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Bullet Points:

** Jules in Iceland – more here. You’re asking yourselves if there really are trolls in Iceland or if Jules is just making it up. Well, you know that red mist is real, so how much more of a leap is it to trolls?

** Jules also reminded me that Clarkson’s Farm 2 is live on Amazon Prime. She boasted that she binge-watched the whole thing. So you know what I had to do. I started watching. There will be no Clarkson’s Farm 3 because Clarkson doesn’t like former Prince Harry’s part negro wife. Amazon took exception to his comments about the shrewish American – and canceled him.

The UK’s Independent Press Standards Organisation has launched an investigation into Amazon Prime Video host Jeremy Clarkson for a tabloid article where he wished Megan Markle be paraded through the streets naked, referencing a scene from Game of Thrones. Clarkson is being investigated for breaches of accuracy, harassment, and discrimination, and is liable to pay up to £1 million ($AU1.7 million) if found to be uncompliant.

** The war has been good for Ukrainian oligarchs. Zero Hedge has the latest on Ukraine officials being busted wastefully spending the American people’s money and it seems like a wave of these criminals resigned, but they haven’t been brought to justice.

** Jim Brandon, Brother to Pedo Joe – President Biden’s brother was hired to engage in secret negotiations with the Saudi government on behalf of a US construction company because of his relationship with the then vice president, legal documents claim.

Jim Biden was selected because Saudi Arabia ‘would not dare stiff the brother of the Vice-President who would be instrumental to the deal,’  bombshell affidavits obtained by DailyMail.com allege.

Joe’s younger brother Jim, 73, was at the center of a $ 140 million settlement negotiation between Hill International and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2012.

** Soviet Naval Aviation (Part 1) h/t Claudio. – and then the second part (Part 2). I had access to classified information on Soviet systems and don’t recall specifically what I had access to when so no comment.

** Pedo Joe’s Classified Papers – A second university has been found to have received more than $6.7 million in anonymous donations from China, including direct funding from the Chinese government, after Joe Biden set up a program there in his name, according to a Government Accountability Institute analysis. The revelation comes following reporting that anonymous China-linked funds flowing to the University of Pennsylvania almost tripled after the inauguration of the Penn-Biden Center, which illegally housed classified documents.

** Institutional Racism – A grant opportunity to advance “healthy food equity” from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation automatically disqualifies otherwise eligible organizations if the CEO is white.

Of course, if the CEO self-identifies as non-white, it’s cool.

** Yusuke Narita, a 37-year-old economics professor at Yale, says the solution for Japan’s population problem is “mass suicide and mass ‘seppuku” of the elderly. He has also said of euthanasia that the “possibility of making it mandatory in the future [will] come up in discussion.”

What is really scary, this Yale professor has unfettered access to manipulate the minds of young students.

The idea that the elderly are useless eaters and should have an expiration date of (75) years old, is one that has been espoused by many childless, Luciferins doing the bidding of New World Order stakeholders in recent years.  Consider the underlying messaging in Model Citizen, a dystopian short film that first appeared three years ago on YouTube… Model Citizen…  https://youtu.be/mVLrBJYGxk4

** Dr. Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Del Paulhus delve deep into the Dark Tetrad: Podcast – Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy, and the newly added Sadism. From these four traits, researchers can quantify much of the darkness of humanity, and begin to study it in a way that yields numerical results, and the potential to make substantial predictions. Dr. Delroy Paulhus is a personality researcher whose work in dark personality traits, via a variety of psychometric methods, has yielded measures of the Dark Tetrad. His work has also validated measures of socially desirable responding, perceived control, free will, determinism, and over-claiming. His work has been published in over 150 articles and books, and his current citation count exceeds 43,000.


24 thoughts on “Whatzit2ya?

  1. Clark son is one of those “what you see you get” types; you either love him or hate him. Unfortunately for Clarkson, he thought he was a free Englishman and spoke his mind so naturally, the girls at Amazon cancelled him. More’s the pity.

    1. When I watch the show, it’s a wonder that anyone farms. The over regulation wouldn’t sit any better with me than it does with Clarkson

      1. Amazon announced 2 days ago that they’ll film Season 3 of the show. Apparently the huge amount of people binging Season 2 and all the monetary gains outweighed the social justice asshats.

        So, we’ll see. It’s up to James Clarkson as to whether Season 3 does occur.

