Map to Japanese Ships on the Bottom (h/t Jules)


HE-162a Salamander

The Hinterbrühl underground production line for the He-162A, captured in April 1945.  The German government had aimed to produce 4,000 (Salamanders) a month, but only 200 were completed. 800 more were part-way through the production process by the time the Allies captured their underground factories.

You wouldn’t want to bail out of one.


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It’s not Austria’s vax BJ 


    • Matters only to those who have savings. The welfare-dependent masses live from “entitlement” payment to payment anyway (steaks, skrimpz, an’ dem decorated cakes), and the “elite” have their own arrangements. The middle-class, working person is the one who is most adversely affected.

      It’s always the same three things from the same playbook: currency manipulation/inflation, aggressive promotion of deviancy, and control of news media. “And then one day, for absolutely no reason at all ….”

    • I didn’t make the map. Having said that, I find it incredible that the progs wouldn’t want to stop the slaughter. They are clearly pleased with it.

      • Since the murder rate doesn’t involve good liberals and leftists and the elite (all, not surprisingly, mostly caucasian) but does involve minorities, especially those whose ancestors were imported from late 1600s to mid 1800s, there is no motive towards saving the minorities.

        Just remember that there were two groups of abolitionists. One wanted to free the slaves and then treat them 100% as if they were equal to white people and integrate them into American society as productive citizens. The other? Free the slaves and let them either continue to punish the South or ship them back home as they (the abolitionists) didn’t want the ex-slaves anywhere near them, as they considered them to be human, just not human-human.

        Right-winger conservative abolitionists tended to see all humans as equal humans. “Says so in the Bible, therefore it must be.” (New Testament. Don’t get me started on the Old Testament.)

        Centrists or Left-wing abolitionists tended to be the other. The “They’re human, just not human-human and need not to be anywhere near polite civilization.”

        So, no. Chicago Elite don’t consider the animals shooting each other to be humans. And it’s why they only care when the animals shoot one of the Chicago Elite (and the Chicago Elite don’t really care about tourists, other than fleecing them.)

        Same in DC, or New York City. Or Lost Angeles. Or Shit Francisco. Or New Orleans or any other bit city controlled by leftists (like St. Petersburg in Florida, which is mostly a No-Go place, seriously, don’t go there.)

        • MrsPaulM’s family has a condo in St. Pete, nice enclave, across the water from the Don Cesar, had it forever. When you know the spots it’s a great place. Last time we were there was February 2020…paper straws, idiotic edicts, but early in the Covid stupidity. Last time we flew. Won’t go back until we can fly without being accosted or subject to public idiots, which may be never again.

          • Check the price of charter business jets. Some of the deals are as good as regular airlines and you don’t have to play TSA handsies.

      • Most of the high-speed piston fighters needed an ejection seat. Just the P-38 had that killer horizontal tail. Single engine fighters were known to kill or maim their pilots as bad or worse than the Lightning, since they had both vertical and horizontal structures to run into.

        Guy living behind me when I was growing up was a Lightning pilot (who shot 7 Stukas down in one engagement.) He said bailing out of the Lightning was easier because it was a more-stable platform and you just had to duck under the horizontal. You didn’t need to pitch out as much.

  1. No wonder there are so many Armenians in Rhode Island!

    That IJN map is great, too bad it doesn’t cover the whole theatre.


  2. Interesting map. Look like a couple-three of those ships got blown plumb out of the water and onto dry land (in China). River gunboats, perhaps?

  3. I’m confused, when we are instructed to put the “seat down” is that the “seat lid” or the actual “seat” or the “seat and lid”.? I’ve heard the lid and seat should be down (best so I don’t drop my Leatherman in), but have also been told to leave the lid up but seat down.

    These are the things I think about…

    …besides how a truck load of bricks [once again] showed up in Kenosha, and why the judge isn’t tossing this crapshow of a Prosecution out of his courtroom with prejudice.

      • As to the bricks, I’ve heard that counter-incindiaries may be present to assist the police and national guard. Sort of Rittenhouse on steroids.

        • So actual lawful self defense (not the twisted ADA Binder version) to be employed if the anarchists get out of hand. The jury should deliberate for at least a week, defuse the hair trigger approach of the mob and MSM.

    • Skip it all. Pee in the sink. That way the people who refuse to learn how to lift the seat up don’t have to ever worry about the position of the seat as Omen will still sit to do #2.

      Or live some place you can go pee off your deck and nobody will notice or complain.

      Wanna play games, Ladies? Men are experts at playing rough games.

  4. Jeff is correct. Heinkel pioneered the ejection seat in their night fighter. There are two that I know of in the US, one in Planes of Fame at Chino, and one in Udvar Hazy.

  5. We have to wonder, what else did the NDSAP have under development? In the meanwhile, we’ve got Biden, Beto, the Vax Crooks and their handlers running the show. Question, who are the handlers?

    • The website has a lot of actual and potential developments and projects created by the NDSAP. Some of the designs just coming online and projected to come on line in late ’45 and early ’46 would have been a serious game changer, if the Nazis would ever have been able to get them up in numbers (fuel, personnel, etc all contributing to that not happening.)

      Like the Imperial Japanese. Some of their current designs and future designs that they either were waiting to field for the invasion of Japan or working on to bring out during the long, slow, retreat to the highlands were very good. Tanks, planes, guns, all good, just not doable with us pounding their skulls to dust. (And just how close to fielding their own nuke, or using chemical and biological on US troops (and potentially civilians) is speculative right now, thank God.)

  6. The Salamander was a surprisingly good design. As long as the prison labor mixed the glue for all the wood parts correctly. Fast, maneuverable, and all that wood did a wonderful job of not showing as much on early airborne radar sets.

    Good landing gear design for rough runways. And having the engine mounted on top made it much less FOD-able.

  7. And now thinking about it, considering all the theft of old ships in the west Pacific, I wonder how many of those ships are still there? Damned evil salvagers.

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