You’ll Be Sorry (Sunday Sermonette)

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If you read any article in any mainstream newspaper in America, or listen to any news program on the mainstream media (which isn’t really news, it’s commentary designed to influence outcomes rather than report on events), you can’t avoid the refrain, “YOU’LL BE SORRY”. Progs in the Ministry of Truth hate nothing worse than people ignoring their erudite and illuminating prose. Such was the case with the election of President Trump – and the down-ticket race which handed the Senate and the House of Representatives to the Republican Party. America didn’t care what the media had to say. Some cynics even feel that the entitled, overpaid, smug, metrosexual media convinced the homophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, deplorable people in “fly-over country” to vote for President Trump because of the media’s shameless and non-stop trashing of candidate Trump.
Barack’s plea to those homophobic, sexist, racist, deplorables was simple: “If you elect Donald Trump, you repudiate my legacy.” Oooops.
Post-election the Democrat Party blames the failure of an entitled white (criminal) woman to ascend to the presidency due to racism. I would accept a cry of ‘sexism’ because Hillary Clinton (the Bitch of Benghazi) is a woman, but that’s not what they’re saying. The Democrats say that Hillary lost to Trump because (even though they are both white and about 70 years old) of her race. That makes no sense at all. Not even considering that the progs are saying it. 
I mentioned this to a prog that I know. He scratched his head and said (tongue in cheek), “Bill Clinton is known as ‘the first black president’. Hillary married him and that makes it a mixed race marriage.” It goes to show that some progs don’t take the mainstream media or the Clinton campaign any more seriously than America in general did. The prog continued, “That might work for Chelsea Clinton, who is the last hope for a Clinton dynasty now. She can run for office as a half-black candidate the way that Obama did. From a Democrat’s point of view, she’s every bit as black as Obama.”

You may be saying to yourself that the prog doesn’t sound very progressive, but he’s a social justice warrior, intent in waging a war on the weather and redistributing other people’s money. He’s just disgusted with the Clintons, who he recognized to be a ‘criminal cabal’.

Returning back to the basic theme here, what of the media? I read an article this morning in the Boston Globe, wherein the “you’ll be sorry” theme was pushed forward yet again to the people of Boston and Massachusetts, who ironically voted for Clinton over Trump. He preached to the choir – which is something that the Editorial Staff of Virtual Mirage does on every Sunday Sermonette. Does that mean that the Boston Globe envies VM? Maybe, when you consider the scant readership of the Globe these days.

An article on Fox News, written by a Democrat, offered an interesting perspective. Though a Democrat, he’s not quite part of the mainstream media, and he’s a former CIA ops officer, which is why his reasoned article makes sense. 

(Fox) During a shouting matching Thursday night between top aides of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the President-elect’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway summed up a key reason for why my Democratic Party lost – and will likely continue to lose. “There’s a difference for voters between what offends you and what affects you.”

…During the election, Secretary Hillary Clinton levied a million arguments for why Trump wasn’t fit for the presidency. He was accused of hating women, gays, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, and overweight beauty queens. He had a bad temperament. He was a Russian spy. He bankrupted contractors. He hadn’t paid taxes since the 1980s. His skin was orange and his hair fake. 
Since the election, we’ve stuck to the same script. His chief strategist is a white supremacist. His cabinet picks are Islamophobic. His business interests are in conflict with Washington protocol. 
But guess what? Most voters didn’t – and still don’t – care. In the Rust Belt and rural communities, they have bigger problems to tackle. Idle factories, saw mills, and coal mines. Families falling apart from opioid addiction. Incomes that have less buying power than 40 years ago. Kids living at home because they are swamped with student debt. 
They’re running out of hope.
America dodged a bullet. We could have been stuck with the evil and repellant Hillary Clinton and all of the damage that would have caused the nation. But I don’t know that the mainstream media will ever recover.

18 thoughts on “You’ll Be Sorry (Sunday Sermonette)

  1. The MSM will probably recover, evil always has a way of rebounding from adversity. The Bush and Clinton clans, they won't recover anytime soon, if ever. Thankfully.

    Yes, we certainly dodged a bullet. With her in charge, those idle factories, sawmills and coal mines would have doubled in number. Of course, Hillary's bank account would triple, and that's all she would care about. If there is any justice left in the US, she and her miscreant hubby will have to spend most if not all of their ill gotten gains on lawyers to defend that pus hole of a foundation of theirs.

  2. Our news is so much better than yours. Farmers up and down our land are breeding titanic 10 ft Brexit Turkeys which are being milked to make supermarket cheese. No joke.

  3. Don't think I can't see what's going on here, LL. That 'regular or extra crispy' snark clearly references your disdain for all things chicken. I bet you hate chicken fried steak, and since that's the state food of Texas, I bet you hate all Texans. You are obviously a fowlophobe. Or a Texophobe. Or both.

    Or maybe it's something more sinister: that vile quip suggests that you hate Colonol Sanders, and if you hate this colonel, you must loathe all colonels and the military in general. Since you despise the military, who protect our citizens from foreign invasion, you must believe in your heart of hearts that we would all be better off under communism, and you wrote in Vladimir Putin for president in the confines of your local polling place.

    Don't think for a second that I don't see through your nefarious schemes.

    Then again, this might be your attempt at humor. The jury is out.

  4. Per Dick Morris, the demographic that Shillary lost was white male high school graduates, which cost her the election in Rust Belt States. In a country with a population North of 310,000,000 how do you know for sure? What I do know is men, with intact functioning genitalia, seldom react positively to screeching bitches.

  5. Fredd's comment hits squarely at your repressed hatred for chickens. But… I dare tell him that chicken fried steak is, well – a hunk of cow? Our mark of a good restaurant is how well they do chicken fried steak. I have personally eaten chicken (sometimes called country fried) fried steak from one end of the country to the other. Only two or three stand out as wonderful.

    Only slightly OT – When I moved from Minnesota to Texas at the ripe 'ol age of 17 (talk about dodging a MN bullet – oy vey) I remember ordering my first chicken fried steak and being completely confused when it arrived at the table. WTHell? I thought I was getting chicken.

    Ranks right up there the first time I was in a bar and the band played Dixie and everyone stood up. I was completely flummoxed. Why were people standing? By the time I left Texas I knew the best places to get chicken fried steak and stood with my fellow Texans when the band played Dixie.

    God bless Texas and Donald J. Trump.

  6. I like chicken fried steak and I also like chicken fried chicken. I also like the sides, but you can't get it done properly in California, which is why I eat it when I visit Texas.

    Normally the portions in Texas are huge (yuge). Last time I was there I took Fredd's advice and went to a chicken fried steak joint in Tomball, outside Houston. His advice was sound and everyone there eating chicken fried steak was of "ample" size. I asked the lady if they were all regulars and she confirmed that they were.

  7. Hey, guess what, Libs. Nobody Cares.

    Unless you're at Harvard or somewhere stupid, in which case the point remains the same.

  8. While wearing pajamas and living in their parent's basement due to the fact that their "14th Century Women's Poetry" degree can't even get them a job flipping burgers.

    Oh, the humanity!

  9. …Sucking their thumbs and contemplating gender transformation, blaming only themselves that they voted for Hillary instead of Jill Stein.

  10. All I can say about Chelsea is 'Good Grief'.
    I think America dodged a bullet for now. I am hoping for a better America, too.

  11. I'm sure that Chelsea will rise like a phoenix from the ashes and will be elected to be a US Senator from NY.

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