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Identify the Aircraft


    Bullet Points:

** Although the majority of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees come from “underrepresented racial and ethnic groups,” the agency is hiring a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the recommendation of a special Inclusion Action Committee (IAC) created after George Floyd’s death. The head of the Homeland Security agency created after 9/11 to protect the nation’s transportation system says the new Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer will report directly to him and will help drive cultural change, establish a new leadership principle focused on supporting and sustaining an inclusive culture and ensure that performance plans for TSA executives focus on inclusive leadership. Despite a 55% racial and ethnic minority staff, the agency with 60,000 employees will work to ensure it is inclusive and that diversity is reflected at all levels, according to an extensive report published by the in-house IAC.

** The End is Near (again) –  “Earth’s rising sea levels could spark a mass exodus of entire populations on a biblical scale,” the UN’s Secretary-General has warned. In a grim speech to the UN’s security council in New York, Antonio Guterres said countries like Bangladesh, China, India, and the Netherlands risk being flooded. The beachside mansions of oligarchs worldwide would be the first to go…

Even though there is NO PROOF of rising sea levels, these cheap political hacks still spew their stuff. Without a Green New Deal, we’ll all be dead next year from global warming.  I’d welcome some global warming in Arizona today to melt the foot of snow that fell.

** The Morlocks live among us. (h/t. JW) The Morlock is a subhuman who imagines himself to be posthuman, that is, anointed as superior by fate or by evolution. The Morlock imagines men to be livestock. We, the vulgar, the lowly, the benighted, are lambs to be shepherded and — for he too has a faith, albeit a perverse one — lambs to be sacrificed for the salvation of the world.

All these imaginations are vain, not merely inversions of the truth, but perversions of it. Deception and self-deception are the core of their mystery.

Morlock is not their name for themselves. They are an occult and parasitic tradition, that disguises its aims and means in layers of deception and self-deception.

The names that they give themselves are legion. In times long gone, they were called the Illuminati, the Enlightened Ones; or the Gnostics, who possess the Inner Knowledge; or Sophists, who count themselves as Wise. From the alchemical writings of Hermes Trismegistus, comes to the name Hermeticism. Within this broad and hidden tradition are many schools and sects and cults: Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Freemasonry.

In the current generation, they are variously called, Leftists,  Socialists, Progressives, and Woke. Again, there are various sects and cults, differing in only nuance or priority, but all part of the same social evolutionary process, all part of the same Dialectic: Totalitarians, Anarchists, International Socialists, National Socialists, Fascists, Antifascists, Feminists, Transactivists, LGBTQ, WEF, CNN.

** In East Palestine – The EPA is now highly suspect to the fact that the railroad may have buried toxic waste in order to get the rail line back open again. It was buried under the rails from that trench that they dug.


One Year Later

One year in, the war in Ukraine has shown that Vlad Putin and his cohort’s beliefs are still rooted in Soviet frames and narratives, overlaid with a thick glaze of Russian imperialism. Soviet-era concepts of geopolitics, spheres of influence, East versus West, and us versus them shape the Kremlin’s mindset. To Putin, this war is in effect a struggle with Washington akin to the Korean War and other Cold War–era conflicts. The United States remains Russia’s principal opponent, not Ukraine. Putin wants to negotiate directly with Washington to “deliver” Ukraine, with the end goal of getting the U.S. president to sign away the future of the country. He has no desire to meet directly with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. His goal remains the kind of settlement achieved in 1945 at Yalta when U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sat across the table from the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and accepted Moscow’s post–World War II dominance of Eastern Europe without consulting the countries affected by these decisions.

The question asked here on this blog: When will Russia retaliate against the US? They don’t have much to retaliate with at the moment besides nuclear weapons and the Russians have ALWAYS kept a tight leash on their nukes. Even when they were dead broke. Asking the Chinese to retaliate on their behalf won’t work. The Chinese are allies of convenience and only when it’s profitable to China.

According to Putin, Russia is locked in an existential battle for its survival against the West. He is once more digging deep into old Soviet tactics and practices from the 1940s to rally the Russian economy, political class, and society in support of the invasion. I’m not saying that he’s wrong, just that he doesn’t have many options.

Putin has shifted his narrative about the war several times to keep his opponents guessing about how far he might still go. He and other Russian officials, including his spokesman and foreign minister, have openly stated that the invasion of Ukraine is an imperial war and that Russia’s borders are expanding again.

Russia’s wartime casualties appear to be approaching 200,000. As many as one million people are estimated to have left Russia in the past year in response to the war, either because they oppose the invasion or simply to avoid being drafted. In this regard, the world has learned that there are some limits to Putin’s coercive capabilities, even if this mass exodus of dissenters seems to leave behind a more quiescent majority.

