeeping Thoughts

Virtual Mirage turned ten years old a month ago. After that long, I’m loathe to change horses, but may make the jump from Blogger (Google) to WordPress. Blogger has been a real pain in the neck as of late and I suspect that it has to do with Google’s socialist bent and my feelings in the other direction. I consistently get about 50,000 hits per month (thank you all for hanging in there). So if you see a change in the coming weeks, it should be cosmetic only, as the content will shift to WordPress along with the blog. Virtual Mirage will remain free of advertising and lame attempts by me to drag the sack and beg you to part with your hard earned money. 
On Writing
I usually don’t read books which find their topics on vaginas or on sodomy. It’s not that I’m anti-vagina. I just have interest in reading other material. Our fellow blogger, John D. pointed out an incident recently when Naomi Wolf, author of “Vagina” and “Outrages: Sex, Censorship, and the Criminalization of Love” found that the thesis of her upcoming book was based on her misunderstanding of the law and court records in the past. (More Here) Research is key when you’re writing of cultural things in the past. Apparently nobody was executed in merry old England for sodomy, though her book was based on those executions. 

30 thoughts on “A Compendium

  1. I used to like camping. Then I joined the army, and got to do a lot of camping; tents, bugs, shitting in the woods, you know, camping.

    I don't like camping anymore, or not the way I used to camp. I now am a 'glamper.' 35-foot RV, A/C and Netflix in a Laz-Z-Boy with 'Magic Fingers.'

    No, don't much like camping, though, the army wrecked that for me.

  2. The army did ruin camping for me. Of course I can now pick the time and place I camp as well as the company and that makes all the difference. With advancing age, however, comfort has become more important so backpacking is pretty much out now.

  3. Glad you didn't have to fight the bear, though perhaps the rug would be worth it.

    And good luck with the transition to WP. I'm staying with blogger, despite their skulduggery.

  4. I haven't seen any bears in my new digs … yet. We will continue to bag our garbage in a bag in the freezer until trash day. Our trash has never been attacked in 40 years.

    WordPress, huh. So far I haven't felt the need. Happy Tenth!

  5. Lucky for the bear it was going away. Possibly your rep precedes you…
    I'm staying with blogger, my three readers seem ok with that.
    Congrats on your ten!

  6. I camped for a living too. Now I live in a shack in the woods and it’s snowing…on Memorial Day.

  7. That's some shack.
    When I was Air Force I camped in a/c controlled comm van on the back of a pick up. OD RV.
    I made sure I took midnight shift with the order wire turned up loud.
    We all have choices to make 🙂

  8. Jim: just so you know, camping is not camping unless you sleep in a sleeping bag, on the ground, crap in the woods, wipe your butt with leaves, sit around a fire on a folding chair (yes, that folding chair is as much comfort that is still allowed in the definition of camping).

    Comfort is ALL that matters to me now, if my Boll and Branch silk sheets in my RV are wrinkled, I gripe. If my filet mignon is too well done, I have a hissy fit. If I run out of propane so that my outside kitchenette burner goes out, I consider that as roughing it.

  9. I use WordPress to publish my newspaper online.
    I struggle with that regularly, always wishing for the simplicity and intuitive interface of blogger.
    Blogger has never messed with me, unlike Facebook.
    Just now a B-17 flew overhead. I could hear it.
    I regret having been typing while it did so, but it will be back.
    I have a series of pictures I took from my motorcycle (while in the Smokies) while riding through a picnic area.
    A cub comes out of the woods and scares a family away from their table and meal while the dad stays put, shooing him away.
    I waited for Momma Bear to show up, but she did not and the guy prevailed. Lucky him.

  10. Done all that. Just make sure the leaves you wipe with don't come in clusters of three.

  11. Hovel or Shack? At least there’s an 1800 square foot attached garage for toys and stuff.

  12. At the moment I’m just coming off “don’t eat yellow snow”…

    To be fair, one reason that I built my present house was to be in a campsite, without having to camp. As with Fredd, I can walk out on the deck, BBQ a steak, and bacon wrapped asparagus, then soak in a massive tub after dinner. Location is everything if you’re comfortable.

  13. I treat bears (trash loving critters) the way I do progressives. The weapon is in battery and the sight (optical or laser) is on them until they leave.

    Sorry you missed the B-17

  14. I don’t want to fight a Bear Danl Boone or Jim Bridger style, even with my kukri

  15. 50,000 hits? I am lucky getting 10,000 to 20,000.

    If you end up somewhere else I will keep reading.

  16. I've heard that bear backstrap is good eating. Never tried it myself.
    I had wordpress for a while. It got too smart for me, haha.
    So I just slog along with blogger whenever I get the urge to do a post.
    I will still follow you though.

  17. You have interesting neighbors. Keep your vehicles locked if they are outside.

  18. Congrats on hanging in there! You're a daily stop and I always enjoy the perspective!

  19. I don’t plan on eating bear, so long as I have an ample supply of porterhouse (aged) in the refrigerator…

  20. Are you going to use WordPress software and self-host, or use WP for everything? If the latter, recall that WP deplatformed Chateau Heartiste just the now.

    While the "Pick Up Artist" types strike me as slimy in general, Heartiste had some good insights from time to time. And I am certain that it was taken down because of the content of the comments section. The same reason that Takimag went comment-free.

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