“Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War. He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in cold blood and calm pulse to exterminate his kind. He is the only animal that for sordid wages will march out… and help to slaughter strangers of his own species who have done him no harm and with whom he has no quarrel…. And in the intervals between campaigns, he washes the blood off his hands and works for “the universal brotherhood of man” – with his mouth”.

– Mark Twain


The Colt Commando or Police Revolver

Designed by Colt in the early 1900′s as an army revolver, before being redubbed the ‘Official Police’, and then during WW2 in a roundabout way being issued again to rear echelon troops and special operatives as the ‘Commando.

.38 Special six-round swing-out cylinder, double action, parkerized war finish, plastic grips. That matte finish just screams American WW2 handgun.

The Commando, despite being a very good sidearm by interwar standards, did not see much action during the war as they were mostly given to military police and facility/security guards. I can’t imagine it ever having been issued to secret operatives, despite its fanciful name.


Caniglia vs Strom

WASHINGTON, D.C. –-(Ammoland.com)- In a case argued in front of the Supreme Court, that could affect Red Flag laws across the country, SCOTUS ruled unanimously that the “community caretaking” exception does not apply inside the home.

Caniglia v. Strom centers around the police seizing the firearms of a man that his wife reported as suicidal. The incident that led to the issue started when Edward and Kim Caniglia began to have marital problems in their 27-year long marriage. Mr. Caniglia grabbed his unloaded handgun and sat it on the table, and told his wife, “shoot me now and get it over with.”

Mr. Caniglia then left the house to go on a drive. While he was gone, Mrs. Caniglia hid the gun. When he returned, the couple started to fight again. This time, Mrs. Caniglia left the house and decided to stay at a motel to let things calm down and blow over.

Mrs. Caniglia tried to call her husband the following day, but he was not answering the phone. She then contacted two police officers to do a welfare check on her husband with her. She told the police about what her husband did the night before but stressed that her husband didn’t threaten her. He was just expressing how hurt he was because of the fighting. Mr. Caniglia has never been abusive and does not have a criminal record.

Police told Mrs. Caniglia to stay in the car. They found Mr. Caniglia sitting on the back porch. They talked to him, and he assured them that he wasn’t suicidal. One of the officers said Mr. Caniglia appeared completely normal but was upset because the police became involved in the dispute. The officers wanted him to go to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

Mr. Caniglia was hesitant because he believed the officers would seize his guns if he did, but the officers agreed not to take his firearms. The officers had him transported to the hospital via ambulance. Once gone, the police did what they promised Mr. Caniglia that they would not do. They entered his home and searched for guns. The officers seized two handguns, magazines, and ammunition without a warrant. They claimed to have used the “community caretaking” exception.

death before disarmament

When Mr. Caniglia returned home, he found out police seized his guns without a warrant and did not leave him with any way to retrieve his firearms. When he tried to get the guns back, the police refused to turn over the man’s property. He would have to sue to get them back.

He claimed that police violated his Fourth Amendment rights and his right to due process. The case made its way through the courts. President Joe Biden strongly supported the actions of the police. President Biden has been pushing Congress to pass a national “red flag” law.

SCOTUS rejected the notion that police could take someone’s guns without due process.

Anti-gun groups condemned the decision of the Court and claimed it makes people less safe. Gun rights groups hailed the decision as a victory for freedom. One gun group, Gun Owners of America, filed an amicus brief in the case on behalf of Mr. Caniglia. The organization celebrated the decision as a victory for inalienable rights.

“The Supreme Court today smacked down the hopes of gun-grabbers across the nation,” Gun Owners of America Senior Vice President Erich Pratt told AmmoLand. “The Michael Bloombergs of the world would have loved to see the Supreme Court grant police the authority to confiscate firearms without a warrant. But the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Fourth Amendment protections in the Bill of Rights protect gun owners from such invasions into their homes.”

The case will have a rippling effect across the legal landscape. The courts will have to decide if this decision affects “red flag” laws.


Red Mist

When the Red Mist hits you there are only two ways you can go – insane or enriched. As government agencies from America and Britain try to keep a lid on the mysteries of an Icelandic volcano, the rain keeps falling.  An American fixer and an out-of-her-depth British psychologist start out on a journey that is not so peachy. However, there are always signs in the road. A gripping adventure of discovery, rebirth, and the wisdom of the old Gods where Loki’s Fire reveals all.

Red Mist

“Let me tell you something, junior, you’re messing with something way above your pay grade that you can’t possibly grasp. I’m not surprised that MI-6 folded in with your girlfriend’s family pulling levers, but even they have no idea what’s going on. There aren’t a dozen people on the planet who even have a hint. Some that did are dead, that’s true. If you put your snout under the tent, I can’t save you. Got it?”

Scientists are baffled by it, Government agencies are trying to control it, and soldiers are sent insane by it. But the rain keeps falling, the fire keeps burning, and the red mist calls for its own.

