Some say that ancient space aliens settled in many parts of the world many thousands of years ago. Others counter that there is no proof.

Here’s your proof:

h/t Odie


  1. OMG!!

    FINALLY a high-resolution picture of The Face On Mars!

    It's Incredible!

    It's Awesome!

    It's an Empty Milk Jug!

  2. So. Those ancient Egyptian kings weren't wearing funny headdresses, that was really the shape of their (space alien) skulls!

    Plus, I think this retires the "Them pharoze wuz black" claim as being a complete falsehood. Clearly they were white. Really really white. Not to mention recyclable (if your community handles HDPE, code #2).

  3. Alexander-the-Great's general, Ptolemy's kids were Greek (white). Back past that point, they were white as a milk jug. There's proof.

  4. Don't be an ancient alien denier, LindaG. The next thing you'll tell me is that global warming is a hoax.

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