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(Gateway Pundit) “Cabassa says the Secret Service had told the crowd that Biden would come down and meet and shake hands with them after mass, setting up a police line. But, Cabassa reports that when Biden heard the crowd’s chants he bailed rather than face them.” The video is available at the link.

To be fair about it, the Secret Service had a duty to keep the most popular president ever – with 81 million votes – safe from his people…


Hispanic Children

Hispanic Children (<18 years) as % of Total Children, 2020.


Illegally Trafficked Cattle

Hundreds of thousands of cattle are illegally trafficked each year through Central America and Mexico to meet the growing international demand for beef. Criminal networks have not missed this opportunity.


A Response to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)


In Brief


  1. And here I thought it was because of the shutdown and a crappy president that I can’t afford a good steak.
    I hope you all had a blessed Memorial Day.

  2. Joe knows he’s a poser, and looks bad from profile, which can’t be whitewashed….”aged” would be kind.

    Something is starting to smell with this Uvalde “incident”, two networks had the same little girl with different fathers, and someone reported (not the MSM) that while the school was on lockdown for an hour (that in itself is bad enough), a teacher had propped the door open. A signal? Are we being played again?

    Sheep/Wolves/Sheepdogs: Anything that compromises the sheepdog’s charter and ability to act is part of the wolf clan. Undermining 2A is what the wolf wants. Sheepdogs are not fools.

    • Were we played on Jan 6 when the police opened the doors to the capitol and just stood around while the tourists sauntered through – then it was declared an insurrection and the tourists were declared to be terrorists?

        • Yes…total charade. So many bought the lie and no level of damning evidence will open their eyes, they like their prison. It’s maddening.

          Either way, the Dem’s play is to hamstring those who know their nefarious game, while waiting for someone to lose control and go ballistic, making their argument for a problem they created. It’s the Kobayashi Maru “no win” scenario…only way to beat them is to change the rules.

      • They try to hide it but you can only give that particular bag of bones so many stimulants before it crashes him (he ends up with an embolism, cardiac failure or any one of a number of cascading health crisis events) and kills him.

        • Saw “the look” two years ago. Worsening quicker now. The China trip might have been to pump him full of special meds to keep him operating on the thinnest of margins. Waiting for the implosion any day.

  3. The more I read newly published details of the Uvalde school shooting the more disgusted I get. Here is a timeline. Don’t know if it is totally accurate but this gentleman is usually pretty close to spot on.
    Absolutely disgusting.

    Sheep/wolves/sheepdogs. At some point the sheepdogs are going to start thinking that the sheep are not worth saving. To much risk of lawsuits and personal injury and not enough gratitude. Hate to say it and I know people will think less of me but I would have to think twice about risking my neck to defend somebody who takes offense at my very existence.

    I would go out of my way to avoid meeting most current politicians. Did meet Reagan and did meet Clinton. Reagan was wow and Clinton was I would not buy a used car from this guy…what a waste. Two is enough.

      • Worked on RFID for cattle transport, feeding, ID, etc…the largest use was to allow Australian cattle trains to quickly prove their cargo was not stolen when the official could wand them without unloading. At the time they had massive theft, the RFID reduced the rustler’s game.

  4. p-RESIDENT BRANDON sure is good at pointing the finger, wot? I wonder what he really said back to the crowd.

  5. “Do something…” chanted the crowd. Now he has a popular mandate…..It’s depressing; the total ignorance of the majority of the people.

  6. The Hispanic numbers in NY and NJ are mostly from P.R. Back in ’99 I was told that rising rents were pushing them out of NYFC, mostly to the south. I was visiting family in South NJ, in the middle of winter, and the summer resort town looked like Beiruit, burned out buildings, gang graffiti, and guys wandering around at midnight wearing hoodies. Came back in ’05, and the town looked MUCH better. Seems the property values had skyrocketed, driving them farther afield. I’m guessing they just got pushed farther west, but didn’t totally leave the state, judging by the color scale of the various states in that area. Not impressed with them after seeing and hearing about them in that part of the state. Not what you want for neighbors.

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