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 This Day in Napoleonic History 

November 27, 1812 – the battle on the Berezina River

Painting by Jan Honck van Papendrecht

The painting depicts the 124th Infantry Regiment, one of four Dutch infantry regiments in French service that took part in the Russian campaign. In addition, there was also a Dutch guard regiment of grenadiers, a regiment of guard lancers, a regiment of light infantry, a regiment of cuirassiers, a regiment of hussars, an artillery regiment, a battalion of Trains, and a battalion of pioneers (who built the bridge over the Berezina) who took part in the campaign in Russia.

The Berezina was a victory. The goal was to escape. And the trap was so good it was nearly impossible to escape. But they did.


 Bullet Points: 

** The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent Ukrainian response has become an uncomfortable thorn in the Russian side. (h/t Claudio) They can throw the odd dissenter off a balcony or plant a bomb in an executive jet, but when the people agree on the fact that the war is not what they want, it becomes more uncomfortable for leadership. Russian men are not lining up to make $500 a month on the Ukrainian front with inadequate clothing, rotten food, mud, snow, and angry Ukrainians lobbing superior NATO weapons at them. “Help our guys, please,” the Russian women chant in unison. It’s difficult to frame it as a “Great Patriotic War.”

** The new Russian armored vehicle…disappointing to the Russian Army. Good for everyone else (h/t Claudio).

** Sigourney Weaver eating a foot-long at Tail-o-the-Pup hotdog shack in Los Angeles circa 1983. You can tell a lot about her by the way she ate the hot dog. The photo was taken after she starred in Alien but before she married for the first time.

** Which turf do YOU stand on? The whole point of astroturf is to try to convince you there’s widespread support for or against an agenda when there’s not.

** Mitt is a continual disappointment. It would be better if he just switched parties and was ‘ridin’ with Biden instead of pretending to be a Republican.

** Adding enhanced firepower and lethality to the Type 26 (h/t Claudio). Good article.

** (Gateway Pundit) “Almost all of the people associated with (JFK’s assassination) were involved with the Miami Station, which was the largest CIA Station at the time and was basically the Cuban Station,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said. “The people who were involved were people like Bill Harvey and David Atlee Phillips, who was clearly involved in my uncle’s assassination. By all evidence, he was Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler at the CIA. E. Howard Hunt made a confessionDavid Morales, who was the chief hitman, ran the Operation Phoenix program in Vietnam. He killed ten thousand people, and he also gave a confession of being in Dallas.”

The Cuba Station was “angry at my uncle for not sending in air cover during the Bay of Pigs invasion”, Kennedy said. “After the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, my uncle developed this friendship with Khrushchev, and he shut down all the attacks on Cuba by Alpha 66 and other groups who were harassing Cuba and sinking Russian ships. They were operating flotillas out of South Florida and doing raids. My uncle (JFK) and father (RFK) sent the Coast Guard to confiscate their ships and weaponry and arrest those that kept doing it.”

“Why not just admit it now? Why would Biden not declassify the documents?” related to the JFK assassination, Tucker asked. “And why wouldn’t Trump” declassify the documents, RFK asked. “Because he was convinced by Mike Pompeo not to,” Tucker said.


Identify the AFV


Extra points if you can also name the country that operates this vehicle (from the camo).



Extra points for the country they’re parked in.


This is a mobile launcher, not an AFV. Can you ID it and the missiles that it operates?



  1. IDAFV:
    1. ACV 300 Adan 25mm Bushmaster
    2. Milrem Robotics Type-X UGV
    3. British SARACEN. Located in Northern Ireland I believe.
    4. AFT 10/HJ-10. Patriot Missiles PAC-3 launching system.

  2. Identify the AFV:
    1. Malaysian ACV-300 Adnan
    2. Milrem Robotics Type-X unmanned ground vehicle
    3. Alvis Saracens in Northern Ireland
    4. ZBD-04A AT with AFT-10 AT missiles.

