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On a Billboard

I don’t know if it’s real or a hoax, but it should be real.



The Largest Insect that Ever Existed?


Meganeura is a genus of extinct insects from the Carboniferous period (approximately 300 million years ago), which resembled and are related to the present-day dragonflies. Its wingspans from 65 cm (25.6 in) to more than 70 cm (28 in), M.Monyi is one of the largest known species of flying insects. Meganeura was predatory and their diet consisted mainly of other insects.

Fossils were discovered in the French Stephanian Coal Measures of Commentary in 1880. In 1885, French paleontologist Charles Brongniart described and named the fossil “Meganeura” (large-nerved), which refers to the network of veins on the insect’s wings. Another fine fossil specimen was found in 1979 at Bolsover in Derbyshire. The holotype is housed in the National Museum of Natural History, in Paris.


For Riverrider

She’s in the river, buddy!



Truth in a job interview.


Arthur’s Stone

Arthur’s Stone, the famous Neolithic monument that inspired the ‘stone table’ in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Ever since the large quartz conglomerate rocks were first assembled, sometime around 3,700 BCE, this double-chambered tomb has remained a mysterious beacon of the past, perched on a Welsh hillside all by itself.

The highly protected, UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, known locally as Maen Ceti, has never been directly excavated, which means we know very little about how it was first built. Other similar sites in the region, found with skeletons, suggest it is probably a tomb of some sort.

Various myths surrounding the stone involve King Arthur, including one where the stone is a pebble cast from the fabled monarch’s shoe.

Another story involves the 6th century Welsh bishop, Saint David, who is said to have broken the stone with a swipe of his sword, angered by local Druid worship.

Apart from these myths and legends, historians and archaeologists have had little else to work with. Now, the first proper excavations slightly to the south of the monument have revealed a different story.

The findings, which have yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, suggest Arthur’s Stone was once part of a much larger ceremonial landscape.

When the tomb was first built, archaeologists say it was probably covered in a mound of compressed turf, with a series of posts to hold it in place. This long mound stretched into the nearby field, but rot caused it to collapse over time.

The mound was then rebuilt with a slightly different orientation.

In 2013, the hillside of Dorstone was also discovered to house three similar burial mounds, containing two ‘halls of the dead’, built roughly 6,000 years ago.

The date, structure, and orientation of Arthur’s Stone suggest these two hillside sites were closely connected.

“Each of these three turf mounds had been built on the footprint of a large timber building that had been deliberately burnt down,” says archaeologist Julian Thomas from the University of Manchester.

Arthur’s Stone is not the only odd stacking of rocks found in the United Kingdom, but it’s famous. While the site looks like a lot of effort to build, its appearance is somewhat deceiving.

Instead of stacking these large stones on top of one another, the ground underneath the main rock was probably dug out to allow supporting rocks to slide underneath.

A long mound of dirt was then added over the top, extending all the way into the field to the south, which is where the recent excavations occurred.

What’s left today is probably only a fraction of what once existed.


Natural Selection

Proving Darwin was correct, this genetic mutation did not catch on with the species and slowly dies out. A more successful genetic variant would have the capability of running out to the waiting car with the stolen beer.

Though in some states theft is cool and legal, so I’m sure this species thrives in that environment.

22 thoughts on “Moments

  1. The billboards should be real indeed.

    When I was stationed in England we visited several of the burial sites and it always amazed me the amount of effort that was put into constructing them. Looking at it from the perspective of the amount of available time the people had that wasn’t taken up by farming or repairing roofs and all the other necessities of day to day survival the effort to put these monuments together must have taken a good portion of of the entire populous’s lives.

    1. Their ancestor’s place in the beyond was of critical importance, as was their place. They honored their people’s lives and it speaks volumes.

    2. These monuments were typically built at places of summer pasture. That would’ve been the only time of year they might have had spare time – and decent weather – to do that.

      1. Some of the larger monuments were doubtless constructed over more than one season. In some cases, the rocks were transported for tens or hundreds of miles. Maybe they used rivers to float them, but there are only enigmas remaining.

