Yes the American System Works

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Only in America could a barefoot cotton-picking little black kid in the 1940’s dare to have a dream; grow up to become one of the most powerful black men in the world, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“Real” black people don’t like Justice Thomas because he’s not a raging socialist and he rules based on the Constitution. Yes, that irks the liberal community beyond belief.

Without Affirmative Action, Justice Thomas achieved success the old-fashioned way. He earned it through education, hard work, and making the right choices.

If white America’s agenda is to suppress blacks, what backroom deal was struck to allow Oprah, Obama, Beyonce, Dr. Ben Carson, and others to break through the Great White American Glass Ceiling? Is there an annual restriction on the number of blacks permitted to achieve success in America?
The Left’s agenda is to transform America into a socialist nation. They need government-dependent blacks voting for Democrats to make it happen. This is why Democrats, liberals, and the MSM are celebrating Obama, in essence, granting amnesty to over 5 million illegals, despite them taking jobs from blacks; further exacerbating black unemployment. 

12 thoughts on “Yes the American System Works

  1. Is there an annual restriction on the number of blacks permitted to achieve success in America?

    Yes. The restriction's set by Dems in order to maintain the status quo with voters. After all, you can't have them black voters get too uppity and become conservatives.

  2. I do hope you're not suggesting Rev. Al Sharpton is a race traitor?

    He is a holy man. Just look at his suits.

  3. The American System does work. There are many trying to make it fail. Idiots! If the system breaks down, who get it in the rear first? The ya-yas who make all the trouble – that's who. Very little stored away for a cold winter day. Killing other people for their food won't work – those people have more guns. Running your mouth and waving a stick won't feed you. TVs won't work, so depending on the 6 o'clock news is not an option. Giggle giggle.

  4. The $15,000.00 Brioni vicuna suits and the 12 karat diamond ring let me know that his devotion to God is complete. Any man that close to the throne could not be a race traitor.

  5. Not to mention Al's $4.5 million owed in back taxes. Only a true emissary of the Divine can be that oppressed by the Man.

  6. I loved Gifted Hands. Good book. Inspiring.
    Little white girl in college inspired by solid, intelligent author who happens to be black. I wouldn't have remembered his race until this post brought his name back to mind.

    I was in 6th grade before I realized one of my best friends of three years had brown skin and was different from me, even though I knew all along she was Indian and her family had a different religion.
    My daughter is a minority in her elementary school. She does not describe her classmates by their skin color (not ONCE), but by their hairstyles.

    It's seriously taken me until full-fledged adulthood to realize how pervasive race issues are, because I grew up without it being an issue. It's ridiculously depressing to realize how much of this could be undone by simple upbringing. JUST DON'T PASS ON THE CRAP AND THE NEXT GENERATION WILL BE FINE.

  7. I have to add the caveat that I haven't been on the receiving end of discrimination. So I'm portraying a very naive view of the issue.

  8. There are all kinds of discrimination. Smart kids, sissy kids, kids who climb on rocks. Pretty girls, fat girls, ugly girls, poor girls, black girls, red girls, yellow girls, etc.

    There is religious persecution, persecution for having it and for not having it, depending on where you live and what you believe.

    I realize that racial pre-judgement can be harsh, but people are cruel. Sometimes you have to put on your big boy pants and be who you are — like Justice Clarence Thomas.

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