The Kremlin is convinced that the West will eventually grow tired of supporting Ukraine. Putin believes, for example, that there will be political changes in the West that could be advantageous for Moscow. He hopes for the return of populists to power in these states who will back away from their countries’ support for Ukraine. Putin also remains confident that he can eventually restore Russia’s prewar relationship with Europe and that Russia can and will be part of Europe’s economic, energy, political, and security structures again if he holds out long enough (as Bashar al-Assad has in the Middle East by staying in power in Syria). This is why Russia is seemingly restrained in some policy arenas. For instance, it has vested interests in working with Norway and other Arctic countries in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard and the Barents Sea, where Moscow has been careful to comply with international agreements and bilateral treaties. Russia does not want its misadventure in Ukraine to embroil and spoil its entire foreign policy.


Anchor Watch (also a metaphor)

A precautionary measure was taken on board a ship when it is at anchor. The watch usually consists of an officer, who often scans objects ashore to see if the ship is moving, and a small group on the forecastle, ready to watch and work the cable, because the ship should not break loose under any circumstances.


A slipped anchor chain, 19th century 

A dragging anchor can also often be detected by vibrations in the cable; another sign is when the cable alternately slackens and tightens significantly.



PS –  to Mike_C: https://www.virtualmirage.org/vespers/ 

Though I have not done it, I always wanted to use a piper or possibly even a pipe band to counteract Middle-Eastern music played during Ramadan after sunset. Of course, at the White Wolf Mine, there is no evidence of Middle Eastern culture. I reflect back to my days living in the fetid cities.


Shout Out to PaulM (thanks for the graphic)

Yes, SecTRANS But-Guy is ridden hard and put away wet on a regular basis, but it doesn’t keep him from solving the real problems impacting real Americans. He has his eye on PedoJoe’s chair.


  1. As Gozer said “Choose the form of The Destructor!”. Smores? Ok who was out camping in this weather? Speaking of smores, hopefully my marshmallows weren’t on that train in Ohio……

  2. I like pipe bands. Was going to say “don’t forget the lambeg drummers” but on reflection I think the Kodō drummers are more impressive.


    I seem to recall those guys lead a monastic life. (And appear to have about 7% body fat). Years ago they did a show in Boston on Patriot’s Day, which is also the Boston Marathon. So those Japanese madmen (somehow got permission to compete) and ran the 26.2 before doing a 2+ hour show. In an interview afterwards the spokesman said that running over 40k in one day was a bit more of an aerobic workout than they usually did, but not that much more, so it was no big deal. Sheesh.

    The marshmallow guys with the torch is a metaphor for SO many things. None of them good. And only a terrible person would notice that it’s a bunch of white creatures cheerfully about to kill another white creature in a horrifying manner by simultaneously burning and smothering it with something dark brown.

    I’m convinced that the RUS/UKR thing is functionally a giant Rorschach test. In nearly every conflict who “the real bad guy” is depends on how far back you go, historically speaking, but this current mess more than usual also depends on what perceptions and attitudes the viewer already has.

    • I think this one is a lot like many other wars, the SCW being the most prominent, where all participants are the real bad guys.


  3. Your current synopsis on Russia… I couldn’t agree more. However do you think China will make it’s move against Russia either before or after they take Ukraine?

    • During. Best time to attack someone is when they’re focused 180 degrees from where the new attack comes from.

      And by all reports, Russia is so deep in the bad kimchee that they’ve drawn down equipment and troops from Eastern Russia.

      • There’s no place else to draw them from. They’ve suffered significant KIA/WIA on the Ukraine front. Of course, they have exacted a heavy toll on Ukraine. And what would NATO do if the Russians were able to mount a significant offensive and break out? To me, that’s the larger question.

  4. yet the climatards keep buying oceanfront estates so….russian casualties have been revamped by independent sources to 28k, ukes 150k….la senator kennedy left a briefing with the comment ” lock your doors tonight.” about time to misbehave.

  5. In reference to anchors watch … does the USN still keel haul sailors? I was never on ship long enough to witness this but if they aren’t they should still implement that form of punishment to all non hackers and lets just say the left as a whole. muhaha

    • It’s reported that any use of keelhauling by the British was discontinued around 1720, while the Dutch didn’t officially ban it as a method of punishment until 1750. They hauled you back and forth over the sharp barnacles on the bottom of the ship until you drowned or bled to death. Or maybe rope broke and you were left in the ship’s wake, bleeding.