        1. Word from Jules is that it’s filming and angry townspeople made him tear down his restaurant. He’s now turning burgers in a food truck on the property. Season 3 will be bingeable.

          1. So, only on S2 Ep.2…the $250k quid he spent turning the sheep barn into THE posh-preferred “direct farm to table” restaurant (puffy coat patrons displaying the North Face logo on the back right shoulder)…is now gone over a couple of local ninny’s?

            Just like the enviro’s over here with the intentionally created Ohio Superfund Site, the religion is fickle, having been built on sand.

  2. pedo joe’s brother jim, talking heads going on about a paltry 140 mil deal w/ the saudis. wait til they get a load of the afghan deal. jim got close to a billion to rebuild houses there despite having no knowledge of construction, no bid contract, and never built a single house. took the money, closed the “business”, laughed all the way to joe’s house. obamy and all the top players pulled the same scam, so there will never be any repercussions.

  3. Sadly for hot air aficionados the chemical leak wasn’t caused by the derailment but by the controlled detonation two days later.

  4. Japan’s elder population problem: the young people will see that they, too, will be killed off at a later point. Not an inspiring message to work hard, get married, and have children. More like eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow the govt will kill us. Great message to inspire a growing and dynamic society….or maybe not.

  5. Clarkson: CF S2 is great. Not binge-watching, metering it out to enjoy it for more than an afternoon…because it’s brilliant and FUN and informative of how asinine and overreaching government has gotten their grubby mitts into Ag, now being used to destroy our food supplies so we can eat bugs and lab grown glop. Clarkson is not going anywhere, he has plenty of eff-u money on board. His column was intended as British humor. Said as much. But because a larger portion of Brit’s have morphed into the offended Woke moron crowd, humor is no longer allowed, even when poking fun at Meeeghan and Harried, who deserve all the poke-age they get.

    The Dark Tetrad- Seems the Bible has a few things to say about the subject. Ultimately we get to pick which internal wolf to feed.

    Timing of these weekly fire-hosed news events is obvious, but imagine living in East Palestine, OH…those people should be very afraid of their health going forward. The “official’s” response proves the government does not care about the little people, desperate to brush it under the carpet. If some rancher had dug a pond on his land the EPA would descend with fines then thieve the land. I’m waiting for the gov’t cretins to tell residents “to wear masks to be safe”. This entire debacle is vulgar and appears intentional.

    This came to mind with your Title…seems appropriate these days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F45EuGKE5rY

    1. Ahh, trust me Paul – most Brits agree with Clarkson! Out of 67 million only 25 thousand complained.

      It’s very annoying how pedantic the councils here are. Hateful bunch of jobsworths. Civil servant public mentality. Still, he’s got the money and will have the last laugh with his barn! I’m loving how he is finding the loopholes.

      1. I stand corrected, excellent to hear.

        “loopholes”…don’t get mad get even, and know the game better than your opponent. At some point the stranglehold of government will cause people to revolt. (I can hear Uncle Ted’s opening Stranglehold riff right now, a good fight song for the righteous.)

        Thanks for the new word for the week, “jobsworths”. Love it!

  6. Re: the (all too real) existence of trolls and the great Jeremy Clarkson’s comment on Meghan. — I thought everyone knew that female trolls are trollops?

  7. I just wonder how many classified docs are in the 1000 boxes at UD… And yes, the xidens epitomize the swamp!!!

  8. The Obama/Biden admin just told the RINO governor in Ohio (The guy who signed off on the control burn) they won’t be getting any federal disaster aid…like FEMA. The counties around New Palestine voted 70% for Trump. Payback is a bitch, folks. You’re on your own, no one is coming to save you.

      1. With this latest smack in the face – essentially causing a Superfund mess then denying culpability and aid – I’m promoting citizens to NOT pay Federal taxes for all of America…suck their largess dry by effectively pulling the drain plug from the middle of the Swamp.

        1. I will never advocate lawless or illegal behavior on this blog. However, if the government asks how you voted before deciding whether to provide vital services, it might be time to think about your relationship with that government that we fund to represent us.

          I’m nothing but impressed with people like TransSec and others appointed to high office by our installed leadership.

          1. Nice touch using the TransSec.

            What are the options at this point when it’s obvious We the People are being targeted for extermination by those in office?

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