  2. so the science is settled, but we don’t even know our own history and keep finding things that offend settled science. so called anthropologists say we only became domesticated 6k years ago but didn’t have time to build monuments and such as we were too busy trying to survive. they claim up until that time we were nomadic. this and several other recently discovered sites put the blade to their settle science.

      1. You have to be careful not to step into the archeological pile. 2+2=4 is reliable. The opinions of archeologists need to be metered and measured.

  3. Completely off topic, but what load do you favor in your Alaskan .454? Do you handload or use factory?
    I ask as I’m building a load for my own, using 225g Hornady FTX (what I could find on the shelf), and it reminded me you favor the round and revolver.

    1. I have a number of different factory loads but my daily carry is the 225gr Hornady. I have not hand-loaded them yet. If I lived in grizzly country, I’d go to a more penetrating load.

  4. Thinking the billboard hack is real…if they keep it direct with visuals, a majority will not object.

    Watch it get worse. Already has. Leaving thousands to die in Afghanistan because there is precisely NO PLAN, is beyond impeachment, it is criminal.

    We are seeing the total destruction of our Country and erasing of Constitutional Rights by the enemy within, who appear to have no conscience and are seemingly untouchable. MrsPaulM received a company-wide missive first thing this morning…appeared staged for direct deployment once the Administration told the FDA – without any real clinical trial data – to “approve” the Pfizer vaccine. The “letter” states that all employees have 1 week to be “fully” vaccinated, and must prove their status, or their employment status will be in jeopardy.

    WTF, Over!! This is illegal, no company can force a potentially dangerous sequenced DNA load of crap to be injected into their employees, who last I checked were not indentured servants. Why are they pushing this crap so hard? Something is up with this “vaccine”. Eff’ing woke crowd need to be vaporized.

    Colorado has allowed this overreach, whereas AZ, MT, SD, and seven other states disallow companies to impose this delusional BS. Maybe get a new PO Box. This will change how we handle the next week. We won’t lie, but we may be left with few options going forward. A$$holes.

    River Sirens are to approached with caution…might need a bigger boat.

    1. The mid-term elections will be interesting.

      The Democrats hope that we’ll forget.

        1. But the sheeple will. That’s why they’re ramming this stuff through so hard, so the sheeple will be adjusted to it, and settled back down.

          1. Agreed. Masks were compliance test one, vaccines are step two. If they insist on overwinding their toys things will come to a head soon.

      1. The mid-terms will be interesting, if we’re allowed to have them. And the level of fraud is controlled.

        1. It’s interesting to watch what is happening in Australia. They seem to want to turn the subcontinent back into a penal colony over the flu – with a 99.8% survival rate.

  5. What great billboards! The great Ice Cream Presidency.

    Btw, the Specialist says hi, he’s doing well at Hood and likes the unit. Better, apparently, than Korea. Well whoever said raising kids would be easy.

  6. In regards to all the various tombs and stuff, again, the Victorians screwed up a lot of that stuff. Sadly.

    As to the skeleton? Yeah… Love seeing those people try to run from the cops. Even the donut-huffers can catch the average idiot these days.

    And I’d hate to have to interview today. What could I say that won’t offend some HR twerp?

    1. Victorians loved their relics. It’s odd, but they still seem to cherish special “ruins”. That meant that they’d “fix” them to appear better to guests.

  7. @Paulm
    I have asked myself a dozen times ,why are they pushing this vaccine so hard ? What’s the point ?
    There is no rational answer. They are just going to create a bunch of desperate people. When a forced vax. Kills a spouse, a child or grandchild , there are those who will respond kinetically.
    Hell many days the only reason I don’t go postal , is that it would embarrass my wife.

    1. Because just maybe its not fully a vaccine but contains other “things”? And more confusing is science has tried for decades to create a coronavirus vaccine, but can’t.

      My bride deals in this every day, confuses her as well. Says a proper newer respiratory vaccine should be (layman’s terms) IGA oriented (given intranasal), whereas an intramuscular shot is IGG and does a poor job with efficacy. This is commonly known irrefutable science. But every official is flat out lying about this and everything related to SARS CoV-2 (eg. herd immunity via vaccines instead of natural). It’s political theater foisted on the ignorant populace. Masks are another tactic layer.

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