      Did the practice stop because copper-sheathed hulls didn’t develop barnacles, necessary for keelhauling? The British started copper cladding before the Dutch did. There were other punishments, of course including flogging, flogging around the fleet (beating on every ship in the fleet), tarred and feathered, hanging, clapped in irons, and dropped into the bilge with the rats on. bread and water.

      Of those, only putting somebody on bread and water under close confinement is still allowed in the US Navy.

      • Keelhauling should be re-instated in my opinion. I think it would definitely make people in our government and intel communities think long and hard before commiting crimes against the constitution . Thank you for correcting my history on that. Forgot it came from the British.


      • They discontinued it because it was so damned evil and torturous. Same reason so many medieval execution techniques were banned.

        Copper bottoms didn’t become a thing until around 1760ish, and not fully implemented by Great Britain until after the Revolutionary War.

        It’s the reason the Turtle, a submersible designed by David Bushnell, did not work properly. Yes, it submerged and maneuvered under several ships, but the blasting charge could not dig into the copper bottoms of the ships being attacked.

  6. Ah, Morlocks. Seriously, the Morlocks are the good guys.

    Let’s see. Morlocks work hard and build things and raise food and feed the Eloi. They make sure the Eloi are healthy. The Eloi are so stupid they can barely speak, can’t built shit, can’t raise food, all they can do is breed and eat, eat and breed.

    Got that? Eloi live off the backs of the Morlocks, who keep civilization running. Stupid time traveller shows up, ‘rescues’ the Eloi and all is good, right? Well, like any fairy tale, the tale ends at the rescue. Now Mr. Victorian Brainiac has all these uneducated functionally retarded low-IQ imbeciles, who can’t take care of their basic needs other than breeding and eating or eating and breeding, to rebuild ‘civilization.’ Right. That has worked so well in real life, hasn’t it? What’s that phrase Kim Du Toit uses? Oh, yeah, Africa always wins.

    You can tell HG Wells was a bit of an international socialist if not an outright pseudocommunist in his political and social beliefs.

    Summation: Morlocks, who are twisted and afflicted with all sorts of ailments because they keep the world running, are seen as bad. The subhuman Eloi who do nothing but eat and breed are seen as good. When it’s the other way around.

    Eloi – the other other white meat. (Ever noticed the Eloi are always portrayed as white? Hmmmm…)

    • Not in the 2002 movie the Eloi aren’t white. They are virtuous POCs. However, the villainous Uber-Morlock (a character invented for this movie) is literally pasty white.

      • Were they? By the time you have the whole Morlock/Eloi split, the Eloi have devolved into human-shaped hominids. Neanderthals were more advanced, more ‘human’ than Eloi.

        If it isn’t okay to kill Eloi, then why is it okay to kill Morlocks?

        And remember, HG Wells was writing about British society of the time. He saw the industrialists and shopkeepers and educated workers (you know, his projected fan base) as the Morlocks and the poor street and poorhouse people as the Eloi. HG wanted to pull down the modern society and go back to a peaceful, hunter-gatherer society because that’s pure and goodly and such. HG completely ignored that hunter-gatherer societies are some of the worst autocratic societies, and that death comes very early to all.

        Basically, “Time Machine” was his version of “Walden’s Pond.” All full of communism and socialism and everything the Khymer Rouge stood for. Without all of the negative aspects of universal communism, universal socialism and universal Khymer Rougeism. Yeah, no. Figured that book out when I was 13. Not a good book. Though I much prefer “War of the Worlds,” after reading “Time Machine” it kind of soured me on HG.

  7. I would think you’d be a fan High Executioner? Vlad the Impaler ,Genghis khan along with some cartel bubbas that aren’t with us anymore would enjoy the brutal evil nature of the keelhaul. I would camp out for tickets to watch that show being done to those people that think they run the world.

    • Vlad’s a hero, so is Chingis Khan (Genghis.) Both were very fair men living in horrid times, both were being screwed over by ‘civilized’ folk. Both did things that encouraged their enemies to go away.

  8. Regarding slipping the anchor chain. There’s a special case of slipping the chain from an apocrophyal submarine story, I met a bunch of guys in submarines who swore they were around when this happened but I’ve never found a look-it-up writeup of it before.
    Supposedly an SSN was getting underway from Pearl Harbor after dark, and the anchor which was supposed to have been stowed slipped and was being dragged as the boat went down the channel. One of the lookouts noticed that lights on shore were going out behind them, due to the dragging anchor taking out submerged power cables as the boat passed by.
    Dunno if it actually happened but it’s a good story.


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