ObamaNation: Cause and Effect

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Cause: Operation Fast and Furious, ACORN Scandal, The Benghazi Scandal, Syrian Red Lines, The IRS Scandal, ObamaCare Lies, EPA Scandal, 17 trillion in debt, NSA Scandal, etc.
Effect: Obama is ending his fifth year in office with the lowest approval ratings at this point in the presidency since President Richard Nixon, according to a new Washington Post/ABC poll released yesterday. 

Obama’s approval rating in the poll stands at 39%. By comparison, President George W. Bush had a 47% approval rating at the end of the fifth year of his presidency. And all other Post-World War II presidents had approval ratings above 50% — with the exception of Nixon, who, amid the Watergate scandal, had a dreadful 29% approval rating.

New Strategy:

Hide the ball more effectively.

The latest slap at this Administration’s lack of transparency comes from a Federal Judge appointed by Bill Clinton, who scolded the Obama administration for its secretive ways and ordered officials to turn over a bland-sounding foreign policy document. 
Chastising what she called “the government’s unwarranted expansion of the presidential communications privilege at the expense of the public’s interest in disclosure,” U.S. District Judge Ellen Seal Huvelle ruled the Presidential Policy Directive on Global Development is not exempt from the Freedom of Information Act or FOIA.
Judge Huvelle’s 20-page decision took a shot at the Obama administration’s penchant for secrecy. 

“The government appears to adopt the cavalier attitude that the President should be permitted to convey orders throughout the Executive Branch without public oversight, to engage in what is in effect governance by ‘secret law,'” Huvelle wrote.

The Center for Effective Government, formerly known as OMB Watch, filed a FOIA request in 2011 for the document. It is not classified, and has been widely distributed within executive agencies. The Obama administration nonetheless sought to keep the document to itself, claiming an executive communication privilege under FOIA.

This is an important case; as Huvelle noted, it’s the first time an administration sought to apply the executive communication privilege to an executive directive. The administration’s legal posture, Huvelle declared at various time, was “limitless” and “unbounded.”

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  1. That's a hell-of-a decision for Huvelle…

    Well that's how I read it.

    "Cavalier attitude" pretty much sums it up for him.

  2. They've set themselves above and apart from the law. Usually that's not what presidents do – it's the path that tyrants trod. And the watchdog media applauds him.

  3. Yes, he did. But then again, Nixon served in the military during wartime and Nixon was an American. Barack is a third world scammer.

  4. I know. A day late and a dollar short (not that the latter's worth much these days) but I've linked to the excellent Virtual Mirage. Cheers.

  5. A great article and very insightful. I think you hit the nail on the head.

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  6. The real danger here is the remaining 3 years. He has to be getting desperate, his inner circle remains small and isolated and he seems to be emotionally incapable of admitting an error. A very dangerous mix that will need to be watched and guarded against.

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