Some people (below) express their opinion about how important it is to vote for barack hussein obama. Illegal Aliens for obama seems to be a powerful group in America if this YouTube video is any indication.


  1. They say that Obama's political moves are designed to solidify the black and hispanic votes. Neither are large enough to reelect him or his supporters. What a loser.

  2. Opus#6 – it all comes back to the oath that the president, military personnel, the police, etc. take to support and defend the United States.

    When an elected leader puts votes from prospective Democrats (illegal aliens) ahead of his oath of office, it's time to consider where the country is.

    When an appointed leader (Atty Gen Holder) decides to put race over justice and to indemnify black people against civil rights prosecutions based only on the color of their skin, it's time to consider where the country is.

  3. Are you thinking that when they say
    "Nada Importa si eres de …."
    they mean
    "it is not important if you are legally resident of" ?

  4. Well said, LL. What is going on with our dear Country?
    When the supposed leader does everything to undermine us, why aren't more ppl outraged?
    Oh, I forgot, only 5% of America is smart enough to know the REAL agenda.

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