  3. Well, despicable as he is, Mitt’s not entirely wrong on this: I might vote for RFK Jr before I’d vote for Ramaswamy. Now Vivek might personally be an excellent individual (or not), but we don’t need to establish the precedent of installing yet another minority class to be our political overlords. It’s not as if it’s working out well with our current ones.

    Mitt is a good name for the man, by the way, since it’s also used for a particular female body part.

    In other Idiot Party political news, Marco “Rat-Claws” Rubio’s handlers sent me a text ad hawking their “All I want for Christmas is a new President” T-shirt for a low, low price of $25. You dimwits do realize that if we truly get a new president on 25DEC it’s almost certainly gonna be Harris, yeah?

    • The propaganda war continues hot and heavy where Ukraine and Russia are concerned. We do know that Russia, for all its might, money, population, and military strength, is not taking ground in any significant way. They have not marched into Kiev, for example. The true casualty numbers are not knowable but a WIA is always better than a KIA because WIAs need to be cared for (more resources devoted to them). I don’t see Russia winning in the short term. Based on my small company’s part on the ground in the early days of the war, they were genuinely thrown back.

      Attacking successfully as a rule of thumb requires 4-1 odds. It’s not absolute, but historically, it an excepted ratio from Clausewitz to the present. Defending requires far fewer people and the attacker will almost always take many more casualties (thus the odds). Russia lost, and I mean LOST many of its best troops and officers in the early days of the war. The same happened to Ukraine not in the same absolute numbers, but yeah, many of their best are gone as well.

      • Government-based propaganda is the only news we get today; inany case, it’s all in the eye of the beholder anyway.
        Anyone have a good threshing machine for gluten-free grain?

      • Radio Liberty was added at some point, and they became RL/RFE, but they never went away.

        There was also the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, which started before WW2 and was handed off to the OSS and thence to the CIA. The material provided by FBIS was disseminated to over 700 recipients not only in the U.S. Intelligence Community but also in a large number of government, diplomatic, and military organizations.

        A lot of FBIS material made its way to Radio Liberty once the Wall fell.

        I used to read the FBIS traffic, which came out as a published daily magazine. The material provided by FBIS, although it came from openly available public radio and TV broadcasts, was not made freely available to the American people, frequently due to copyright laws.

        • And, there is RFA. Radio Free Asia is a United States government-funded news service that broadcasts radio programs and publishes online news, information, and commentary for its audiences in Asia, targeted to North Korea and the People’s Republic of China

  4. AstroTurf- Excellent term, apparently there are a lot of people out there with a keyboard and a lot of time on their hands…and funding. The problem is EVERYTHING we are being fed is FAKE in order to sway public opinion, which is apparently more important than facts these days. Gossip is now “commenting”, but with more gravitas (as I sit here commenting, however pure my motives in offering some rational/logical thought on a particular subject). Hence the push to quash opposing opinions Orwell style; no competition means the stealth demented viewpoint is left unchallenged so wins the day. Discernment of who’s-who is getting more difficult.

    Mitt- People voted this wooden-hair charlatan into office…same with Sanders, AOC, Warren, etc. Thing is, after willingly AstroTurf-ing themselves they stare at the clouds wondering why things are so lousy in their lives after voting for fakery.

  5. Personally I think Marilyn Monroe sucking back the flask has it all over Sigourney working on her gag reflex. But I digress. Interesting reading on (Morales). As far as Mitt goes good riddance. Nice picture to use for color dot drills though.

  6. Mitt Romney. Two major achievements. Bain Capital, acquiring control of viable companies, stripping their assets, and leaving the husk behind. That same ruthlessness allowed him to save the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. When Moroni blows his horn, Mitts ass is grass.

    • As with Rashashana (the warning of the coming of the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord), Mitt expects to be called up yonder and stand on the right hand because he’s so incredibly righteous. Just ask him; he’ll tell you how good he is and you aren’t.


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