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I don’t live very far from Murietta. In fact, my daughter just moved there. It’s interesting to ask yourself WHY the Obama Administration would so diligently want to dump hundreds of wetbacks (illegal aliens/undocumented persons) in their town, over a hundred miles from the US/Mexico Border.

(IBDResidents of city proud to be called Reagan Country rose up last week to halt busloads of illegal immigrants being dumped into their neigborhoods, showing why they may have started a grassfire national movement. 

To get into the town hall meeting at California’s Murietta Mesa High School, you had to work your way through 200 angry protesters. Many of them were in green and white Mexican soccer jerseys and bandanas and waved Mexican flags, at least one with “Viva Mexico” stamped on it. 
“Ci-ti-zen-ship! Ci-ti-zen-ship!” shouted one young woman, pumping her flag along as the crowd’s rage sizzled. She apparently saw nothing inconsistent about brandishing the flag of the country she didn’t want to be sent back to. 
Other demonstrators from Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties waved signs and shouted “Murr-i-hate-a,” while still others openly proclaimed their status, belying the notion that illegals live in the shadows. 
Inside, however, it was a different picture. Racially diverse citizens of Murrieta, a conservative city of 100,000, had come together to air concerns a day after their neighbors made global headlines by preventing three busloads of illegals from being dumped by federal authorities who had consulted no one here. 
We talked to a dozen attendees (and protesters) to learn why the community had risen up against big government and where they thought their political mood was headed. National, they insisted… 

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I understand that the President of the United States feels that every illegal alien who is allowed to remain in the nation in violation of constituted law represents a vote for his party…we all get it. He needs to be impeached and exiled to his beloved Kenya.


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  1. Kenya has enforced, strict immigration laws. They don't want the likes of him.

  2. Maybe he could find a home in Palestine? The Saudis wouldn't have him in Arabia.

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