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The world forgives little. It’s usually the big guy against the little guy. The Constitution was written to give the little guy a fairer playing field. You’ll note that I did not say, “fair”.
When I was young, I moved from Los Angeles, California with my grandparents to a rural area in another state. We lived in Arizona before we moved to California. I am white. So the locals didn’t burn down our house because of our skin color. They burned it because of a license plate.
I learned at a young age to walk softly and carry a big damned stick. The “Scary Larry” tag stuck more because it rhymed than anything else and people need to give you a nickname. All bull#@$% aside, an abundant life means that you have to stand for something and you must live without fear and die with a smile on your lips. Nothing terrifies a bully more than somebody who is willing to do that. Scratch a bully and you find a coward inside.

Which leads me to this:

The feature film, Leviathan, tells the story of a Russian fisherman who recruits a lawyer to help him stop the corrupt local mayor from demolishing his house. 
The BBC calls Leviathan ‘a bleak vision of provincial corruption in the land of President Vladimir Putin’. It premiered at Cannes in May where it won for Best Screenplay. Intriguingly, the film was produced in part with Russian state funds and has been selected as the official Russian entry for the foreign film category at the Oscars.

7 thoughts on “Finding Justice

  1. Just read something about a white guy being beat to death with hammers, by blacks – not too far from Ferguson. Odd – I didn't see anything on the news. No statements from obama, et al. How strange.

  2. It's a white guy being murdered by negroes. How is that something for the Mainstream media to report?

  3. "A bleak vision of provincial corruption"

    Sounds like California. Are you sure this movie's not about California?

  4. Busted — Yes, the People's Republik of Kalifornia and associated local commissariats. I wasn't going to say it because merely whispering it might be considered to be a "hate crime" or a "hate speech" offense for which I could be executed.

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