I’m not sure where this is, but I thought that it was a simple and yet cool picture of a church.


How Many Universes?

I don’t know. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? But…is space being recycled? There is this: Ghost Black Holes

“We are not living in the first universe. There were other universes, in other eons, before ours, a group of physicists has said. Like ours, these universes were full of black holes. And we can detect traces of those long-dead black holes in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) — the radioactive remnant of our universe’s violent birth.

“At least, that’s the somewhat eccentric view of the group of theorists, including the prominent Oxford University mathematical physicist Roger Penrose (also an important Stephen Hawking collaborator). Penrose and his acolytes argue for a modified version of the Big Bang.”

It’s true that none of this impacts the price of tea in China, but it’s interesting reading.


Then there is This

Is there ever too much?

I can relate.

That’s the point of the sermonette on this blog this Sunday. You can’t get enough weapons and ammo. You just can’t. And the moment that you think you have enough — something comes along. It’s like popcorn or potato chips.


Remind me Please — Why?

The littoral combat ship USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) practices an unrep by receiving fuel from the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) off NAVSTAMAYPORT.

The US Navy bought 35. They each cost nearly half a billion dollars and nobody can tell me what they’re supposed to be used for with a straight face.

Media reports stated that the U.S. Navy, as part of its fiscal 2021 budget, has proposed to retire the first four LCS ships in 2021 as part of a cost-savings measure. If approved, these would be USS Freedom and USS Fort Worth from the Freedom-class, and USS Independence and USS Coronado from the Independence-class.

These sorts of moronic purchases lead to catastrophic failure if a shooting war should break out. The LCS mounted with a big radar reflector, would make a good decoy target for Chinese missiles.

Taiwan has expressed an interest in buying LCS. Maybe that’s what they intend to use them for.


Biden Voter

Yes, there were people who voted for him.


    • A warship that can’t fight and can’t defend itself is the politically correct wet dream of Obama admirals.

      • May be news that’s a few days old but I just read this morning that between 2022 and 2026 the Navy will retire the Nimitz, 11 Tico’s and 11 Los Angeles class subs. That is a huge amount of firepower and given the fact that the production rate of new ships is so slow and some are the LCS its looking pretty bleak. I have no idea what is being built over the next 5 years but I’m thinking it won’t be enough.

        • I’ve heard that’s the way things are headed. Ships age and the cruisers are all long in the tooth. The LA Class submarines don’t have the vertical launch capability of their successors, which have a lot more mission flexibility.

          Whether we’re retiring too much too fast is a judgment call and we have wasted a lot of resources on surface ships such as the LCS and Zoomies that don’t perform at all.

        • They’ll just uproot recently closed Taco Ticos, slap ’em on Mississippi River barges and call it peace.

  1. Some truth in that cartoon. I just saw a barrel on sale at Brownell’s that’ll go well with a stripped upper I have laying around.

  2. Judging by the Icelandic flag, I’m gonna go with Iceland. Other than that, no idea, but it looks bigger than most towns there?


    • Well done! Stunningly clean design as one would expect in Iceland. Full description: The Hateigskirkja Evangelical Lutheran Church…with the Reykjavik landmark of Hallgrímskirkja Lutheran church in the background.

  3. CCC: some believe Ragnarok to be cyclical. A periodic reset and renewal rather than the end of all things. This is reminiscent of Poul Anderson’s novel “Tau Zero”. No spoilers, other than to say, “Lif and Lifthrasir”.

    Blog readers here would know better than me whether there is a 2021 equivalent of Project 100,000 in the works. I strongly suspect there is, only the criterion will not be lowered mentation but rather lower morality. In light of this, I humbly propose that these new additions to the Navy be put in sole charge and manning (er, personning?) of the Navy’s latest and best technology (LCS), as a sort of partial restitution for all the discrimination those people faced in the past. What to do the the LCS ships will be solved within the year: they will become new artificial reefs.

    Re: Taiwan/ROC. I think those people have enough problems facing them without LCS.

    • Nothing wrong with the actual hull portion that putting decent engines and weapons on them wouldn’t fix.

      Seriously, they can be made to work as coastal cutters, and we have tons of studies to show how to use them properly and arm them properly. But we have ignored all the studies and all the positive criticism, so no we are stuck with them.

      Surprised they can’t cut the LAs and insert a VLS section in them. Which is how the original Polaris subs were made.

      • The USCG cutters are much better. The navy tried to pawn them off, but the puddle pirates wanted no part of them.

  4. Whoever the cartoonist is, good job on actually drawing real weapons.

    Too many long range and short range weapons. There needs to be more mid-range hand weapons.

    And, yes, you can have too many weapons. It’s simple. No place to put them? Too many. Time to buy a larger house/castle/bunker.

  5. used my stimulus check to buy a stribog. which is funny b/c i’m selling 15 or 20 rifles off the top of the heap. felt right at the time.

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