An unlikely duo of an American fixer and a British psychologist are forced together on a journey to find answers which will leave government agencies and scientists in awe as the physical laws of space, time, matter, and ancestral energy are revealed by Loki’s Fire.

— — — — — —

I’m casting about for the right agent to represent the Sci-Fi novel, Red Mist. This is always the miserable part of writing because it has nothing to do with writing.  The definition of “author” is a writer with a friend in the publishing business.


At Least, there are tacos


  1. Sam Clemens was an all-around Good Egg and had a hell of a way with words. However, he was apparently not a student of nature. Lots of animals go to war, from insects right up to our cousins the Apes. We are, as in most endeavours, just vastly better at it than the other animals.

    The gun case happened just around the corner from me (in Rest of World terms – in Rhode Island terms, it was a bring-a-lunch distance) so the police behavior should be no surprise. I’m glad that the SCOTUS decided to actually do their job in this instance and make the obviously correct decision. The big surprise here is that the case was brought by the ACLU who have become vastly unreliable at doing their actual job, especially in Pinko strongholds like Rhode Island. Maybe they were worried about the doctrine being extended to drug seizures?

    In any case, I am thankful at the way it worked out.


    • Ayup. Twain/Clemmons was, like many of his and the following generation, a tad progressive about the truth of Nature, red of tooth and claw. I blame a lot of it on the Victorians and the Quakers (those nice people who so screwed up the American Penal System) and their failure to properly use Science and Logic to understand the world.

      Don’t even get me started on friendly wolves. There’s a reason one Russian folk-phrase translates as “When the wolves attack, throw the old and the babies from the troika.”

  2. Love the history of those old guns. I have lusted over the years for a M1917, either Colt or Smith & Wesson. So far, no joy (well, at least not that I could afford).

    The food at this place is very good. I am a sucker for their chili rellenos. Their history is remarkable in today’s fast food world.


  3. “Red Flag” laws are unconstitutional, essentially a no-knock warrant without probable cause except someone else’s word for it, which is often heavily biased and/or angry. Colorado enacted one and it has been a disaster for the targeted person. But the Dem’s and Left love this freedom-robbing tyranny.

    Twain- Were the thinkers and writers of our past more incisive or is it just my perception?

    If it’s raining red outside there will be two camps of people, those who wear masks thinking it’ll keep them safe, and the rest of us who know better. Book sounds intriguing.

    • Twain – not having the dubious advantage of TV, the people then were trained to think in terms greater than a 5 second sound bite.
      The more time you spend thinking, the more you realize there is even more to think about.

      • Yet Twain was radically wrong on his statement. Nature often has many examples of animals that wage war or do killings ‘just for fun.’ Wolves in packs have been known to just go on killing sprees for the ‘heck’ or ‘fun’ of it. Same with Coyotes. And Chimps and some Gorilla sub-species definitely do war and killings and murders and all that.

        Sam C. was a good writer and an excellent observer of human nature, but he was still a product of his time.

        • I seem to remember one gal famous for primate research who was quite disturbed when one group of monkeys went to war with another group of monkeys. At least she was honest enough to report it.

        • I just broadcast about Caniglia 10 minutes ago. I will probably post my show notes as soon as I clean them up.
          While a good ruling, I don’t see it preventing Red Flag laws which would HAVE a warrant involved.
          I look forward to the shall issue case they will consider shortly. As shortly as SCOTUS considers shortly.

          • Cleaned up, Ed.

            I’m on my way to a dutch oven cook-out. Y’all don’t tear the place to pieces while I’m gone.

  4. a)
    Mrs. Caniglia might need to spend more nights at motels.

    And what are we learning about promises from the government agents?
    If Mister Caniglia was outside the building, why search the inside of the building?
    Did the government agents simultaneously search the vehicles, the doghouse, the potting-shed, the sidewalk, the air above to infinity?
    Did the government agents search Mrs. Caniglia?

    Mrs. Caniglia might need more contemplating her continued existence on this physical plane, less time talking on the telephone.

    Hard-working employees of the Bureau Of Justifying Our Existence.
    The LawEnforcementOfficials justified their existence by answering the telephone, justified their existence by accepting the word of the caller, justified their existence by trespassing on the Caniglia property, justified their existence by interrupting a person sitting on his porch, justified their existence by requesting an ambulance where none was required, justified their existence by violating the sanctity of the home, justified their existence by stealing property.
    The government agents continue to justify their existence by claiming ownership of stolen property.

  5. Good Lord, SCOTUS ruled against the Dem/Prog/Oligarch consensus? Huh, that’s weird.

    In the meanwhile, good luck with Mist, surely you and J have a publishing pal? But whatev, self-pub’s ok too and success in that leads to pickup in the other. Not that I know anything about it.

    Delicious looking tacos.

    • I think maybe the Wheel of Justice just came up on “don’t lie”, in this instance with SCOTUS.


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